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Safari Double Parks

              This week, once again, two destinations with a lot going on! We started on Kroatan Grid, and then went to explore 3rd Life grid (as usual, addresses at the end of the post)  where, once again, we got to meet the locals and get some of the backstory of the places we were seeing. 
               There's nothing better for appreciating your surroundings than to have a bit of context, don't you agree? So here's what we found out, hopefully you will take a trip to see these lovely places, and make some new friends.

              First up, Kroatan, a park-like grid, where the opensimworld Beacon registered our arrival and bumped us up to the top of the webpage... you could tell that, because suddenly some people from a Brazilian grid, and from  partydestinationgrid showed up, rather bemused to come across a crowd, it seemed. We invited them to join us, but it appeared that the concept of a tour group in hg was beyond their ken... maybe next time...

          Kroatan grid has a misty, mysterious look to it, with realistic buildings, beautifully muted textures, and a sort of permanent Fall look about it, a little bit inspired by 'JUNK' region in Second Life.  It's perfect for sinister Hunts, like the haunted hospital one that the Safari participated in, last October... here's the blog post from that trip
        This time, we were on site to see the Photo competition that was the centerpiece of the grid's Birthday celebrations earlier this month.
Bink Draconia

Bink.Draconia : hello safaris and welcome to Kroatan
Yara Eilde: Hu hu an alle
Thirza Ember: how cool! nice to hear Ger
 man in Voice... feels nice and exotic here
Lucy Afarensis: a Tardis !
Bink Draconia: yes, we will use TARDIS later to move to region Eternal Ice. Let me know when you are complete
Thirza Ember: I'm fully loaded, how about the rest of you?
Flidais Merlin: I'm ok
Xirana Oximoxi: I see myself complete :)
George Equus: I'm always complete  :)
Lucy Afarensis: looking good
Sunbeam Magic: I'm fine !
Jessie Campbell: good to go
Billy Bradshaw: loaded
Selby Evans: I haven't had a drink all day
Lucy Afarensis: poor thing
Sunbeam Magic: secretly passes Selby her hidden flask

Bink Draconia: Welcome again, HG Safari to Kroatan Grid, my personal sandbox :) Some technical details first:
Kroatan is running on a small V-Server (Windows Server 2008 R2 , 14 GB Ram, 999 GB memory) At Kroatan's 1st anniversary party on region Eternal Ice we had 51 guests, maximum 45 same time - without any crash, so my tiny v-server is okay for my tiny grid ;)
Xirana.Oximoxi: 51 is a great number!! :)
Jessie.Campbell: 51...teeters on the edge of the chaotic universe
Thirza.Ember: I love that name Kroatan... mystery... colony.... out on the edge of a new world
Bink.Draconia: Koratan's name does not depend on 'Croatia' - it is a German grid. I was fascinated by the history / legend of Roanoke Island (colony), which was found abandoned in 1590 - just the mysterious word "CROATOAN" was left by the settlers...
Jessie Campbell: Did they ever figure out what CROATOAN meant?... did I spell that right?
Bink.Draconia: I do not think so. because settler did never appear again
Lucy Afarensis:  American Horror story had a theory about it
Bink.Draconia: Kroatan grid has 5 permanent running regions with public access: - Kroatan (Welcome region) - Roanoke City (2x2 var region) -> my mammoth-region with 25.000 prims and 2.200 scripts. I do not know how many avatars simulator will be willing to accept same time, so maybe you can come back for a visit when you feel boring: Roanoke City has some nice attractions like <drivable> train, shopping areas, prison (be careful- it is a trap) and of course the zoo, with animals you can touch to leave your name - just as a guest book. - Eternal Ice (***we will visit later***) - Egyptian Empire (2x2 var region) -> big pyramid's maze inside is still under construction - when finished it will look like a "Tomb Raider" game with riddles and traps (traps will teleport you back to starting point outside ...^^)
Xirana Oximoxi: we can come back to visit when it's finished :)
 Bink Draconia: There are also a few private regions, which are offline or still under construction (like Abbandonato, our this year's Halloween Hunt region < Oct. 14th - Nov. 5th > ) You are now on Kroatan starting region where you can find everything a welcome region needs: Grid Teleporter to other Kroatan regions, Event Poster of running and upcoming events (most of them are in other < German > grids), some Freebies, HG Teleporter to other grids I like. In the "Events" - cabin next to landing point you will see a poster of "DEREOS - Sommerevent", running July 8th - 23rd in Dereos Grid. I would really recommend the Safari to have a stop there. You will find a fair on 2 regions with people showing their regions inside a few cabins. Really nice made... To those of you who have good eyes: you can see the "Kroatan- Roanoke City" cabin behind the font ^^. What you will also find downhill and why you are here: all photos of Kroatan Photocontest 2017 with theme "My crazy virtual life".

