Saturday, September 23, 2017

Avatarfest 2017 Begins!

          AvatarFest begins today, it's a weekend of poetry and music, freebies and entertaining builds reflecting the creativity of Opensim. 
          The festival is the fruit of the hard work and imagination of Eryn Galen and Han Held, along with many notable opensim contributors...
Han Held

... like Arielle Delamerlibre, who set up the Avatarfest Event in Facebook, Danko Whitfeild,  the folks of Metropolis Grid, and the wonderful Neovo Geesink, an OpenSim hero - you have to go see his build, which has a bunch of useful script tools that you need!
The Fest is at

Neovo Geesink and his useful scripting tools
          It's kind of impossible to describe what you're going to discover here, because there is so much going on.
          The builds vary from roleplay groups, like the Star Trek info center about the Astraios Colony on 3rd Rock Grid... art installations  - here is Tosha Tyran's tribute to Van Gogh...
'Van Gogh Goes Virtual"
... and this wonderful exploration of the Argentine, in art and music, by Deanna Janus. 
It looks good from the outside... and inside, it's all lively and latino!

       There is more, much more than you can see here, so make a point of visiting AvatarFest. 
        The main event is this weekend, including a poetry reading by Oshi Shikigami and music by Truelie Telling, but the region will be open for about a month, so if you can't make it now, drop in another day. You won't be disappointed!
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