Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Corny Calendar 2018

Cornflakes Week 
22 February to 28 February         

Thursday marks the beginning of the 4th annual Cornflakes Week in Opensim, and yet again, many grid owners have pulled out all the stops to make it a fun and silly one. 
If you missed previous years, here's a video of last year's event, to give you an idea of what happens

        Cornflakes Woodcock, whose creations are the center of the event, did not start Cornflakes Week. 
         Corn died a couple of years before we began to celebrate this coming together of friends, new and old, to just be silly in a way that is unique to Opensim, not touched by race, religion, season, culture, or any other of the real world groupings that divide the human family. 

          His loss was a timely reminder of the need for community across the hyperverse, in that many of us opensim residents, busy as we are with our own worlds and our own projects, didn't even realize he had passed until long after the event. It highlighted the importance of us all keeping in touch, when possible and appropriate, and being there for our friends. 

          Yet, even though his objects and his story form a part of the inspiration for the event, this is not a tribute to one man. It is a much bigger event than that, it looks to the future of our unique community.    
          I'm sure he would approve of that. Not making a fuss about him, above all other people, but instead, being kind, and silly and continuing the marvellous mixing of creativity that this year has once again produced.

Here is the lineup of Cornflakes parties, as of today:
all times are PST (known as 'grid time' or SLT)

                       THURSDAY 22 FEB 
from 10am  Truelie Telling and DJ Alya on Vartown     

from 11am  DJ Sylvia  on Nextlife                            

                       FRIDAY 23 FEB 
from 12pm     DJ Leslie on Tangle grid                           tanglegrid.com:8002:cornflakes

from 10am     OSGrid Corny Friday Party 
hg.osgrid.org:80:event plaza

                       SATURDAY 24 FEB 
from 10.00am  Party Fun Radio does Cornflakes 
                      nextlife-world.de:8002:party fun radio

from 11.00am   DJ Owl does cheesy music & jokes! 

                       SUNDAY 25 FEB 
from 1.00 pm    Maritime Corniness! Truelie sings, Stiofain spins silly songs 
hg.osgrid.org:80:maritime club belfast

                       MONDAY 26 FEB 
fom 12.00 pm    DJ Gramps on

                       TUESDAY 27 FEB 
from 2.00pm    Live music at the Almost Islands
                  hg.osgrid.org:80:the almost islands

                       WEDNESDAY 28 FEB 
from 12.00pm    Safari party with 
                        CelticMaiden Warrior 

from 1.00pm     Wordfromthe Wise on Metro               hypergrid.org:8002:cornflakes-tribute

from 2.00pm      Licu's party

If you're planning a Cornflakes Event you would like me to add here, please leave a comment below

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