Friday, January 30, 2015

Safari Regulars

It's official. Sitting down does reduce lag.even if you sit on a geometric shape and find yourself upside down. Also, lowering your graphics really does improve your chances of jumping.

Mass grid-jumping is the triumph of hope over experience, the before and after photos prove it.
Examine the evidence.
Here you have Joe Builder gently gliding over Need4Speed, the 64 sim racetrack region on Lost World grid, our first Safari destination this week. Note the peaceful demeanor, the completely rezzed landscape and the air of wide open spaces.
 And now see the actual Safari. Once the grid rezzed Racing car abuse. Aime  Socrates and Art Blue doing things to a vehicle that would make even Bernie Ecclestone shudder. Lucy Afarensis crashed two cars in the first fifteen minutes. We managed to crash Need4Speed on Lost World grid (URIs at the end of the post) but considering how many of us there were, and how gigantic the track is, I'm not surprised.
We were kind of expecting this, so some of the party decamped to a secondary destination, the Magical Forest, on the same grid. You can wander for hours through the various destinations, they are all huge, and reflect the quality content that Joe has acquired over many years in open sim. But many of us crashed, and ended up back on Lost World, the welcome sim that contains a dozen or more gates to different environments on Lost World.
Returning from a mass crash, we regroup on Lost World

All of these goodies run from Joe's home computer, so it's not all on all the time, you should consult him about availability. And upcoming is a new Mermaid's Cove world. My favorite bit was this monster, lurking in the depths. And the free mermaid tail.

Anyway, since racing was impracticable for most of us, we went to look at the dinosaurs. Some for us a little closer than others. We were delighted to have a large French contingency with us, and it was cool to hear them chatting away incomprehensibly in Voice.
Flossing the t-rex with Aime Socrates
From T-Rex to Red Heaven, we headed to our last destination, a shattered rag tag fleet of avatars. Isn't is odd how these days we take for granted how few bits get lost in the tp? The system gets better and better. Roxy Gellar's steel grey pyramid build Giza, part of her Thyilea build, was the venue for a Red Heaven concert, though we were lucky enough to catch a little bit of Deceptions Digital too. Safari has a standing monthly date with this music venue, and many concerts during the week, you can find info on all the usual social media.
Roxy works hard to bring more and more SL musicians into open sim; whether they will graduate from the commercial grids to the real thing or not I guess will be a question of taste and personality; certainly without the hard work of concert organizers, the metaverse would be a poorer place, artistically speaking. Playing music is fun. Planning concerts and babysitting newbie performers is a lot less fun, and involves a lot more talent and capability.
Roxy putting the pieces together on Thyilea, Kitely

Joel Eilde gave us a great hour of tunes, and along with a great many Safari regulars there were many Kitely stay-at-homes present, including the gorgeous Spiral Silverstar, whose gallery we visited last week.
The music rocked, but once again the particle show was gorgeously photogenic and so mind bending, that once again, Soul Purity is the particle goddess who haunts the Wizard's Retreat. All hail her genius.
After all those crashes, it was the perfect way to unwind.
And so to bed.
Wizzina, Miso, Wiz and I lose our minds among the mushrooms and cobwebs on
Wizard's Retreat. Or is that Wizards Repeat?

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