Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Higher Safari

              This week's trip brought us to great heights in every way! First, up to a theater in the sky on Metropolis, to hear a talk about High art with Art Blue and Juliette Surrealdreaming, followed by a formal ball, and then on to Neverworld Grid, for a luxurious all dancing, all sporting extravaganza with Govega Sachertorte, Pasha Theas, Nexus Storm, and - in my book - one of the High Princes of Opensim, Locked Semaphore. But more of the latter later.
             HG Addresses as always at the end of the post.
             Our first stop was in a cube theater on South Horizon, given the name ' Onawero' for the occasion, to hear about 1biennale. We were greeted by Juliette and Art outside an interesting, almost matrimonial, build, with places to sit at the end of a long red carpet.
              Art Blue delivered an address using Screenleap, so rather than each of us touring the
1Biennale personally, we were taken on a sneak peek of the region via a little avatar called 3326 Traveler, which I believe is named after someone off a TV show. Art's talk was punctuated with images from the upcoming Biennial.
              I can't lie, some of us had a few issues with a very slow framerate and with the sound, but it was certainly an innovative approach to the presentation of Art's impressive collection.
     This collection includes contributions by many of the best-known names from the Second Life LEA art circuit, including Bryn Oh, Cica Ghost, and FreeWee Ling, and it's a sign of Art Blue's reputation, both as a person committed to preserving virtual art, and trustworthy custodian, that so many have been willing to share and allow their SL stuff to make the leap over into opensim.
      In many ways, Art Blue's 1Biennial project serves as a bridge between the past and the future - these works are an archive of 'historic' creativity, and also an invitation and inspiration to upcoming artists, to push the boundaries of imagination even further.

        Gaianed's 'Lost in Mesh' building, an Escheresque temple to paradox, was the venue for a formal dance that followed the talk.
Tryad and Loru Destiny, with Lucy Afarensis in red

         There was a strong sense of royalty and nobility in the room, with our 'King' and 'Queen',  Loru and Tryad Destiny and also the lovely 'Lady' Harthelie Deux, dressed as Marie Antoinette, and invoking memories of the wonderful Dorothea Lundquist who created the iconic outfit.
Tryad Destiny: It s not that easy to move around sorry if I bumped someone over
Pathfinder Lester: Tryad, it's an Escher house, so moving around is going to be bizarre for anyone.  Don't apologize.
'Lost in Mesh' building by Gaianed

          People had pulled out all the stops with a variety of formal gowns and some very smart looking gentlemen!
George Equus puttin' on the Ritz
             It's not easy to get people to dress appropriately for an event in opensim, partly because resources are hard to find, partly because the average opensimmer is not particularly interested in fancy clothes, and partly because of our innate independent spirit, so it was a huge tribute to Juliette and Art that so many made the effort.
Rory Torrance looking pale and interesting
RoryTorrance 1Biennale: im already wearing a suit! but is it tasteful? it's not after labor day already is it?
(R) 'Lady' Harthelie Deux in a vintage gold ball gown

             For more information about the 1biennale and about Art Blue (he uses the name Ervare Farroretreon social media), go to and I believe there will be a video of the event in due course.
            Then, before we knew it, time to head for our second destination on Neverworldgrid. Banning International is a place for high fliers of all kinds. Amazing panoramas, low lag, responsive scripted vehicles, a highly interactive and enjoyable destination.

             This relatively new world is a firm favorite of anyone who enjoys hunting games (some months back we explored their DreamHunt region, where you seek coins that you can accumulate and exchange for gifts) and Neverworld is an expanding community, with artists, content creators and builders.

        Their latest project is a vast new continent full of roads, viaducts, causeways - a veritable 'real' virtual world, something we're sure to explore in future adventures, when it's ready. The building team is so well balanced between Govega, Pasha, Nexus ...
Queen of the roads, Nexus Storm

....and of course Locked, who's the gridmaster, and the man behind the smooth scripts that allow so many different vehicles to work so well.
Locked Semaphore

Locked Semaphore: Welcome to Banning International. This is a 1024x1024 Region with lots of room for vehicles. In addition to the runways the sim has a network of roads and waterways. We have aircraft, automobiles, watercraft and a few specialty vehicles like Segways, Radio controlled Drones.
Locked Semaphore:  There are TP sign posts that will take you to various areas of the region. The aircraft are on a demo rezzer. For all of the other vehicles, please make a copy for your use so it will leave the original for others. All of the vehicles are full perms so feel free to take a copy with you. Club Flight Deck is also open for your dancing enjoyment.

Locked Semaphore: Our resident DJ, Dr. Beats will be spinning the latest in techno and house music for your dancing enjoyment. And later, our Aviator Dance troupe has prepared a special number for your entertainment.
The Aviator Troupe performing to Flashdance
Locked Semaphore: There is also a small shopping area located at the airport. Finally, I would like to recognize the work of three of our very talented designers,  Pasha Theas, Nexus Storm and Govega Sachertorte, for their contributions to the making Banning International happen. That’s about it. Any questions? Everyone enjoy the sim:)

 Govega.Sachertorte:I have to say the plane -OMG-  Locked worked on it for months and it is the best plane in opensim hands down... You are going to love it!  This road system is like a racecourse. The hanger condos have three levels: hanger for planes, upper is living quarters, and below is a dock. All the buildings and scripting done by Locked. All the landscaping done by Pasha.
         I adore this region, the serenity and friendship of the Neverworld crowd, and thoroughly recommend this grid whether you're looking for a new home, or just an entertaining half hour. You can make a Neverworld avie here.

 HG Addresses
Art talk venue, 'Onawero'             horizon
Banning Intl Airport                     international

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