Friday, May 22, 2015

AAA Little Nightfire

          Flashing can be bad for people. But if you don't have a photosensitive health issue, then animated attached art - let's call it Triple A ! - is probably the best thing out there, especially when combined with live music. Fuschia Nightfire put on a cracking display for the HG Safari First Anniversary party this week, and it was interesting to hear a bit about what went into it. 
          First off, where did the inspiration for all the bright colors and attachments come from?
Fuschia Nightfire: I think it was Wizzy's idea actually. We were chatting about the party and said it would be good if we could get SaveMe to come, but realised that probably wouldn't happen, so we joked about making a NOT SaveMe performance, and I realised that with the dancing cat animation and the avatar starter kit, I probably already had some items that we could use. I also have some of her pieces on SL, so it was not difficult to look at those and make my own versions here, like the personal ban lines.
Thirza Ember: technically, did you find it a challenge?

Fuschia Nightfire: I was actually surprised how easy it was.  The difficult part was knowing how large to make the attachments, so I came and made them here so that they fitted the space. I had to make sure I stood in the centre so that everything came inside when I wore it, but I understand now, why SaveMe prefers to do her performances on an empty sky platform.
 Thirza Ember: you combined textures on prims and objects, like the herd of giraffes and the rotating jeeps and the flies. Which are harder to do?
Fuschia Nightfire: It's really simple to be honest, the animations are the only things which can be more difficult. The gifs  need to be broken down into frames and scripted to be animated inworld.
Thirza Ember: did you organize a specific cycle of effects, or just grab them as it happened?
Fuschia Nightfire: I wish I was that organised! it was only 'Where's my Hair' for Truelie's song, that I had 2 specific pieces for, and then I wanted to make sure I had Safari items for her HG Safari song.
Truelie Telling: that party was so wonderful... and the video by Fuschia -- she has great taste in what to use, hehe, that performance was the best of show, I know
  Thirza Ember: it came together really well, has it made you think of doing more shows like this?
Fuschia Nightfire: not really, i don't think of myself as a performance artist, but may do if i get asked.
           The worm effect was particularly amazing. people flew up to get out of it! At the party, like almost everyone else, I didn't notice the bugs flying around. Glad we got a second look at it... 

Fuschia Nightfire: i love the way the alpha textures fight each other
Thirza Ember: it is mesmerizing and the endless layers make a mirror-like effect effect on the collective creativity. Maybe it's unique to vws and the computer age. You just can't help taking pics or video or gifs, so one person's creativity spawns everyone else's. I know you're not changing the effects every 2 seconds but it seems like it, so a little goes a long way. Save!!!
            Second Life original  SaveMe Oh is not the kind of person to object to a good friend like Fuschia paying tribute to her - she knows she is irreplaceable, and not just for the light shows. But a lot of other people get paranoid about having, as they see it, their ideas nicked. Is that nuts or what?
Fuschia Nightfire: well, not really, I think if you are trying to make a living from your art, it doesn't make sense to just give it away but in RL I am used to making public art, and I do love to work with other artists too, and share ideas and methods of working all my attachments that I made myself I am happy to give out full perm, so that people can play around with them. I was really pleased when some people started to add the attachments during the show, meant I didn't have to do ALL the work.
          And does it really make lag and crash sims? Well, no.
Fuschia Nightfire: as for lag, I think most people have seen lag caused by particles at live shows in the past. None of my attachments had particles in them, I used low res images and kept the prims as low as possible. Most people were probably wearing more prims in their hair than i wore in my attachments throughout the whole event. These worms are 54 prim for example - probably the highest prim attachment that I have.
          The worms and such have ...spawned three music videos so far, here is the second of the two featuring Whirli Placebo.
Thirza Ember: There is a down side of this kind of attachment art -  seems like it is too immersive for some - how do you react to that?
Fuschia Nightfire: I think this sort of thing is exactly what virtual worlds are about, making creations that aren't possible in the real world. And people can derender! If you don't like it, you don't have to see it.
          How's that?
1.   Right-click on the prim that's annoying you (or on the whole person!)
2.   Choose 'More' at the top of the pie.
3.   Choose 'Derender'
4.   Changed your mind? In the top menu: World > Asset Blacklist (at the bottom of dropdown menu) > find item and remove from list . you may have to cam away from the object and back again before you see it. 
1.  Right-click on the prim that's annoying you (or on the whole person!)
2.  Choose 'Tools' in the pie.
3.  Choose 'Derender'
4.  Changed your mind? In the top menu: Singularity > Asset Blacklist > find item and choose 'Remove from list' at the top of the window. You may have to cam away from the object and back again before you see it. 
Thirza Ember: It was a great show, I know everyone would love to see it again. I hope you'll consider doing something similar for us soon.
Fuschia Nightfire: I am hoping other people will also make their own attachments, basically most people on here create stuff, it just means enlarging something they already have! Even wear a house if they feel like it!

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