Thursday, November 13, 2014

Safari Spanks the Vortex

Bolle Zijde: I need to warn you, no spanking on my butt.
Yeah good luck with that Bolle. There are times when open sim is so unstable it drives you crazy, and then there are times when it is so efficient it's shocking. Have you noticed that quite often both things happen in the same five minutes?
Many new faces joined us this week on Safari. We started out in Francogrid on the new HG Safari base. The sim is called hgsafari so it's easy to find. This week the Lingerie shop on Nara's Nook sort of took all my time so there aren't as many poses and places to sit as there ought to be in the new clubhouse. By next week that should be fixed. 
Lingerie store on Nara's Nook
          Speaking of lingerie, the 'let's fix up your open sim avatar' service, Safari Confidential, got started this week with Betty Tureaud. The idea is that you help someone to go hypergrid shopping. Anyone can do it, it's your civic duty, kind of. Thisnk about it. It is so frustrating when you've had a smart sophisticated avie in Second Life for years and years, and suddenly you're in Open Sim and are a cloud, or walking like a duck, and don't know how or where to go to sort yourself out. So, those of us with a little more experience can reach out by taking a friend shopping, hold their hand while they fix  their Ruth hair, and help them get the necessaries. If you don't know where to go, there are some appearance oriented Freebie LMs in a dispenser at the Clubhouses on sim hgsafari, Franco and Outlands, on Metropolis. And if someone helps you - Pay it Forward! help someone else!
Taarna Wells' shoes on La Baronnie (Metropolis)
The many weird and wonderful mesh avies on offer are lovely, but they aren't Betty's style, so we sought out some more orthodox attachments. We visited Taarna Wells' legendary shoe store on la Baronnie, and then jumped over to Craft to take a look at their many Free shops. Hydra, the arrival sim on Craft, is undergoing a massive overhaul and it is great, much easier to jump straight to the sim you want. 
The new look Hydra, on Craft grid
 SL has loads of consumer blogs. The Hyperzette is excellent for outlining destinations, and of course there are many fine OpenSim traveler's blogs, but we need someone who's a consumer, not a producer to step in and hunt down the hair, clothes and skins and let us know where the best stuff is.  
Odd's Playground, Metropolis
Speaking of stuff, Safari went to Oddball Otoole's region on Metro this week. Odd's Playground is a dark, mysterious cityscape with a guitar museum, a free spanker, and so much more. At first, it seemed like the group was frozen, but in reality they were camming and picking up all the ...odds and ends.
Han Held: Log in to metropolis they said! It'll be easier to teleport they said! :P~~~~~
Miso Susanowa: hlo Wizzy. Are you getting the same winds as Patti?
Nara Nook: I found a candy machine
Nara Nook: by a Christmas tree.
Miso Susanowa: hi Han
Art Blue: guitar?
Art Blue: where?
Thirza.Ember: OK I may have lied. It is hardly the first time, Han.
Wizard Gynoid: winds?
PatriciaAnne Daviau: at home wizzy
Wizard Gynoid: oh . it was 26 degrees F last night
PatriciaAnne Daviau: we had gusts up to 60 miles an hour
Wizard Gynoid: i don't have the winds
Wizard Gynoid: just the usually passing kind

Truelie Telling: I see Art found the script library
strannik.zipper: script library?
Equus.Staedler: Really weird... had no trouble what so ever an hour ago HG tp'ing all over
Miso Susanowa: It's the safari, Equus; we are load testers
Tina Bey shouts: freebies..!
Equus.Staedler: Must be... I am new here :)
Wizard Gynoid: oh my goodness there's a dead body under a rug over here
Isolde Caron: trying to get the spanker working lol
PatriciaAnne Daviau: wow I cam around and all sorts of peeps show up
Pathfinder.Lester: lots of nice freebies around here
Equus.Staedler: Hi Thirza, glad I made it here... at loooong last
Pathfinder.Lester: and everything's frozen here. I feel at home.
Fuschia models Odd's battery powered facelight

Pathfinder.Lester: i hear spanking
Isolde Caron: ah good, it works
Fuschia.Nightfire: i love Odd's facelight, it's very subtle, you hardly even notice it
Pathfinder.Lester: OMG
Betty Tureaud: ops
strannik.zipper: Fuschia, that is quite the personal facelight!
Fuschia.Nightfire: i think the facelight is the only thing that comes with battery included
Isolde Caron: cant figure out how to spank someone yet. I'll figure it out another time, then I'll spank everyone all the time
Pathfinder.Lester: for those of you who like scripts, there's a whole tutorial area here with tons of scripts available for free... really nice
Alle Zeb and me at the Vector's Vortex arrival point
 It was difficult to get people to leave this wonderful sim and everyone is sure to go back because we all missed something, there was so much to see. 

Next up, Karima Hoisan's Vector's Vortex on Kitely. It's a space journey, complete with poem and flying book. You really have to go yourself to experience the Vortex, or get a video of it maybe; the sounds, the movement - it's all an exquisite journey. After vortexing, dancing. Oddball's freebies were everywhere.
  There were 28 of us at one point, we maxed out the dance ball. Equus Staedler did a great job of taking snapshots and sharing them with the group
Cosmic Safari Kitty in Kitely! Photo by Equus Staedler

Karima.Hoisan: wow cosmic salsa dance
Equus Staedler gave you Snapshot : Vector's Vortex by Karima Hoisan, Vector's Vortex (2.
Alle Zeb: Incredible here
Karima.Hoisan: ohh great photo
Nara Nook: love the cat picture
Thirza.Ember: what a lovely safari
Alle Zeb: Yes Thirza!
strannik.zipper: hahaha
Let's draw a veil over my wardrobe malfunction.
Karima.Hoisan: Thank you all for coming
PatriciaAnne Daviau: it was soo fun!!
Nara Nook: Thank you Karima
Karima.Hoisan: I am so honored to have had you all here
Thirza.Ember: 28 avies, impressive Karima!
Miso Susanowa: ty Karima, thanks for having us!
Lucy.Afarensis: Really great Karima
Isolde Caron: yes ty
Fuschia.Nightfire: really love this experience Karima
Pathfinder.Lester: yes, ty Karima!
Nara Nook: such a lovely sim
Karima.Hoisan: My pleasure
Our final destination was PMGrid, where safari has a sim, currently full of excellent Fuschia Nightfire art. The piece de resistance is Ghost Castle, an avatar interactive installation. About 16 avatars arrived almost all together, and once again the voodoo of open sim kicked in. 
While some people could see everything, others - even using local avatars - saw only an approximation. Although the Art gallery textures all showed up fine. 
But that's safari for you. Every day is different!

This week's URIs:
Odd's Playground, by Oddball Otoole: playground
Karima Hoisan's Vector's Vortex: vortex
Fuschia Nightfire's Ghost Castle and gallery:


  1. Thirza, I didn't realize you opened a new store. Congratulations! I'll have to go check it out.

  2. Hi Thirza, remember to contact me by e-mail so I can pass you some suggestions for the safari.