Monday, November 3, 2014

Conference Call

          There's this 'working relationship' deal you can do with Philip Rosedale that's an effective way to manage your productivity. I've been on to it for quite some time, and really enjoy it. Basically it boils down to this: he wastes absolutely no time at all taking an interest in any of my VW writing, schemes and projects, and in return, I do the same for him.
          This coming weekend is the opensim community conference, being held on a special little grid at this URI Fleep Tuque is the organizer, ably assisted by the guys who run - I almost wrote 'used to run' - OSGrid, along with many other opensim stalwarts, the lovely and endlessly entertaining Maria Korolov among them. The conference runs for two days, this coming Saturday and Sunday, and begins at 7am Pacific time both days, with five breakout venues, which means there will be times when there are five different events going on at the same time, listed as Business, Development, Research and Education, Community, and Learning Lab.
          Philip Rosedale is doing the Keynote speech on Saturday, which seems to be sending a lot of conference goers all wobbly and starstruck. When I was about 15 I remember thinking 'wow, Madonna is rich! how cool!' and then suddenly realizing that she was only rich because kids like me had each handed over our hard-earned five or ten dollars to hear her sing or strut her stuff. And it suddenly seemed a whole lot less admirable. Never done the 'fan' thing since then. Anyway, I guess Philip probably wants to sell OpenSim something, and his talk has the not-at-all grandiose title of  'What the Metaverse is'.
          So then we'll know.
          Probably way more interesting, and with a free gift! is Kay McLennan's 'Prisoner's Dilemma' presentation. Professor McLennan teaches at Tulane and she's all about education and game theory and online courses. The presentation will be on Saturday, with a Workshop at 9 am on Sunday, in the Education bit of the grid.
          Also, Pathfinder is doing a really useful bit about backing up your inventory, it's called 'You only own what you can carry' and is on Saturday at 9 am. Not to be missed, as it will include practical help so you can never lose all your shit again... sigh... memories of ...well, let's not go into that.
          And of course, Nara Malone and her Nookettes, real world artists and authors including Fuschia Nightfire, Siobhan Muir and Endora Twinklens, are doing a presentation called 'Geeked Out Fairy Tales' on Saturday at 10 am. It's about interactivity, NPCs, and making open sim a better place for people to visit.

           For free.
           The full schedule of events is here on the OSCC website. Maybe see you there, or at the after party?


  1. Madonna and Philip Rosedale are not the same thing at all. Philip is the reason we have Open Sim. Philip created Second Life. It was his idea, after reading a book called Snowcrash by Neal Stephenson. Snowcrash introduced us to something called the Metaverse. Second Life was a major step in that direction, but after a while I think Philip realized he hadn't succeeded. Why? Because the Metaverse in Snowcrash has no lag. Hundreds of thousands of avatars (if not millions) walk down the Boulevard at the same time in Snowcrash's Metaverse - with no lag. So Philip stepped down from CEO of Secondlife and he is no longer Chairman of the Board of Linden Lab. He's moved on, and he's dedicated his resources now to doing the Metaverse right. That's the way I see it and that's why I want to hear what he has to say. I would very much like it if he is successful with this new venture and we get the Metaverse he promised so long ago.

  2. IN-WORLD REGISTRATION HAS SOLD OUT! This is not open for anybody?
    REGISTER FOR A STREAMING TICKET TODAY! You have to register to look at a stream!!?
    The rules of conduct are the longest I've seen.
    BTW I agree with Wizzy :)

  3. I appreciate what Wizzy says, and I'm sure PR is a great guy. But he is not part of the open sim community. He is coming to try to sell us something: you know how I know that? His latest product is 'New and Improved!' and I think he's going to distract people from far more useful talks about how we live now. The culture of celebrity always depresses me, if Neal Stephenson showed up to talk about his latest book, I'd feel the same.