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Zan and the art of Hypergridding

       So now we know. 
       The secret to an absolutely perfect Safari where nobody loses their hair, gets lost or freezes or has chat lag is...   to predict that everything is going to go horribly wrong and we all need to be ready for multiple crashes.
          Or was it the fact we were all invited to keep our attachments at a minimum? 
          Hmm... it might be that, but we all looked stunning either way, so I'm not sure who paid attention to the 'low lag' dictum. 
          Making rules about what people can do or bring on Safari would defeat our main purpose, which is that the grids and regions should be the ones that toughen up for the onslaught of visitors, not the visitors pussyfoot around the sims. That may sound selfish, but it is done with love - love of making places visitor friendly, because visitors and appreciation and networking are the lifeblood of any community. 
Teravus Plaza keeps losing its prims. The clubhouse is next to the hill on the right. 
           Plus nobody actually reads the notecard, so it would not work anyway.

          But there is one thing you should pass along to friends who don't read notecards....  the main departure point of the Safari has changed. Teravus Plaza on OSGrid, where we have a clubhouse, is a residential sim with about a dozen houses on it. For a few weeks now, the sim has been experiencing severe problems, from all the prims disappearing, to impossible lag, to your appearance being completely borked after an attempted teleport. It is unclear what is causing the problem, someone said it might be physical prim in a linkset or an out of control script.
            I love Teravus, and OSGrid, but we have to have a reliable starting point for the Safari.
The lounge on hgsafari

            The Francogrid sim is called hgsafari. Donated by Gill Beaumont last year during the OSGrid downtime, it has a clubhouse, performance area, dance floor and a clothes store too. You will still be able to find the weekly Landmarks at the OSGrid clubhouse, but the group will meet at hgsafari sim on Francogrid from now on.

Radiola is such an amazing grid, and was Destination 1. 
alex54 Salamander: hi all
Sunbeam Magic: Alex is sleep walking: lol
Cendres Magic: hello alex
Sunbeam Magic: oh there he stopped ;)
Yara Eilde: Guten Abend :-)
Livio Korobase: hello welcome :)

Alya VonZ: Hello ! Place is amazing:)
Cendres Magic: yes
Sunbeam Magic: ♥ BIG THINGS ;)
Radio Now playing Warpaint -- Ashes To Ashes (David Bowie Cover)
Serene Jewell: Bowie songs.This is lovely.
Livio Korobase: Radio CiBiGiBi like sincronicity
Thirza.Ember: Livio is a well known SL artist who has shown his work many times there, notably on LEA, and now here he is in open sim.
Aime Socrates (right) pirouettes around the landing point on Radiola

          Wherever you are on the sim, you can cam over to the top of the old fashioned radio set, and you'll find a duck that is also a dance ball. It has some great choices, like marionette and ballerina, Aime chose the ballerina dance. People continued to show up. Eight grids were represented. The sim didn't miss a beat.
alex54 Salamander: die Figuren sind ja riesig
Chip Angelvi: manque le tutu Aime
Aime Socrates: ne me déconcentre pas
Sunbeam.Magic: nods over to Max
Max Hill looking like an Admiral on Radiola.
(Left, George Equus with legs. I told you it was a perfect Safari.)
Wizardoz Chrome: Funzionano anche le foto ad alta risoluzione ..
Wizardoz Chrome: io non Crash
Spike Sol: if we crash, no problem, i have a helmet
Cendres Magic: nice idea for the whale with the house on her
Livio Korobase: :) my first work at LEA, was Musiclandia
Serene Jewell: Do you think having these huge region leads to more experimentation with large scale art?  The canvas is just so huge.
Livio Korobase: i hope so
Unadecal Masala: hello everyone, Hi Livio, this place is weird, like stepping into a painting by Dali
Samuel Loire: These are all very nice vector graphics, Meshs.
Thirza Ember: was it easy to make your own grid Livio?
Livio Korobase: for a grid so basic yes, not difficult, and costs are very low
Thirza Ember: easy for people to come and visit you too!
Livio Korobase

Livio Korobase: yes
Thirza Ember: imagine if all SL artists got a small grid like Livio, full freedom to do what they want and invite people to see it, no more having to fulfil conditions, or rules...
Livio Korobase: i am pushing for this Thirza... the dj table over the radio is built by Cica...  and Eupa [Eupalinos Ugajin] has his sim here, Meilo already has a sim, and Alpha also.
Serene Jewell: Opensim really lets artist stretch out.

