Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Wyldwood Bayou Beckons!

Starfleet or shaman, medieval merchant or merman, it's that time again, and you're welcome to the Open Market Roleplay event on Wyldwood Bayou grid. There are two roleplay groups here, Ravenquest and Brigantia. Come along and learn about other RP groups in opensim, and help keep the roleplay community vibrant!

Organized by Contessa Lacombe and Fitheach Eun, this is a chance to share what you know and maybe dip your toe in roleplay. Not a recruitment drive so much as a way to better know what's available out there across the archipelago of grids and groups that actively tell stories in a dramatic immersive way. I asked Tessa how she got started.
Contessa Lacombe
Contessa Lacombe:  I roleplayed in SL and then in Inworldz before I came to OS. I began my virtual by building and running a university sim in SL. Building caught my interest and I've been in on grid or another since. I ran a jewelry shop in SL for years...Elemental Jewelry I had a small shop in Inworldz for a while.  And, yes, there are still a few old items on the SL marketplace.  I still sell some of my jewelry made for the petite avatars...the little fairies!
Dreaming up new ideas... Fitheach Eun
Contessa Lacombe: The Brigantia story line is old and on-going...think medieval/fantasy soap opera.  But it does tend to have more than one thread at a time. We have worked very hard on this Hub.  I especially like the little "Renn Faire" that we've added.
The Brigantia group is well organized and welcoming.
Thirza Ember: what is the most challenging part of doing ro in opensim... I wonder if its getting assets to match your stories, or getting new members, or perhaps your group is pretty consolidated, and renews through new storylines
Wyldwood firelight
Contessa Lacombe:
Oh, we are very good at piecing together assets.  Most of my buildings are originals.  The issue is finding players.  It takes great commitment.  And you have to realize that rp is like building a play...not like gaming.  It's not one battle after another.  It's more character building and story writing.
The atmospheric Ravenquest group HQ
Thirza Ember: so really the rp has also been a great outlet for your building skills
Contessa Lacombe: It has!
In the RP market square, where drinks are on the house
Fitheach Eun: We've been doing the rp open market for a number of years; we started it in Discovery Grid, so maybe 5 or 6 years? We used to do it monthly, then we went to quarterly. The idea was to have a venue that was open to any roleplayer in OpenSim. The genre does not matter since it is a market setting, everyone is invited to come and roleplay
Contessa Lacombe: It gives us a break too.  We aren't usually our regular characters.
The idea of the event is to encourage anyone interested in roleplay to come over and swap ideas, information and generally make friends, whether you have your own RP group, or would like to join another. They're not seeking to recruit you so much as to support all the varied forms of this artform that are being played out across opensim. 
Fitheach Eun: We are planning some cooperative roleplays at the World's Fair, and we would also like somehow to get started classes.
Contessa Lacombe: I love that outdoor tavern.  lol...I like to play the saucy barmaid.
Fitheach Eun: Tessa has fun with that barmaid
Contessa Lacombe: I do!
Thirza Ember:  so what is the most fun part of rp
Fitheach Eun: The improvisation, especially at Market. 
Contessa Lacombe: nods.  Sometimes it's just funny.  We laugh and laugh.
Fitheach Eun: There is no storyline, so we all just jump in and wing it. Our regular rps usually have at least an end goal in mind, or a sort of outline
Contessa Lacombe: Yes.  Otherwise...it would be chaos.  :)
Fitheach Eun: But all the dialogue is improv-ed, that is the fun part
Contessa Lacombe: You never know what people will say.
Fitheach Eun: Sometimes it takes the story off in a new direction and that's fun, too
Thirza  Ember: How much of a time commitment is it to be part of an rp group would you say, based on your personal experience
Fitheach Eun: For  mature group like either of ours, it takes the rp time, maybe 2 hours at a shot and about at most an hour of prep if uou need props , set or costumes
Contessa Lacombe: Maybe 2 to 4 hours a week total? Fit and I spend extra time though...building sets and such.
Fitheach Eun: She's my favorite herb seller ;) Being a druid I patronize her a lot
Contessa Lacombe: lol Doesn't say much though.
Thirza Ember: hehe as long as she is not your beautician
From the Marketplace we went over to the nearby Renaissance Faire build, with these cute round huts. Inside are Freebies, end even a fortune teller with special powers. 
Fitheach Eun: It's laid out like regular Renn Faire with little shops and venues and some photo ops and turkey legs and mead. In the US, Renaissance Faire are usually weekend events that are set in a medi fantasy time period
Contessa Lacombe: They have entertainment, a joust, and lots of shops.
Fitheach Eun: People show up in costume and can shop , eat and see entertainment There are  a number of large ones scattered around the country For example the one near me is every weekend for 2 months in the fall.  Lots of craftspeople, performers, joust
Contessa Lacombe: You can dress in costume or attend as you are.
Fortune Telling Table with Fortunes: Your dreams Will be realized....Unless of course they involve money
Contessa Lacombe: lol.   Fit makes up great fortunes!
Fitheach Eun: I scripted the table to give out fortunes like the guy at the market

Thirza Ember: what do you hope people will get out of the event this week?
Contessa Lacombe: fun
Fitheach Eun: We hope that people will come and have fun roleplaying with us. Ravenquest has done cross grid rp for years, we would like to encourage it!
HG Address  wyldwoodbayou.com:8002:Wyldwood Bayou Roleplay Hub

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