Thursday, June 15, 2017

Safari Makes a Scene

         Three more great regions that show opensim at its best! HG addresses at the end of the post, as usual.
         Once again, some funky teleport issues for our intrepid hypergridding team, whose tenacity and resilience makes them HG Heroes.

         Obviously, when it comes to opensim code, nobody who matters cares about what I think, but it bears pointing out the frustration that the code creates in the following scenario: A desperate IM arrives, asking "where are you all?' and 'can you tp me?" The person is definitely online, but when I reply, there's this popup: 'Unable to send message. User is not online'.  But the person IS online. And their message reached me - so why can't my reply reach them? *SCREAM: THIS SHOULD BE A BASIC FUNCTION OF OPENSIM WHY DOESN'T IT WORK RIGHT*
          That said, here's a more positive take on it all....
Sunbeam Magic: LOL what a comedy of errors ;) lol all worked out fine as always ! HUGS ♥

        She's right, of course.

        Our first stop was on the small but beautiful grid called kikiandwollex. It belongs to Kiki and Wollex Bailey, and has some great regions, we were focusing on one in particular, the Wedding region. 
Kiki Baily (de -> en): would like to have someone a translator,because my English is not so good
        The chat became pretty crowded, the basic message of the region was clear: joy, fun, and beauty.
Here comes the Bride... Kiki Baily

Kiki Baily (de -> en): I welcome all of you here on the Wedding in KiWo Grid. Here at the Landingpoint you can take a guest gift with you, maybe you can use the same even then. Our grid was founded 2 years ago by Wollex and covers  6 regions. This region was lovingly built by me last year because it should be our own wedding. Wollex is prevented, and apologizes, he has just got home from work. 
Thirza Ember: send him our congratulations... for marrying such a great builder!   In RL, a wedding venue like this would cost a million dollars.

        We followed the winding path around the region from the landing point to the gazebo by the waterside.
Kiki Baily: Here is the wedding pavilion, at the boat bridge over there I arrived with a jet ski, laugh, the dress has also remained dry

Kiki Baily:  The idea for the region arrived which we had won 1st place with an Easter Egg Hunt in the Nextlife Grid in 2016. It was an event to the creation of a party... Wollex and I are for 10 years of pair, whether RL or OS. Because it has not worked in the RL yet which we marry, I decided that, nevertheless, we should marry in the OS... I had to persuade Wollex still a little, but he puts a region for it on the server to me 2 days later... The construction of the region lasted certainly 2 months, because I have formed almost everything itself, either have built or have obstructed found things.
Wedding poseballs

Taarna Welles: Thirza, admit it, we are all here to celebrate your wedding
Thirza Ember: first we have to convince Mal to marry me
Fim Fischer: Mal, will you marrie Thirza?

Taarna Welles: Say yes to the Dress
Mal Burns: stays mum
alex54 Salamander: When it comes to getting married, Mal no longer hears 
Kiki Baily: I thought that too, Alex
Thirza Ember: you see, Mal is great husband material, he knows to say nothing when women talk

         Then the group moved on to the Wedding Photo poseballs... something for everyone here! 
Bink Draconia: we still need a husband
Taarna Welles: I have no mustache in my inventory
Thirza Ember: ange is a good husband, he has a lot of sims
Bink Draconia: oh thirza- I thought you want to marry mal? and now ange? you are a very fast lady ...
Mal Burns: lol
alex54 Salamander: Maaaal
Thirza Ember: Mal had had his chance, life is short...
Kiki Baily (de -> en): Yes,very short,enjoy every day
Ange Menges: heuuu sorry thirza... it's the poseball, not me
Lucy Afarensis: excuses
Kiki Baily (de -> en): very nice photo

          It's a really beautiful, romantic region with cafes, dance floors, quiet intimate bays, and a lush greenery that makes even a solitary walk delightful.

Taarna Welles: Kiki, are there already weddings or future weddings planned?
Bink Draconia: kiwo grid still needs a priest - or an elvis double ^^
Kiki Baily:  Well, maybe I'll let myself as a speaker, but please, not Elvis
           So there you have it... if you're ready to take the virtual plunge, but are not able to build your own wedding venue, then maybe you should ask Kiki if she's lend you hers. It's hard to imagine a more perfect setting for your vows, or for the amazing party after! Don't forget to invite us!
          Next stop, OSGrid. Getting to Art Box, the home region of Frankie Rockett (Here's his rl website)  should have been a walk in the park, particularly for those who tried to get there via LBSA, but the HG gremlins were out in full force, and it seemed that after 5 or 6 tries over the best part of half an hour, the vast majority of us could get there. 

        However, Fim and Sunbeam made it, and in the end there were three of us to take at least a partial tour of this truly fascinating project in the company of Frankie.
Frankie Rockett: In case you need a most basic of introductions, Art Box is a series of 3D builds that are based on famous paintings (or photographs). In each, the original central figure has been omitted and a pose that mimics theirs has been substituted. So you take their place. You become the art. And - because you can restyle it - different clothes, camera angle etc - you also become the artist!
Frankie Rockett

Frankie Rockett:  Art Box started in Second Life, about 7 years ago. It started out of my want to build a 'set' (what we call the 3D builds that reference an artwork). The set was for a film I made - 'machinima' as it is correctly termed - about the 'feel' inside the iconic American painting Nighthawks.