George Equus: I have all settings maxed out, not a shred of lag so far
Alya VonZ: looks and feels good, even have the max draw distance to have a good look
Aime.Socrates : Pink floyd on radiola...
Livio Korobase: yes, why not Aime :)
Wizardoz.Chrome La musica di Livio è sempre bella e "insolita" ..
Livio Korobase: this year i want become a musician :)
Sunbeam.Magic and do live performances?
Livio Korobase: 30 years that i say so...
Livio Korobase: yes i want try. if someone like to play as dj or do performances, just tell me
Sunbeam.Magic: Radiola is great name for a music place

Thirza.Ember: who is hosting this grid?
Livio Korobase: me. Host is OVH, this is a little virtual server 1 processor, very simple to use, i don't know Linux, but i did all alone.
Spike.Sol: Thank you Livio... great here....
Thirza.Ember: wow we have a lot of grids represented here
Livio Korobase: yes is very nice to see, and first time that i see
George.Equus: As for stress test -  I'd say  pretty stable here
Livio Korobase: smell freedom

     People picked their favorite piece from the build. Do you agree?
George.Equus: Snails are great
Unadecal.Masala: I love that whale up in the air
Cendres.Magic: me too i like the whale
George.Equus  Spelunking  around the ladders was fun
Wizardoz.Chrome (it>en): I'm going to go in the egg, to dance with the giraffes:
Thirza Ember: I like the diver with the webbed hands... and the frog!
Livio Korobase: all is not finished well, still working... for 6 months rent of server is payed, we are in a place that cost very low price,so i think to remain open for long. This are 4 sim in SL, 1.200 euro month... is crazy. Here, we are in a grid that cost 6 euro month, i smoke 2 cigarette packets less and i have my place. It is different maybe for who have a business, but for me is perfect so. Change and open mind can be very difficult.  Me, I don't see a fight - " SL or OpenSim " -  i like to use all this tools. 
Ging Artful: yes , sl and opensim :)) Both!
Livio Korobase: Here is something important I place in all my works, the 10 Truths
Nice way to start a grid... the freebie store on Radiola

         We all looked over the Truth list, and made a mental note to return soon to Radiola for the promised free pizza and beer. Well, for the good music and visuals then. And it was time to go. 
George.Equus: You will be able to host parties here, def. One of the most stable and smooth region I've been on with  Safari.  Thanks Livio!

 ZanGrid was Destination 2 and a smoother ride over you will rarely find. We arrived on Hyperzan, which is an excellent resource if you want to learn more about the regions of Zangrid that are open to the public. We didn't stay here long, and were soon teleported over to PartyLand one of the prettiest var regions we have been to, where we met the regular Zan residents (Zanites? Zangridians? Zanese?) who were already dancing the night away with the help of DJ Rique Giano.
Isolde.Caron: i love this music-)
suz blessed: Rique must have known you are coming Isolde! I would like to tell you very short about ZanGrid, and its short history, if that is ok with you all. It was an honour to us when Thirza came and asked if it was ok for the Safari group to come over to visit ZanGrid:) 
Wizardoz.Chrome: Thanks suz

suz blessed: This grid is now 3 years old, however I am the owner since last year January, when i took over ‘Zandramas’. A few changes where made: The name was changed to ZanGrid. We openend up to public ( was on invite only before). And since December 2015 we opennd some regions for Hypergrid. Why not open the whole grid up to Hypergrid?  At Zangrid we have a stable and very loyal community. People who stood by us also during difficult times. And Some of them do not want their Regions to be open for Hypergrid. ZanGrid respects their wishes and decided to give the people the choice.
Sunbeam Magic: I like that suz. People's choice
Isolde Caron: i actually like that idea

suz blessed: It is set up that way, that we all can Hypergrid out from every region.but people from outside are not able to hypergrid into every region. This means that only a few regions are opennd up 2 ways! We give people the time to get used to Hypergrid and if they want we can open up their regions for them anytime:)
Digital Digital: Up to the region owner
suz blessed: We have 1207 users, ZanGrid is hosted by Zetamex, who helps us also during the rough sometimes very buggy OS times:) We have events from Thursday till Monday and those are put together by our smart and passionate Event Manager Sofee Supermarine.
Gif shamelessly stolen from Sunbeam Magic

Rique Giano, who will spoil your ears in a few with his great and powerful , is also my help on the grid and at the backend when it comes to custumer service. And when i am frustrated i use Rique as my Boxing bag! 
Rique Giano: yeh i have 2 black eyes lol
Sunbeam Magic: awh poor Rique
Buddy Aaron: nono rique like it, hehe
Suz Blessed

          Turns out, Zangrid is a rich mix of nationalities, from the US to Greece, and they really know how to party. But also how to build. The regions are to die for.
The gorgeous scenery on PartyLand
 suz blessed: we are also the only grid as i know with regions with unlimited prims, we tested and it works.
Thirza.Ember : what does unlimited mean?
suz blessed: well we offer regions with 100 k prims, but infact it is not a hard limit
you can go over it. ofc you can make your region very laggy but good builders know how to use a region wisely

Sim Cinema on Zangrid
Digital Digital: And I can vouch once got over 200 k prims and no issues ofc that was just prims and sculpts you have to be smart when using that many. what is the key to a successful grid?
Billy.Bradshaw: people
Digital Digital: I think the key is happy people. I think also staying out of the grid wars

