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Who Dereos Wins

            It's fun to visit new places, and in open sim, 'new' often means places that have only recently come into existence. This week the Safari took a trip over to visit the predominantly German language grid Dereos, founded by Akira Sonoda and a small group of friends, with the technical wizardry of Freaky Tech. We were there to wish them well for their upcoming first anniversary celebration, at the end of this month.
Malon's fabulous loft on Dereos
Fancy.Day: Can you see me ok?
Truelie Telling: yes, you got all your parts, hehe
Fancy.Day: Good. Never sure with this platform :)
Truelie Telling: but we haven't gone too many jumps yet
Unadecal Masala: there's still plenty of room for chaos and mayhem
Fancy.Day: I am using Radegast on a windows phone emulator
Unadecal Masala: that's really interesting, Fancy.  Are we all rezzed fine for you?
Fancy.Day: Yes all rezzed but the graphics are a little crude
George Equus: this new 0.9 code is sure making some stir in the pot
Lucy Afarensis: I have found that it causes asset problems if you let it run more than a few days
Truelie Telling: apparently, there are certain scripts that no longer work... including NPCs
Thirza Ember: una, didn't you say you couldn't find inventory you had bought on another grid?
Unadecal Masala: I did say that the inventory I bought at Clutterfly arrived corrupted at OSG... it arrived fine at my grid though.
Lucy Afarensis: never arrived at all for me
Unadecal Masala: Lucy it did arrive, but it generates XML errors and doesn't rez
Thirza Ember: sooo bizarre
       On that note, our first stop was Freakyo sim, home to Freaky Tech, who has developed the Arriba software, a fork of Open Sim, on which Dereos Grid is based. But first, some Teravus fun.
No nudes on Teravus
Lucy Afarensis: Am I naked ?
Thirza Ember: no Lucy
Aime Socrates: yes million years ago !
Lucy Afarensis: whew
James Atlloud: No naked avs that I can see.
Thirza Ember: I apologize for that James, maybe next time.

          Let the close questioning of Freaky begin...
Freaky Tech hi! still some room left, I saw a pretty amount of slow requests on sim log
Aime.Socrates: what is Dereos ?
Freaky Tech: name has undergone a change from an original shortcut, so the name was original related to a shortcut declaring German language regions in OSG, which lost that meaning some years ago... now, it is simply used as a name, since about a year. So current writing is Dereos Grid.
snowbody Cortes: Freaky, what's the top 5 features in Arriba ?
Freaky Tech: I never went after the feature driven nerd story. Our intention is get something stable out of the mess. Luckily the fork started before avination merge, but still too much broken code inherited. I tracked the oldest bugs back to around 2007 being still active today
snowbody Cortes: may I change my question into : what's the top 5 wrong features in opensim ? non-regression may be one of them ...
Lucy Afarensis: non-regression ?
snowbody Cortes: Lucy, usually we do a non-regression test to avoid some bug to be reopened... I mean in software development
Freaky Tech:: still calling it an alpha. Alpha means normally something that you do not give out to other people. Normally something handed out is a beta not called alpha.
George Equus: how about pre alpha?
Spike Sol: I think the greatest difference is, if you have a Prob with the Arriba, you talk about with Freak. Change out the Log files, and solve the problem. In Opensim are not so. It gives a merge and that's it. It's not important what you think about it.
Freaky Tech: it should be that way that regressions are detected earlier, and not in the hands of the final user
snowbody Cortes: i agree
Thirza Ember: when did you start to develop Arriba?
Freaky Tech: mid-2014... pretty much proven during the time that opensim is too much relying on some .NET subtleties. I have a list of pages of bugs that I could write up to their mantis, just making several more pages to be ignored for years...
snowbody Cortes: uhm that's very bad
Freaky Tech: The biggest misfeature in opensim is duplicated code everywhere, the group specific viewer protocol is implemented four times in total ... if any guy tells you Linden specific stuff resides in LindenUDP, than it is pretty much half the truth. I found when starting the fork five times the same code, four being thrown out for a simple queue mechanism.
snowbody Cortes: well I see, poor code-review , we have another item for the top 5 ;)
A leetle lag on Freakyo
Thirza Ember: you think it would be better to stop moving forward, and take time to fix bugs, then? Is that a realistic proposal? I bet that is boring work for devs.
Freaky.Tech: they should be doing that, but in reality they just go for part-implemented features
Thirza Ember: I was sorry to learn they broke Aine's dancing ball
valerie llauke: omg thirza, she's trying to actually fix it, it will  be days of work
Freaky Tech:  The next misfeature of OpenSim... expect it to be decades for fixing things
Lucy Afarensis: just don't run 9 if you want to dance
Freaky Tech:  the UDP handling code is pretty much broken - works only up to 80% of the cases, as you can see right now anyways, the UDP part gets blocked by slow requests easily. If anyone has scripts that are not running in OS at all, I am collecting the more complex scripts for testing.
Aime.Socrates: there is a huge bug in opensim...parabolic trajectories do not work :(
Snowbody Cortes: yes Freaky, what about a future change from UDP to TCP, maybe WebSocket ...
Freaky Tech: it does not solve anything. It is not a problem of UDP, it is a problem of the UDP handling code in opensim.
Fancy Day: ++Freaky
Freaky Tech:  The map teleport is known to crash sims. My fork is at least capable of continuing to run, even though it might just drop all agents at worst. That is one of the main differences. Opensim git tends to slow down to a grind. I have seen my fork running full speed until a big road bump. If you want to crash a party, teleport home via map ;)
Thirza Ember: I can't say that has been my experience, but then I rarely go home
Freaky Tech:  works well with opensim.git and a lot of other derivatives. Most started to logout instead.
Thirza Ember: so can anyone get arriba and try it?
Freaky Tech: Yes, see  The better a grid performs as backend, the less issues you see.
Spike Sol: For region and Robust, if you want.
Freaky Tech:  yes, should be possible since I added in October those tolerance codes... that is where I put builds to - but be aware that OSG is not the best option to test... lots of foreign influences.
Lucy Afarensis: Are they compiled ?
Freaky Tech: Yes the second are pre-compiled ones. There is a little difference in ini files to be aware of. This hanging half an hour ago comes from the issues with the teleport code. For a party location it is best to disable things like profile and groups, because of the issues the code holds.
Thirza Ember: Freaky, how can you have a party where people cannot look at profiles??? that is 90% of the fun.
Truelie Telling: I think our third destination is a party location
Thirza Ember: on our Poll in Facebook, seems most people think that 'Arriba' is the name of Spike's favorite beer... what is the real origin of the name?
Freaky Tech: the real origin was a little comic with a speedy mouse
James Atlloud: arriba arriba andale
Aime Socrates: speedy gonzales ! 
Freakyo palace.... we managed to break it
          It may have been the fault of Aime's truly terrible Mexican accent, or perhaps someone perving the profiles, but suddenly most of us got kicked from the sim. Turned out neither theory was correct, it was tp related.
Truelie Telling: I used the map to get the avvie count... but it was way before we crashed, before he told us about the map
Aime Socrates: ahaaa, now we know!!
Truelie Telling: remind me never to confess to anything around you guyz
snowbody Cortes: ok, we'll open a mantis bug report: Safaristas know how to crash a sim, are you interested ?
Wizardoz.Chrome: (too much hair and skirts and hat ..)
Freaky Tech: the receive code for UDP messages gets blocked for too long. It was a Map teleport that kicked you.