Fim.Fischer: This is a pretty cool project.
Frankie Rockett: After the film was completed, I wondered what to do with the Diner set. I put it out for public access. It was such a hit - so many visitors, that my partner Violet Sweetwater and I decided to make another. And another. And another...

         We walked down the row of paintings, trying each one, until we came to Frankie's take on 'Pensive New York' by Brent Lynch (here's Frankie's machinima of the picture)
Frankie Rockett: What I like here is the ambiguity of the thing - why are these people waiting? For what?
Sunbeam Magic: for chinese take out ???
Frankie Rockett whispers: Awww Sunbeam! You just ruined my dramatic build up hahaha!
Thirza Ember: she's saying, we should really get these windows washed, and he's saying, just don't look outside.
Frankie Rockett: OMG you two are incorrigible!
Fim Fischer: I can see that you had a lot of fun working on those scenes.
           There are so many images here, some world famous, some less well known but nonetheless remarkable, that it's impossible to take them all in during a single visit. The opportunity to step inside the canvas or into the photo brings the image to life in new and exciting ways. Many of the sets have props boxes, so you can make yourself more appropriate to the original image, like the banana gun for the Banksy Pulp Fiction set. Others have moving parts, from flames to flying bricks, to this trippy Alice installation. 

Frankie Rockett: Now when you go inside - remember to look up - then take your place as the EAT ME girl who got too large!
Thirza Ember: what's your criterion for choosing a work of art to 3D-ize, Frankie?
 Frankie Rockett: Liking the original, and seeing how we might develop a version for Art Box
Thirza Ember: it's a great resource for anyone wanting to show off opensim to new people,  and you have room to really set out so much.
Frankie Rockett: Yes. The SL version of this worked on a rezzor. One set at a time
Sunbeam Magic: clever indeed...oh Nara would love this one
Frankie Rockett: The original art is actually a real book cut up as indicated - so a sculpture in paper
Sunbeam Magic: well it's actually time for us to go to destination 3...  May I come back another time? I would like to try each and every Art Box :))
Fim Fischer: This is really beautiful, detailed work - any visitor will acknowledge your enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing it. I will be back 8D
Frankie Rockett: I really appreciate you - all - for visiting!

And so... drum roll for the Burlesque stylings of Miss Jessie Campbell, the acknowledged Queen of the NPC-tease, the Signora of Saucy, the Countess of Clothing Optional!  Jessie's region Flaire_Burlesque is home to all her shows and you can visit anytime and see at least some of them by following the instructions at the landing point. 

         Take a moment to read the instructions about Windlight, and, even more importantly, change your Audio settings so you can hear the stream correctly. 
          Also, remember this is an Adult sim, and the entertainment involves a lot of avatar nudity, so it isn't for those likely to be offended.

Smooth Troubador shouts: Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we have something a little different for you We hope you enjoy it. As always we thank Nara, Aine, Jessie and a special thanks to Sorin Tody from for the On Demand streaming service!!  And now.......based on the Song by Dublin, Ireland based rock group Thin's a ... JAIL BREAK !!
     After the amazing display of sexy PCs getting out of jail Jessie told what it takes to make a show like this happen.
Jessie Campbell

Jessie Campbell: it takes months for a 4 minute show flys by, but its nice when it all works! My first show with one NPC dancer took me 6 months to produce.  I had to make a million mistakes. There was no had to noodle it all myself. The next show with three NPC's, my Spring show, took about 4 months to produce. The next show with 12 NPC's, my Summer show and a Tribute to Josephine Baker, took about 2 months to produce. This show with 11 NPC's took about 6 weeks to produce. So I guess I'm getting better at it!!The use of NPCs is growing. I know spaceships, car I do ask....if any of you know of set designers, costumers, props Masters, or other stage creators....please ask them to contact me.
Thirza Ember: what was your inspiration for Jail Break?

Jessie.Campbell: well I wanted to do a more theatrical piece, and I worked out the fight sequence. Once I had that, I just did the soundtrack. In fact the fight sequence is behind us, I'll show you..

Leighton Marjoram: very impressive
Jessie Campbell: basically the NPCs run the show,  I start it,  they do all the rest.
snowbody.Cortes: great show Jessie !

George Equus: can imagine... with what little I know of NPC's
Jessie Campbell: want to see the Josephine Baker Tribute?
Flidais Merlin: yes please
George Equus: absolutely!

            This is just a fabulous show, because it combines all the eroticism of Burlesque with a really interesting biography of one of the 20th century's most notable women. There is so much more to Josephine Baker than boas and bare breasts. But you have to go see the show for yourself to find out!
snowbody Cortes: very impressive jessie !
alex54 Salamander: ~~~ APPLAUSE APPLAUSE ~~~
Juliette SurrealDreaming: thanks for a great time everyone... RL calling, take care and see you next week!

HG Addresses

KiWo Wedding Region wedding
ART BOX                 box

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  1. Thanks for a lovely review....I again point out that Aine Caoimhe, and Neo Cortex, and Nara Nook and others have provided the basic tools to do these things. I have been told they provided the chisel and we provide the sculpture. I like that analogy!

    If anyone else is interested just holler and Ill help as I can. Thanks to Safari for stopping bye. It was real fun!!!