Monday, January 27, 2014

Craft Turns Four

Tonight was the big party on Craft, celebrating the grid's fourth anniversary with a building competition, a ceremony and of course a knees-up. There were 23 of us, by the end, and I don't think a single one of us didn't get kicked off the grid, or the sim, at least once during the night, although (as always happens) it got much much easier once the speeches were over and the prizes all handed out.
At the beginning though, the lag was eye-watering, and did scary things to some of the guests.
I've never seen a clustersit quite like this one.
I think this might have been Mexi Lane.  So goodness knows what I looked like to other people!
Taking photos was challenging, between the clouds and the mesh and the grays popping in and out but it felt all very familiar and deliciously nostalgic. About an hour after I got there, the prizes were awarded. Debbie Lighthouse took third place, Rumegusc Altamura came in second and Dade Catronis got first place.
This is Dade, with Rume, on the podium, but they're all winners on Craft, not because the grid doesn't occasionally shrug everyone into temporary oblivion, but because when it does, you just have to go back. That is the secret of the grid, the sense of loving community, and they know it.
Tosha Tyran: Craft is the place where I feel at home, can wander about, meet the nicest bunch of people and can build all I want to build :) and I love it to be absolutely non-commercial! I am here since the very beginning and have seen it grow and become the nice place it is now - and I feel very proud of having participated in the making of this wonderful grid.

Another long-time resident is Ger Orsini, and he is proud of the way the grid has been growing, especially since this last summer, and has been sought out by educational initiatives like edu3d.
Ger Orsini: Craft is what Italy ought to be like, and not just in this time of economic crisis. Here we help one another!
Prize-winning teacher Michelle Tech seen above has been here three years and loves it too. Hey try out your translating skills! There will be a quiz at the end.
Michelle Tech: Io sono entrata qui in corrispondenza del primo anniversario. C'era una grande esposizione dei lavori e subito ho capito l'ottimo livello tecnico quiil mio ingresso qui ha fatto si che potessi utilizzare i mondi virtuali per la didattica. C'era una grande esposizione dei lavori e subito ho capito l'ottimo livello tecnico qui. Il mio ingresso qui ha fatto si che potessi utilizzare i mondi virtuali per la didattica perchè la comunità aveva quello spirito di condivisione delle conoscenze che mi ha aiutato.
(See wasn't that hard. She likes it.)
Blogger, 'builder'  and collector Virtual Christine hasn't been here as long as many, but she's here to stay. She has a collection of Arcadia Asylum treasures that makes her the envy of the metaverse, and it's on display right here in Craft at Monte Gorgo.
virtual christine: I chose Craft, because had I not stumbled onto this grid and met GeR and Licu and Tao, I would have left OpenSim and never come back!  I have been here two years.  I have gone from having a region full of junk  to having  the first Arcadia Asylum museum in OpenSim! Craft actually donated an extra region to the museum, instead of saying 'make it smaller!!' They dumb things down and give me articles to read They never complain no matter what crazy bullshit Shawn and I try. To someone like me, with virtually no technical knowledge, Craft has been a godsend. I tell EVERYONE to try Craft first on the hypergrid. This grid has a tremendous amount of heart and soul. It is an honor to be here, with these people.
This is Rumegusc Altamura's sculpture.
 Rumegusc Altamura: I'm not fond of anniversaries, but I am extremely grateful for the constancy and the kindness of Licu and Tao. They have put together a free grid, the dream over the rainbow, and this build of mine is a tribute to craft and opensource. Beneath it you see the mud, where the money is. The tenacity and patience of Licu and Tao are the strength and the glue that  keeps the opensource motor together. I think that is the right solution for the whole world.
Well done, Licu and Tao. May they bask in this much deserved praise, and may their Craft go on virtually forever!
And now, some more dancing!


  1. What a great blog on the event!! Thanks Thirz. And just know that V(virtual christine) if not asleep atm, is in fact on the floor called her a builder. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! I really did laugh that hard. :)

  2. Hey Christine, it was late ! But I guess, if you can edit an avatar, that makes you a builder, in my book! Thanks for the lovely comment

  3. OMG!! I got a mention in one of Thirza Embers pings!! Note to self:revise bucket list. And heck Shawn, Thirz did use those little qualifying doo hickeys around'builder' proving she is not completely out of her articulate gourd! Have I mentioned that Thirza Ember knew who I was when I met her at the Craft Party?WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!