Thursday, January 1, 2015

Auld Lang Safari

Safari closed out the year the way we began. Confusion, last minute changes, hilarity, friendship and a good dose of excellent luck.
It's a virtual world tradition that most people go offline for New Year's, but about a dozen Safaristas showed up for our final tour. Fuschia may have been disappointed when she discovered the promised pub crawl didn't materialize owing to all the pubs being closed, but she didn't complain *what a trouper* and we were delighted to welcome some complete and relative newcomers to the insanity.
 There was some hair outage, but most of it was transitory. First stop was a bit o' dancing on Srannik Zipper's grid, Pirate's Atoll.
Selby Evans is a blogger, not a dancer, but Fuschia Nightfire and the gals more than made up for his stoic stillness.
We had a whole load of possible destinations lined up, but in the end the most challenging proved to be Great Canadian Grid. It seemed for the longest time that we wouldn't get more than two or three of us there, as people bounced between Metropolis, Kitely and all points elsewhere, but in the end pure determination produced the following very satisfying result. 
Why visit Great Canadian? Well, Mal Burns has a new televisual studio there. It's a fantastic space for anyone in opensim who wants to make multimedia products, whether it's promotional spots, interviews, machinima or ... well, why not your own weekly miniseries?  Contact Mal inworld for details about how to use his resources. 

It took so long to get us all here we didn't have time for a 'proper' tour, or to see the new HGSafari treehouse which in a few weeks will contain a little hypergridding presentation, but again, that's par for the course. We were there long enough to enjoy Mal's warm Voice hospitality, and to be reminded of what an extaordinary guy he is. 
The voices on Aire
And then it was time to go to Kitely, no minutes left to go walk in the jello forest of voices on Aire, or the gorgeous gate-castle under a planetary sky, on Ignis Fatuus. 

Don't worry, they're not going anywhere. We'll see them in 2015.

Our last stop of the year was a wonderful venue, Roxy Gellar's cyber pyramid Giza on a sim called Thyilea. The musician was the extraordinary Wolem Wobbit, here's just a tiny snapshot of what we enjoyed for ninety magnificent minutes.
And if that wasn't enough, the gorgeous Deceptions Digial followed up with an improptu show, featuring her tracks from 2014, so we got to see the New Year in, in the UK too.
 It's been a wonderful seven months of snags. lag, wardrobe malfunction, failed tps and general hilarity. I'd like to thank every one of you who has participated, or welcomed us to their homes, or followed our adventures here on the blog or in Facebook. We have had a great time, and our hope is that this new year will bring you peace, happiness, and the opportunity to explore Open Sim for yourself.
This week's URIs
Pirate's Atoll
Great Canadian Grid
Aire Mille Flux
Ignis Fatuus
Roxy Gellar's place on Kitely

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