Wednesday, July 12, 2017

On DeReOs

        The Safari is on vacation for a few weeks, but of course, that does not mean that opensim sightseeing comes to a halt. This week and indeed right up to July 23, there is a Summer festival on DeReOs grid, well worth hypergridding over to see it - HG Address at the end of the post, as usual. 

        Here's the rundown of this year's Sommerevent  Wednesday 12 July,  9 pm   The traditional 'Wednesday party' with Samira (12.00pm SLT)
Thursday 13 July,  8 pm   Western party with Sylvia from Nextlife  (11.00 am SLT)
Saturday 15 July,   9 pm   Wolem Wobbit Live blues concert  (12.00 pm SLT)
Wednesday, July 19,  9 pm     Samira's party  (12.00 pm SLT)
Saturday 22 July, 8 pm Kueperpunkt Comedy Decaffeinated and out of control  (11.00 am SLT)
Saturday 22 July,   9 pm Rocking music with DJ Prince Von Halberstadt and announcement of the winner of the Exhibitor Contest  (12.00 pm SLT)
Sunday July 23,, 4 pm Quiz with Vivienne  (7.00 am SLT)
Sunday July 23,    8 pm Kai and Marina Baer with their 'showtruck'  (11.00 am SLT)
 DeReOs is a relatively young grid, but its origins are venerable. It began 
as a group of friends, and then, as people's expertise increased, a group of regions on OSGrid. The name comes from "German (Deutsche) Regions of OpenSim". From SL to OSgrid, in some cases then to Metropolis, and finally to a grid of their own, these friends have all got many years of virtual experience, in technical, artistic and social terms. More about that below.

Alira Sonoda: Surabaya is a cache for textures and your inventory based on Java. It improves the speed at which objects in the world rez and reduces inventory lag by delivering the necessary files directly to the viewer.

Initially the idea was to have a small scale summer party, but once the proposal was floated, it became clear that many friends of DeReOs wanted to participate. They even invited HG Safari to be part of the fun!

The grid runs on Arriba, a fork of the open simulator code that is renowned for being fast and with many bug-fixes that make it a pleasure to use. It's by Freaky Tech, follow this link to learn a bit more about Arriba. The grids participating in the Sommerevent are mostly small, mostly German language, but they're friendly, fun-loving and welcoming so there's really very little language barrier, indeed, it feels like a vacation abroad to be with these guys.

DeReOs grid is open to the public, but it's not a 'public' grid - residents are a restricted group of friends. It has lots of interesting regions, and Alira explained what you can see here.
Alira Sonoda: The Arrival area is Dereos Plaza. On the Startsim you can see which events in the grid are up-to-date or what is coming. At Aki´s Beach bar we meet us every monday at 8pm Berlin time, you are welcome to join us. Right next to it is Samira's Radiostation. Anyone who wants to stream over the radio can contact Samira Samtanko. Then, there is the famous Plaza Germany, with a city built by Leony Kappeler. For many years it was next to the Starting region of OSGrid. We plan to expand the buildings on the region, We did not have the heart to delete the old shops. They simply serve as a reminder of the beautiful, old region, which does not deserve to disappear in any archive.
Plaza Germany
          Another lovely region is Lys Sandbox. How did it start?
Lys Sandbox
LyAvain Swansong: As a sandbox ... Because my island slowly became too full for building. Then I started to integrate parts from Linda's Mall, so I could use the accessories right next door, and then I started to offer my own stuff. But it was actually always my craft and test region. The big shop was developed after I  completely started again ... Now you can see Lys sandbox version 2. 
Alira Sonoda: Ly offers not only a sandbox for crafting. You can also get beautiful skins, weapons and shoes. 
The Marketlace, PSSMG

Alira Sonoda: PSSMG Freebie Mall is a region filled with things that such an avatar needs. Dresses, costumes, hair, shoes, skin, jewelry .. Well you know what I mean. Just everything. It's by Victor and Vivienne Clary. PSSMG Village is the expansion of the mall. Here you will find things that you need for cultivation: houses, textures, stage recollections.The market place, where the Christmas market or Easter market takes place, is certainly worth a visit. There is also a catwalk for fashion shows.

These useful teleport maps, found on every sim,
 help you quickly move around Dreos grid
          It's great to discover that D&J Design, the freebie shop of Dorothea Lundquist, and JayMaze Tao is here on Dereos, even if they no longer frequent opensim.    
D&J Design shop
          Mario Lane's regions are also well worth visiting, they are the Germania regions, including Germania Darkside, Germania Funzone, and Germania Fantasie. Bit of shopping, bit of fun. For roleplay, try Smaragd and the Amazonien regions, both iterations of builds from the golden days of SL. 
Alira Sonoda: Every 1st Saturday of the month: GFZ Party 

          On Wednesdays, in the evening hours, European time, the party is on BlueWave, where Samira Samtanko has been hosting a weekly music event for years. And of course, Alira's region Valhal merits a visit not just for the outdoorsy feel, but for the interesting freebies that range from wrought iron gates, to wedding  reception paraphernalia, to wood stoves. 

Valhal region
         Plenty to see and to do here, on Dereos. Join the fun during the Sommerevent, and visit often to watch the projects, and the freebie shops, develop and grow.

HG Address:   Arrival point Plaza