Thursday, June 29, 2017

Safari gets a Sinking Sensation

            The summer is the time for big concerts, and fun in the sun, trips to museums and splashing about in the waves. The great thing about virtual worlds is - it's always summer, if you want it to be! 

             This week we went back to Sensation Millennium for a third visit, this time to see the Rock and Roll Museums on the ground level, two buildings dedicated to performers of international repute, David Bowie and Jim Morrison. to see the other part of the build which is on Craft Grid.  We were lucky enough to have the wonderful Whirli Placebo playing for us... so 3 rocking legends all on stage together!


            Apparently the Sensation Millennium region will no longer be freely accessible to the public, so no point in giving you full details at the end of the post, but our second stop is most certainly welcomes visitors, so scroll down to find out how you can enjoy some super summery fun on 3rd Rock Grid.
A pretty quiet corner on Sensation Millennium

           But back to Bowie and the music museum. The Sensation Millennium group began in 2011 in SL, quite a late start for music venues back in the Old Country, yet despite that, the staged events with a sort of postmodern take on son et lumiere enjoyed a following that continues to this day. The mainstays of the group are the group owner Emiliano Baccini organizing events, Lorenzo Janic in charge of making the videos (you can see them on his Youtube Channel) and Chanel Rewell aka Chanel Hurricane as producer and arranger of the music side of things. 
Left, in gold, Chanel Rewell, with Lorenzo Janic

          The group put its toe in opensim water last year, setting up shop on Craft Grid with a couple of regions and plenty of assistance from both grid godfather Licu Rau and various crafty Craftians who have helped them assemble a range of installs, shows, and events.
          We took a tour and admired the phenomenal amount of detail in the two matching museum buildings, each celebrating the life and works of Morrison and Bowie. Photos, album covers, biographical information and NPCs all took about 6 months to combine and present, so kudos to Chanel for this labor of love.

          The always talented Whirli Placebo came and joined us, opening his set with some great Elton John covers, starting with his own take on 'Daniel'.  It wasn't long before the whole room was grooving.
          After a while we decamped to Chanel's take on Hard Rock Caffè, her version has a taverny feel to it, with warm colors and plenty of artwork on the brick walls.

          By some miracle, Whirli managed to move his avie to the second venue, without really missing a beat, making him Most Valuable Player of music in opensim EVER.

          Before you knew it, time t head off the our second and final stop of the tour, on 3rdrockgrid.

          Guests of Zinnia Frenzy and Kered Owl, with the great Michel Farrell whose RL DJ experience really came through in his choice of songs... a brilliant playlist with one summery beachy song after another.

           Some of us are better sailors than others... Yara Eilde and Alex Salamander, for example, were down on those kayaks in a way landlubbers like myself could only admire. 

         Despite the clear signs, I ended up without a paddle, but I did discover, that if you go overland, the animation changes from paddling to a sort of bum shuffle... talk about attention to detail!

          There is a good range of water sports, credit in part to the wonderful scripting ideas of Kayaker Magic, without whom anything sea related in opensim would be way less interesting. 

           There is a central clubhouse building, from which we fanned out across the lake each of us choosing our favorite craft. In the end, it all came down to dancing at the Sandcastle.

Dolfke Barbosa: ah, here you all are !!
Mal Burns: we all drowned so came here
Thirza Ember: you're unsinkable Mal
Zinnia Frenzy: Nice to see you all with us. It always fun messing about in boats, we have the 5x5 ocean under development, hydrolanes JayR Cela is taking the lead on that, so some bigger boats fast racing. It's a bigger area to drown in ... Eldovar is scripting like mad as we speak lol, our main man! We are testing scripts Sunday, so if anybody wants to test they are welcome. It's called The Southern Ocean. 
      Put that in your Diary!

HG Address  

3rd Rock Grid sailing central lake
Testing on southern ocean this Sunday

Whirli Placebo links placebo

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