Sunday, July 10, 2022

More than Music: OSF's Event sims

OpensimFest opened on Friday July 8 and will stay open for a full 17 days, including three 3-day weekends with twelve hours of musical entertainment, focused on the four Event regions that are all smooshed together, with four separate stages, so each performer can have the backdrop that matches their musical style. There is a shared dance floor spanning all four regions, and you can hear the music, whichever sim you happen to be dancing on. If you missed the first couple of days, no worries, there is plenty more to come.
Some of the performers have really gone to town in creating an ambience for their events, like this set up by Karima Hoisan, a perfect environment for the wonderful poems.

Many have brought the house down just with a bit of nifty dancing, as seen here where Holocluck Henly and Snoots Dragon are giving it welly.
There is loads to see at the Fest, it's a bit mindblowing, but a good place to start is at the Event area. If you are the independent minded kind, and allergic to  group joiners, or offers of info, then when you get the the grid, just type Event into your map and you'll see the regions, it's pretty easy.
This is a good place to begin your exploring  because as well as the great tunes being played, there are exhibits all the way around the outside to the dance area, like a donut of destiny.  These are sponsor's exhibits, and they just give a little taste of the variety of styles and interests that opensim is all about. There are of course loads more sponsors' builds, on other sims, like the HG-welcome sim, a must for sci fi lovers, but hopefully this will give you an idea of what's going on around you, as you bop to the tunez. 
First up, an Egyptian Monument by Luna Lunaria - this build hints at her work on so many grids, colossal, beautifully constructed buildings inspired by ancient history and a sense of the immense.

Talking of immense, next to Luna is the Wolf Territories build. Lone Wolf has arguably the biggest privately owned grid in the metaverse, with over 700 1024 square meters joined together, of forests, oceans, deserts and more... worth visiting just for fun, but also a place where people can rent land, and enjoy all the wildernesses imaginable, for a fair price and with excellent service. 

Next up, Opensimworld ! The website and the beacons, and so much more, Satyr has really helped bring Opensim together in a way that nobody else can match. The various Opensimworld tools are showcased in this building  so go on in and learn more about it, you may be missing some really useful gadget that you never even knew existed. 
Next to Opensimworld, is the Safari exhibit. In the yard, you will find see pretty much all the hypergrid gates I've made over the years, and you should be able to copy the boxes to take one home. In the house, you will find the Self Guided tours landmarks, because you know why not.
Inworld Review is next door, and mal is planning on doing some of his shows from the Fest, tech permitting. Go check out the stage, and consider being a guest on the show, the more the merrier.

Mike Lorrey is next door to Mal, his ISM Mars Base  is a little taste of his region over on Kitely, and you can take a good look at his rockets. Wait, is that a weather balloon, or an UFO? 
From sights to sounds, next up is the exhibit of Rosa Alexeev. Rosa is organizing the performers at the Fest, and so no surprises that she is all about Dreamstream and Hypersonic Systems. 
The Museo del Metaverso, which is celebrating 15 years of activity in both SL and on Craft Grid, rounds up the builds you can visit. It's a wonderful mix of art by MdM members, and a great way to get to know one of the most vibrant cultural organizations in Opensim.
Come over and take a look.
To jump directly to the Event regions, put this in your Map

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