Bink Draconia: I had the idea of a photo contest when I saw Second Life images on Flickr made by my friend Anna Barzane from Offworld. I still have some friends in Second Life who are not interested in OpenSim, because they say "Ugh, OpenSim looks like Second Life 10 years ago" (okay, they never visited Fest'Avi in Franco Grid, otherwise they would not talk this way anymore ... lol). I decided to found an OpenSim photo contest to let OpenSim residents show what they have here - and we got really awesome photos with great ideas. We were a jury of 8 people from different grids and it was a hard decision finding best 3 photos ... You can have a look at all photos downhill and if you like a photo, you can touch it and give it a "like". Number of likes was not relevant for the jury, because I did not wanted people with most friends winning the contest, I wanted best photos winning.

Thirza Ember: otherwise Sunbeam would win every time
Selby Evans: this is arriba sim -- does it have better performance than OS 0.8.x
Lucy Afarensis: it seems to work well
Selby Evans: we need to get comparisons
Lucy Afarensis: Are there binaries for arriba stand alones ?
Selby Evans: Freeky reworked the code
Bink Draconia: I will never switch to another version- I like arriba and if necessary Freaky Tech gives good support. I just have a 0.9.1 region in OS Grid, but this one does not run as good as my regions here
Mal.Burns: Arriba is a very good performer it seems
Thirza Ember: I like Freaky. In a world where most people are a lot of talk and not much actual knowledge, he talks less, and really delivers what he promises. Bink, how many people are resident on Kroatan?
 Bink Draconia: you will laugh: just me and my alts and - 1 foreign account: David Kariuki from Hypergrid business
Arielle Delamerlibre: and 45 visitors last saturday - we had a great event here
Bink Draconia: I do not want any residents here. visitors are always welcome, but i am not sure if i would be able to give the necessary support to own residents
Sunbeam Magic: it's perfect the way you have it Bink, with HG no need for residents and you collaborate with others on many projects ... fabulous!
Arielle Delamerlibre: we only activated bullet sim for regions which explicit should run vehicles
Bink.Draconia: most vehicle i have in inventory are for bullet sim, but i want to try ubode on my os grid region
Thirza Ember: I like the way you did it, that we can interact with the pictures and put a Like
 Arielle Delamerlibre: hehe Bink ever does interactive stuff
Bink Draconia: i thought photographers will be glad to see their photos "liked" - especially if they are not one of the winners
Juliette (center) channelling Fuschia Nightfire

Thirza.Ember: omg Juliette... for a moment I thought you were Fuschia
 Juliette.SurrealDreaming: hehehe i'm her in disguise :P
Thirza.Ember: :-) we miss her
Bink.Draconia: kiki is my partner in doing hunts here - she is still working on building this year's Halloween hunt region
Arielle Delamerlibre: Bink will you continue working at your train? I heard you scripted it yourself for making a big parcours?
Bink Draconia: not on this train here, I have a better train on region Roanoke City - the train tehre is able to drive more than 50 meters i am no good scripter, but some simple scripts I can do by myself, like the voting scripts here into the photo-easels... ok, let us move to region Eternal Ice, you will find the winners there

Bink Draconia: Welcome to Eternal Ice, my "low-weight" region with only 3300 prims and 200 running scripts. This winter region is online all the year - so people who want to create their own winter-region can come over and take all copy-objects. Eternal Ice has just a few winter decoration objects here, but after Selea Core left OpenSim I thought it would be nice to offer people winter and Xmas deco before Xmas season will start. Behind us you can see Xmas landing area, where I offer an Advent Calendar with daily gifts from December 1st - 24th and a little Xmas market with carousel. In front of us there are photo contest pictures again- just with info above them, not to "like" them.
Let us follow the path to get to party location - and the winner photos.

