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Cars Coins and Canvas

       A sudden change of plans, caused by internet outage sounds like the beginning of a bit of a disaster, but this week, the need to postpone our visit to Freda Frostbite's fascinating Floridiana build actually turned into a hilarious adventure on opensimlife grid, with Bill Blight  and Leighton Marjoram followed by an interesting new project on Mobius with Zoliea Yifu and Sprocket Watchclock. HG Addresses as always, are at the end of the post.
Desert cities add intrigue to the game on Desert Oasis region
In lieu of the visit to Freda's - postponed only for a couple of weeks - we went to see Bill Blight's hunt game. It's not a complicated thing, you get in a car, and then drive over, (or touch) coins of varying value that are spawned all over the dunes. There are demon coins that will either blow you up and penalize you a dozen points or more, or they occasionally will give an unexpected bonus of many points.
An encounter with a demon coin
          Each game lasts 15  minutes and that's a really good feature, giving structure to the event, and of course there are popups telling you who's scoring, and a leader board, so you can see who's done well at the end. You don't have to be the driver, you can be a passenger and still play, and that means there are really two ways to play, you can either be drive-oriented, or cam oriented. 
Dune buggies on Desert Oasis sim

          Considering that this was a last minute event and there were about fifteen of us on the region, with maybe eight playing at any given time, the region did really well, the occasional moment of notice lag, but not enough to damage our fun even in the slightest. A brilliant job done by Bill! 

           This game, on sim Desert Oasis, is really worth visiting. Anyone can start the game going, and the region is generally online 24/7, so that makes it accessible to all. 

             Since I am - and I can get you a dozen witness statements to confirm it - one of the most pathetic drivers in virtual worlds, I prefer the cunning of camming, but that didn't stop me loading up a vehicle and taking them for some hair raising Ubode physics dune popping. 

          This is a must-play game, in opensim. The terrain is outstanding in every sense of the word, the cities are alluring and mysterious, the ships  and waterways beautiful and treacherous, the hidden encampments evocative of adventures under canvas.  All this and dancing too!            

Leighton Marjoram: my virtual driving is so bad I think they should take my RL driving license
Mal.Burns:I never ever ever pick up anything but gold ones - not prepared to gamble lol
Aime Socrates: great game!! We will come back Leighton Marjoram shouts: great to see you all
xSIBERIAx.ILFREDDOPURIFICA: bill, i m sorry but i have to leave you, thanks for the great fun :) and congratulation for this work! it is wonderful!
Phred 420: thank you, it was fun
Aime Socrates: ty very much  to have us here tonight !
           Then off we went to Mobius grid, to see Canvas City, with Zoliea Yifu and Sprocket Watchclock.

Zoliea Yifu
 Zoliea Yifu: Canvas City is a futuristic utopia city. It was originally an idea from a steampunky book I been writing for the past few years. The idea is a city so tall it towers above the clouds on a planet that has a thick cloud layer. The sim however I been building as a kind of hub where people could hopefully call home. Where iv tried giving it everything that people might want.  It's the size of 9 sims and has a mall where people can request to put up vendors for free. It also has houses, sandbox, convention area, art hall, club, and a couple other things in the works. 

Zoliea Yifu:I have been working on it over a year mostly by myself as just a pass the time kinda project. I slowly work on it and hope to have a lot more buildings. Just a couple weeks ago we got the scripts to have flying cars flying around on tracks. Once all buildings are finalized im guna make lanes to make it more lively. Canvas is made of multiple layers too. This is the sky layer. There is also a ground layer and a space layer. 
Thirza Ember: much of Mobius is inspired by video games, but this then is an original project, based on your own book? Cool!
 Zoliea Yifu: Yes its an original concept. I do take some inspiration from games and other media though. most notably metropolis from ratchet and clank but I try to make this as original as possible. Thats why its slow to build as I figure how to make new buildings that work with the theme.
Wizardoz Chrome looking cornflakey
Thirza Ember: it's great. It was Wizardoz who suggested this safari destination
Zoliea Yifu: Oh thank you Wizardoz ^.^
Wizardoz Chrome: :) great Place :)
Zoliea Yifu: The sim is also made to be low impact on systems so you can max view distance to see everything at once
Thirza Ember: i must say, even with a dozen of us on the region, it seems pretty fast
Zoliea Yifu: I'm a 11 year SL vet and I used to design sims for rp sims in sl. Back when prims where the thing lol. Knowing reduction is the game. There are multiple types of homes and people can furnish them how they wish or use a furniture pack we would provide. Still working on the furniture, though.

Phred 420: glad there are no billboards in utopia :)
Zoliea Yifu: Well we do have billboards just no one wants to advertise here yet XD... those floating screens will populate some areas and show whatever off  most have a video on them if you click them currently just random stuff from youtube i enjoyed lol
Thirza Ember: how did you find mobius, and why did you pick this grid to make your home?
Zoliea Yifu: I am friends with the owner Royale. Iv known him for a bit before he even started mobius., I used to run twilight town on SL and the builder is a good friend too and he built twilight town her eon this grid. So I just kinda converged here lol
Thirza Ember: what do you miss from SL?
Zoliea Yifu: I miss building there. It gave me purpose and well its just too expensive to do anything there. I still play SL sometimes but I tend to be here just as much.I chose canvas as my project because I thought having a nice big city would be cool here and I was hoping to turn it into a kind of hypergrid hub of sorts where people could live and shop.
Sprocket Watchclock
Zoliea Yifu: Oh a fun story about why most the city lacks textures. I am bad at making textures and none of the ones I had seemed to fit. So I decided to work the textureless look into the theme. So only natural stuff like grass or trees have a texture while all structures are detailed via their shape.
Thirza.Ember: making life simple!
Zoliea Yifu: Mmhmm. Turned what I couldnt do into a style itself
Thirza Ember: do you do much grid hopping yourself, to explore?
Zoliea Yifu: Sometimes I gridhop. specially if I need something like trees XD
Phred 420: i like the grass walkways, encourages pedestrians
Zoliea Yifu: Oh ya sense cars fly you don't need streets so the platforms connecting are grass ^.^ It also means a little more oxygen for this height the city is. I might over think it lol
Phred.420: it has a totally different look at midnight.
Zoliea Yifu: there is also rooftop homes which give a kind of mini yard, we can take a look at Sprockets if she is okay with it 
Sprocket Watchclock: Yeah it's cool
Zoliea Yifu: I am trying to give a lot more variety to those types. Sprocket has the idea of making a kind of taxi service for the sim.  So instead of using a teleporter you would call a ship to take you to certain locations 
Thirza.Ember: you need some sky cows to keep the grass in good condition
Lucy.Afarensis: Some drawbacks to flying cows
Drang Po: ya dropping turds....
Thirza Ember: hey if they fly though turbulence you can get a milkshake, maybe even ice cream
Sprocket Watchclock: Welcome to my home.
Zoliea Yifu: This is a typical small home for a rooftop ^.^ I wanted the house to blend in somehow so I figured using the lawn was a good idea. Kinda like a futuristic hobbit home
      SO much to sse and do in Opensim... get out and grid jump today!

HG Addresses   
The Sand (Coins in the dunes game) oasis
Canvas City                                        city

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