Saturday, November 15, 2014

Attention Spike

There are some things that are really hard to get your mind around. One is the relative size of the planets in our solar system. Another is German. A third is Spike Sol's smexy girl avie, even more mind bending when you hear his voice.
Where were you listening to Spike Sol's voice? you ask. Right now. Hey he just said 'funf' and 'Yupiter' and 'gravitazion' and then right at the end, he said 'Spike Sol' only when he says it it's more like 'shpike zooool'. And suddenly, the reason behind that last name 'Sol' becomes obvious. Of course! You can hear him too, anytime you want to brush up on your cases and declension, and also learn something about Outer Space.   Go to  
Spike's blog and right click anywhere on the page to get it to translate into your own language, (ooo, 'Weiter' means More, didn't know that) and then click on the top item 'Why we pursue astronomy'. Or 'astronomie' - way cooler German spelling.
These are not ravings. Well, only partially. This is a wet Saturday morning in OpenSim. I was out scouting for places to visit and remembered Spike's recent FB posting about STOA. Turns out, it's this huge project about space and science. It is just getting going, and is on a Home 'ah, ah, argh, 5 avies is my upper limit' Server, so big Safari style-crowds can't quite fit in...yet. But we're working on some strategies for that. 
Because this is something everyone should be able to visit, and something we should all be encouraging him to develop, for, as you have probably realized, this ambitious project is just getting going. The first of many audio explanations is ready, and only a part of the space exhibits he has planned are open to the public. So watch - and listen - to this space!
Here's me and Spike inside the model of the solar system, the Sun flattened to make it easier to cam around, the planet Mercury, I think he said 4 times its proper size in relation to the others, because otherwise it would be invisible and Neptune spinning slightly faster than it ought to be in relation to the others because opensim doesn't have a rotation setting that slow. We are all packed onto that tiny blue dot on the top right of the picture.

Spike's grid is at you can also get to it by going to Metropolis grid, looking for the sim Weltraumbahnhof (you may want to copy/paste that) and then looking for the Hypergate to STOA II. 
Or get there via his website, 

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