Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Safari Restarts

          Today is the first day of the 2017/2018 season of Safari trips around the hyperverse, so welcome back to the crashy, crazy, creative and often semi-nude adventures of group hypergridding.
         There are some new features of the Safari. 

Mobius Grid Safari base
         We have a new base on Mobius Grid, courtesy of Serra Royale. The new base was put together by Wizardoz Chrome, and contains some information about our trips and some freebies.
         Spike Sol has added some HG Safari information, in both English and German, on the Weltraumbahnhof, the hypergrid portal base on her grid, Soloton.

 This is our fourth year of exploring and promoting the many faces of the hypergrid, but there are still many places we haven't visited, and still many people, both newcomers and long time residents of  OpenSim, who are largely unaware of the projects, communities, and places that continue to thrive and grow all around them. If you can't join our Wednesday group you can, as many do, take the tour later, with friends or alone, to see the destinations featured each week.

           The hypergrid can be a crazy confusing place. So to cut through some of the chaos, each trip is organized with a specific timetable, so our hosts know when we're going to arrive, and how long we are going to stay.

              Each week we visit two or three places. The weeks when we have two destinations, each one is set to last 90 minutes: so, Destination 1 starts at 12 noon SLT (that's Pacific Time), and Destination 2 starts at 1.30pm SLT. On the weeks we have three destinations, each stop lasts an hour, beginning at about 12 noon, 1pm and 2pm SLT. Lag, crashing, and other factors can mess up that schedule, but that's the plan' if you can't make the first destination but want to join us later, you should be able to figure out where we are.
LM giver on Teravus Plaza, OSgrid

           Each trip is advertised on Facebook and on G+ in the HG Safari groups on those platforms. It's also on the Events Page on  You can go over to the HG Safari Clubhouses on OSgrid (Teravus Plaza sim) and Francogrid (hgsafari sim) you can get the Landmarks and Notecard from the dispensers right by the front doors - they're clearly marked 'Landmarks'.
LM giver on Francogrid
           This year, we will be spreading the word via this blog, and in more of our inworld Groups. 
           If you use Craft, Francogrid, Great Canadian Grid, Kitely, Metropolis, Mobius,  OSgrid, or Second Life, you can join the your grid's HG Safari group, and you will receive a Notice each Wednesday that will have an attachment - a Notecard with details of our trip. The Notecard explains where we'll be going and why and (with the exception of SL, where they wouldn't work) the Landmarks. 
Waiting to jump

           It's still a good idea to join us on Francogrid at the HG Safari Clubhouse just before the trip begins - this way, if you get lost or have trouble making the jumps, we can help.

      So here are the details of today's trip:

Safari Meets on Francogrid on the HG Safari region 
every Wednesday from 12-3pm Pacific time
HG Address

If the Landmark does not work, try using the 'HG Address' - open your Map, copy the address into the Search box, hit Search, then teleport.

This week our trip has 2 stops, each lasting about 90 minutes
DESTINATION 1  Neiferleaf, Vibel grid
 Roland Fancis invites us to explore the fantasy region Neiferleaf. Learn about the grid, and Roland's opensim experience, and dance to the tunes courtesy of DJane Cataplexia Numbers

HG Address

DESTINATION 2         CitizenFour, OSGrid
This region is owned by Posh Prim and is dedicated to Edward Snowden, with the title 'The Hate Won't Win'. Learn about the artistic meaning of the region, and why it's so important to Posh. More dancing and general merriment.

HG Address:

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