Marsif Stormwind: no drama
Rique Giano: yeh so true no drama
Sunbeam Magic: lots of parties ;)
Digital Digital: I come to ZanGrid because people are friendly and the management doesnt push anything on me like I have had happen at other grids
Buddy Aaron: Drama here? what is that ?
Marsif Stormwind: great support, zangrid has of the best and fast ever support
Digital Digital: Well it is concierge style that's for sure, my tickets closed usually same day or next
            Dancing, and laughing especially at Art's oversized avie that suddenly came into the room looking ... x rated frankly. This is just a bit of it...
Out on a limb... Art Blue joins the fun on Zangrid
          And it was time to go, again.
George Equus: Great grid by the looks, and with good user policy. Thanks!
Pattisue Haefele: yes a great party:))))

Isolde Caron: hugs to all you fine peeps!
Arriving on Digiworldz

          And then we were on Digiworldz, no problems grid jumping, everything as smooth as a baby's bottom... and no hair stuck to that bottom, either. There is loads to do on Digiworldz, including visiting Pangea, a racing sim, and two Harry Potter vars.

           TR Lifter was our host, and welcomed us onto the grid.
Sunbeam.Magic: TR has his laptop out, he's ready to share ;)
TR Lifter: Digiworldz was created by Terry Ford; the creator of 3rd Rock Grid. Terry and I were co-owners and had disagreements with management and Terry branched off and started Digiworldz almost a year ago. 
Alya.VonZ: how does it work here, people rent regions or can they hook up there own place like in osgrid?
Digital Rayne: Alya, Here the regions are rented from Digi... but they are very reasonably priced...
Alya.VonZ: how is the activity? how many users?

TR Lifter: We have about 1800 registered useres now and a concurrency of about 20-30 so far
Sunbeam.Magic: are we going to visit any region ?
Unadecal.Masala: what are the highlights of your grid?
TR Lifter: I think Muggleton was first on the list. We are so far a builders grid :) Seems builders have taken a fancy to Digi, lol ;) We have live music, social events and many places to explore.
The Facade of Hogwarts School

          We jumped to Muggleton 3 var region, which using the Map kinda dropped us in the middle of the snow. Var regions are like a 5 course meal. It takes a while to digest it all, and even more so when a whole group of people are trying to partake all at the same time. 
Mal.Burns: I see nothing here but snow, trees and elaborate avatars! am i missing something?
Alya VonZ: that is what I wonder to Mal:)
Thirza Ember: yep the buildings are not rezzing yet
Wizardoz Chrome: I see snow and distant trees.
TR Lifter: The School is about 1/2 mile away
          TR invited us to follow him through the Forbidden Forest, over to the great Hogwarts School. Walking through the crispy snow in the shadows, trying to keep up with the group and not get lost, was great, and it gave the viewer time to get a handle on all the prims on the region.
           This is a rare opportunity to see fine buildings without their textures, a festival of form. It is amazing that Kail Jaxxon has been able to construct in default wood texture without going cross-eyed. The detail is compelling and the photos from the films are an excellent idea. 
TR Lifter: When Kail and his business partner finish texturing this, it should be spectacular! 
George Equus: what a build...
Sunbeam.Magic: unbelievable - must be unlimited prims lol
TR Lifter: Being it is mesh, it is not too bad
Wizardoz Chrome: I'm starting to see ... beautiful
snowbody.Cortes gorgeous
Thirza.Ember: wow what a room - all the paintings! This is going to be either amazingly laggy or ... just amazing

Alya.VonZ: hehe, gonna make the shifting stairs to?
Thirza.Ember: there is the dining hall that is textured and it gives you an idea of what the whole place will be like, truly an amazing job he has done, already
TR Lifter: Yup; the Great Hall ;)
alex54 Salamander: great castle
Unadecal.Masala: Bring out the Sorting Hat!
Sunbeam.Magic: r they planning on role play TR ?
TR Lifter: I think so :) Will definitely be a treat for HP fans.  We have grown as a grid with the basics; now the fun stuff starts ;)

Thirza.Ember: how long has he been working on this?
TR Lifter: About 9 months now 

 Thirza.Ember: a build this nice, worth waiting and getting the textures right I think - rubbish textures would kill it
Unadecal.Masala: totally
Billy.Bradshaw: ++
Alya.VonZabsolutely - and all mesh, amazing:) I made some mesh builds to, but not as grand as this
TR Lifter
Unadecal.Masala: I have seen other Potter builds, all lovingly made... but none to this standard
Sunbeam.Magic: yes Potter's is very popular to do, but this one tips the scales
Wizardoz.Chrome: and what attention to detail on the tables
snowbody Cortes: Tr are the buildings in the same relative-position as they was in the movies ?
TR Lifter: Yes; everything is replicated to the T :)
          And just like that, our time was up... now if every Safari could be this smooth... Next week, havoc and crashing will resume, I'm sure.

HG Addresses

Radiola grid            


Digiworldz's Hogwarts 3

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