Thirza.Ember: I really only enjoy winter regions when it is Summer in RL
Lucy Afarensis: I'm with you on that Thirza
Bink Draconia: Here we are and here they are: the 3 best pics of the contest. I am really glad that not only German photos were voted. All photographers did a great job, but we had just 3 trophies :(((
Thirza Ember: next year even more will participate, I'm sure!
Kiki Baily (de -> en): then must submit to someone else in the Jury, because I would then also take a picture ;)
Bink Draconia: I hope so. many people told me, they had no idea for the contest. bút maybe they are inspired next year
Sunbeam Magic: They must of been sleeping under a rock then... there was lots of promos on G+ and such :))

Thirza Ember: Did you build when you were in Second Life, Bink?
Bink Draconia: yes, I had some small stores in Second Life, but nothing great. I pay my Kroatan server with the money I still earn in SL ^^
Sunbeam Magic: Innovative!
Sunshine Szavanna: byebyeee all - ty for showing this beautiful sim
snowbody Cortes: bye Sunshine
Thirza Ember: i think competitions like this are a great to encourage hypergrid travel
Arielle Delamerlibre: true and we should all think one big community
Bink.Draconia: i am very curious about this year's Fest'Avi - I hope there will be a new one?
Thirza.Ember: in the Autumn ...
Sunbeam.Magic: There is already call for participants Bink!

Arielle Delamerlibre: the year since the last festAvi was flying like a rocket
Sunbeam Magic: I'm gonna try to do a Tree Fairy this year ... I was thinking Fire, Ice, Wind and Nature (tree) Fairy ... that should see me through for the next 3 years lol
Thirza Ember: you do not have to make a mesh avatar, or know Rigging, or all that, to participate... some of the best avatars are made with prims, to with the default avatar
Sunbeam Magic: indeed Thirza! the prim ones are much more stable too
Bink Draconia: ah, ok. clothes and other accessories can be used from other creators or should they all be self made?
Arielle Delamerlibre: and you can be more sure that other ppl dont see you naked
Thirza Ember: as long as they are not botted from SL,  you can for sure use things you find in opensim
Sunbeam Magic: I used Linda Kellie skin and Cherry Manga hair last year for my Fest'Avi, just with a few tweaks
alex54 Salamander: kann man mich heute wieder vollständig sehen?
Kiki.Baily: ich sehe dich komplett Alex
Bink.Draconia: but this is a little bit tricky - who can know all botted items from sl? :(((
George Equus: Ja Alex
George Equus: Seen a lot of things from SL here lately....  ppl aren't shy exactly...

Thirza Ember: lol someone will set up a 'fashion police' website..... put up the photos of people with sl-botted stuff... just kidding...
Lucy Afarensis: Many people coming over from SL lately probably want their stuff
Sunbeam Magic: I was thinking that same thing Lucy - a lot lately from SL indeed
Thirza Ember: that is why participating in Fest'Avi and similar projects is a good thing it helpps to push back on botted stuff. express your own creativity, don't be a SL clone! There are many people making free original content for SL, or using legal items from other sources... you just have to ask about provenance before you take stuff.
Arielle Delamerlibre: yes  exactly thirza we need some creative content maker... its also more fun to make own things and can be proud then about the stuff
Thirza Ember: they may not be perfect, but at least they are yours
George Equus: Very pleased with my hat!! :)
Sunbeam Magic: I like it to George!
Arielle Delamerlibre: that's it you can't pay this feeling with money
Lucy Afarensis: Yay George
George Equus: Only thing is it's too many prims  lol
Thirza.Ember: someone who bots all their sl stuff into opensim, is unlikely to stay here... if you're not interested in building, then opensim is a boring place... partying is limited, though fun... you're never going to get rich, so the best part of opensim is the possibility to make things... if you don't do that, then you won't stay
George Equus: Probably not
Thirza Ember: in the 3 years of the safari, how many grids we have seen come and go...big talk, big ambition... but then... they disappear
Sunbeam.Magic: sadly that is so true
Arielle Delamerlibre: that's true thirza I see parties more than contact base for meeting new people and making  new ideas, work together groups and so on

Thirza Ember: The winning pictures are great, congratulations to first place,  Anna Barzane for her photo taken on region Pieds de Sable on Offworld grid... how long will the photos be on display, Bink?
Bink Draconia: the photos will move to an extra gallery on region Roanoke City - either this weekend or next one

            Next up, 3rd Life Grid!

Sunbeam Magic: Welcome to Krasimir Park !!
 Daisy Coronet: Hi everybody...welcome to the amusement park and safari park
Arielle.Delamerlibre: Hi again
          3rd Life Grid has a nice family atmosphere, it's home to Safari's own Sunbeam Magic, and we were warmly welcomed by fellow resident  Lola Lucerne, as well as Daisy Coronet and the 'king' of 3rd Life, DJTommy Seetan. The Funfair part of this build holds a truly impressive collection of roller coasters, but there is way more to discover here, and it's worth taking your time to look around. You will find games like Hook a Duck, Wheel of Fortune, and Whack a Pirate - the kind of stuff that rivals, perhaps even exceeds the quality you'd find back in SL.