          Our hour was pretty much up anyway. It had been an interesting conversation, but we were ready to see more of Dereos.
Aime Socrates: lets go to Malon's Loft !
Truelie Telling: ok, not everyone at once
Unadecal Masala: WWWWEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
Truelie Telling: this is like Greenies! an oversized world! hi Equus, you are way below us...
George Equus: was on floor, wondering where you all where...
Unadecal Masala: Yes, this does remind me of Greenies. should we look in the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers?
Malon Wyngard: Huhu! wanna have a nice tan? take a nice bath in da cup..))
Ange.Menges: I soak my feet in chocolate
Aime Socrates: no danger in here...
George Equus: Beware of cat!!! Looks hungry...
Lucy Afarensis: hungry kitty ?
George Equus: uhum,  but Aime is safe. standing on the head
Aime Socrates: head of what ? I'm on a hill
Malon.Wyngard:`s announced that I`ll perform a part of my novel For Ever Vampire. In case of technical difficulties we will do this on an extra region here in the DEREOS
valerie llauke: this is awesome malon
Thirza Ember: hehe nice camera Malon.... big lens!
Malon.Wyngard yeahh..:))) is doing good pics
Thirza Ember: so Malon, how do you like dereos?
Malon Wyngard: DEREOS is a LOVELY place.. we are growing....:))) and are a part of the huge open grid.
Thirza Ember: open sim must be huge... just look at the size of its kitchen!
Aime.Socrates: great coffee machine Malon
Malon.Wyngard: hehehee..... thanks...))  there you can do coffee for a MONTH
Mal.Burns: I am getting endless script warnings from something called "Dasher" - anyone else?
Arielle. Delamerlibre: dont know what it is... hmm someone said it is a flight assistant.
Wizardoz Chrome: hi Pathfinder.Lester
Aime Socrates: Pathfinder !
Snowbody Cortes: Path you are in late we already had first sim-crash in 2016 !
Pathfinder.Lester: better late than never. :P

   Finally, we went downstairs to enjoy the Blue Wave Club. The weekly dance favored by a nice sized mostly German speaking crowd, is a regular Wednesday night event, which you can attend either on Dereos, or on OSGrid at the sim called Pyramid which, incidentally, also runs on Arriba. 
        Here's Loft builder and author Malon Wyngard showing of his Blue Wave moves... those vampyrish good looks are to die for!

There were particle fireworks and some amazing rocking tunes by our hostess and DJ Samira Satanko who is also a stylish builder... 

....the palace that serves as an impressive backdrop to the dance floor is her creation, complete with divans an hookahs! Take a moment to explore it when you visit the sim.
       Opensim has an impressively large population of German speakers, and I wondered how may here were SL emigres
Malon.Wyngard: I entered the SL in 2008
Vivienne Clary: I was in SL 2007
Arielle.Delamerlibre: yes me too
Arielle.Delamerlibre: 31.01.2007 bday
Thirza Ember: Me too class of '07
Luka Lin: Cool!
Truelie Telling: me too
Malon.Wyngard: I`ve entered the open sims in 2009 - since today enjoying..)))
Arielle Delamerlibre: march 2015 and found new home.... hg the best invention ever        You can't argue with that.
Dereos Grid will be celebrating its anniversary during the last week of January.
HG Addresses
Freaky's sim...
Malon's loft (at 3000m) and Samira's Blue Wave Club...

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