Sunbeam Magic: I will write what Tommy says in Voice: "There was a bunch of family and friends had been around together for many years, on various grids. It seemed that there was always some issue or this or that - drama - all the time. We got to thinking, what would we do if the grid we were on closed? Where would we go? So we talked about starting our own grid, and to make it the way we all want - to have FUN1 July 5th was opening day of 3rd Life Grid. We just like to have fun and get together and play games and have parties and events. Krasimir Park and Safari Park were designed and created by Tommy and Daisy. Every month we have a Race at the Race track ... we have a Airport with Hang gliders and planes everyone can fly...we play cards every Thursdays night (Hearts or Spades)"
Yara Eilde running from ride to ride!

              The two region build is a lot of fun, no end of things to do, and pretty soon the group broke up and tried some of the activities, which includes riding wild animals on the Safari Park  side. 

          There are some pretty scary rides on the Amusement Park side! I think Mal got a bit sick when he took the big dipper, but of course he carried it off with his usual panache.  
             There's a lot to see in the Safari Park, including some interesting culinary possibilities...
James.Atlloud: hi all - just a quick visit :)
snowbody Cortes: hey James
Mal.Burns: Heya James !!!!" WB
James.Atlloud: Thanks - I've been missing a lot, but hope to be getting back more.
Thirza Ember: Tommy, are most of the residents in the US?
Sunbeam Magic: Yes most from USA but many from Australia too
Thirza Ember: What is the creative process like here, Daisy?
Daisy Coronet: these parks we have tried to improve on each time we create it...all the rides work and you can even ride the elephants in the safari
Sunbeam Magic: these parks were on another grid too and brought over here... the Malls... Daisy and Tommy are great in bringing new ideas to the grid all the time they are working on a 4 x 4 that will be opening up soon in a couple weeks called Zombie Infection
Wizardoz Chrome: beautiful :)

          The group got down to some serious dancing at the Amusement Park.
Thirza Ember: where did Tommy and Daisy meet?
Daisy Coronet: ohmygoodness, Tommy and I met in 2011 in InWorldz in 2011, at a Fashion Show
Sunbeam Magic: most of our family all came from InWorldz in the beginning... at the Fashion Show, Tommy bought a dress Daisy made and wore it, and she fell in love
DJTommy Seetan: lol
Daisy Coronet: very true, Sun lol
Thirza Ember: say YES to the DRESS
Sunbeam Magic: purple dress is his favorite color! So ... just having fun and doing stupid things and make people laugh
DJTommy Seetan and the lovely Daisy Corot=net
Daisy Coronet: we really enjoy creating and improving on all these sims so y'all can enjoy them - we sure do
Thirza Ember: so what do you think about the hypergrid? do you explore other grids?
Daisy Coronet: the hypergrid to us is like a group of towns...we go visit friends and venues on other grids
Sunbeam Magic: the family is really into HG shopping and attending other HG events
Daisy Coronet: yes, we get all dressed up and go to concerts on other grids...and love to explore
Sunbeam Magic: So the Safari Park behind you ... you can take the tour jeep or ride the elephants and tigers and see the Native village and such The Krasimir Park has every kind of Amusement ride you can enjoy, and games and such
Daisy Coronet: we try to make everything interactive. My favorite is the big roller coaster.

Thirza Ember: it's charming here daisy, great job... how long did it take you to build this, and whose idea was it?
Lucy Afarensis: It is lots of fun
Flidais Merlin: yes on an impressive scale
Daisy Coronet: ohmygosh....we started a park project about 4 years ago, and have improved and expanded it since then... we considered it was very important that the rides and games were interactive and worked well, what good is it if you have a ride that doesn't work, right? Tommy is the brains behind the scripted rides....he spent weeks tweaking them until he got it right
DJTommy Seetan: We have our events wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays 6pm Grid time on wednesdays & Saturdays & 4pm grid time on thursdays
Jessie Campbell: I shall come again in quiet times
Thirza Ember: definitely a place to visit again and again!!
Daisy Coronet: I hope so.....would love to have you anytime

HG Addresses


3rd Life Grid Fun Park amusement park

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  1. Fun times, isn't that what VW it's all about! FUN ... contests and games! Enjoy Kroatan and 3rdlife very much! Thanks Thirza! HUGS ♥