Thursday, April 20, 2017

Safari Goes Down Under

               Three stops this week, with the added bonus of some teleport hullabaloo. Addresses to our three destinations - all impressive grids and regions worth your time - at the end of the post.
Camping on the beach in Australia

                We gathered, as usual, at the Safari Clubhouse on Francogrid, on a region called hgsafari so reasonably easy to find. This week had an Australian emphasis, and although our first stop was not on that continent, our second destination host managed to be with us from the start, pretty impressive since he lives on the other side of the world where the Safari starts at about 6 am, not 9 pm as it is for those of us in Europe. 

            In these troubling times, I always find some comfort in being with Australians living, as they do, where Tomorrow has already safely arrived. 
Neverworld Welcome 

            Our first stop, however, was set to be on Neverworld grid, founded by Govega Sachertorte. We were invited by Locked Semaphore, and Pasha Theas was also there to welcome us to what was due to be a whistlestop tour of six different regions.
           Neverworld is a grid of about three hundred regions, with about 200 in traffic monthly, between residents and visitors (pretty nice numbers) and the six regions being showcased were well chosen t demonstrate the range of activities available, from the airport...
Banning International
... to the dark labyrinth of Ludicus...
..... to the romance of Luster, and so on. Here you will find fashion, freebies, rentals, sailing, and social events, as well as free parcels if you just want to try the grid out.  My favorite part in all of it is the Greeter, with his corny Pirate jokes. Unmissable.
Neverworld Greeter

          There was something happening with teleports however right when we all tried to go there (an hour later, of course, teleporting was fine, that's just the way opensim works out sometimes) so our tour didn't go quite as expected. Better luck for sure on our next visit.
          Onwards and upwards - or should that be downwards? When it became clear that Neverworld was untenable, we moved on to our next destination, all the way down in Australia!
Uriah Heep: ok any of the teleporters can take you to a destination
Arrival on u4ria
Juliette.SurrealDreaming: i made it!  lol thanks
Sunbeam.Magic: and with your clothes on too Juliette
Uriah.Heep: covers my eyes
Juliette.SurrealDreaming: omg did i not have them earlier?
Sunbeam.Magic: you did not lol
Juliette.SurrealDreaming: giggles, free show!!! :-P
Sunbeam.Magic It was only me and Art ... not a very big audience
Uriah.Heep: should have sold tickets sun
Juliette SurrealDreaming: phew
Sunbeam. Magic: Love your landing area Uriah!
Destiny Moore: waiting for everything to rezz, if i bump people i'm sorry i can't see

Uriah Heep: at the docks there is a multi vehicle rezzer, helicopters, boats, dragons, etc and a couple of frees, 
Bink Draconia: i like boats very much, but i am a terrible driver ^^
Some questionable boating skills by Cendres magic
Uriah Heep: It's a work in progress, got some jet skis and things but need to add to the buildings and assorted things too, add more scenery, rl and time permitting.
Sunbeam. Magic:  How long have you maintained your own grid Uriah ?
Uriah Heep: for about 2 years, there's been a few versions as I learnt, the only catch is the grid is not up all day. but it is up every day.
Thirza Ember: are you all participating in Binks competition? for the funny photo of opensim?
Uriah Heep: dont know that comp thirza, whats it about
Bink Draconia: we want to see photos from residents of all a crazy way, no beautiful pose, just something which is just possible in a virtual world like here...
         That shouldn't be difficult. The deadline is May 15 more details here on the Kroatan website
Thirza Ember: what made you want to set up your own grid, rather than be part of a bigger grid
Uriah Heep:a few reasons really, the challenge for one, learn how to, but then I wanted to make it better as I could find time.My first effort was in craft world. They allow people to attach their simulators to their craft accounts
Sunbeam. Magic: do you have your own server or use a host ?
Uriah Heep: that's the reason for it not being up all day - my home servers - would be nice to keep it running
Sunbeam. Magic:  Yeah one I told a friend we were coming here today she asked me if you were still on Craft
Uriah Heep: i have those sims up every day too, haven't started them today in case it interfered with thirzas tour
Sunbeam. Magic:  How many total regions are here Uriah ?
Uriah Heep: theres 10 regions so far. some that are private and a 3x3 var for anyone to rez and sail or fly etc

Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep: i hope you get a chance to explore the underworld, its got plenty to explore, based on lara croft
Cendres Magic: i think we need lot of time to explore
Thirza Ember: we will plan more events I hope since this has been so good

Sunbeam Magic: I'll be Uriah now I know where to find you! lol watch out !!!

           Last stop. Kitely grid, and the fabulous Australian Home Land, by the beautiful Genavieve Paige. The experience of this region is breathtaking, make sure you have sound on, and have your environment set to the region windlight to get the full effect.
Genavieve Paige

Thirza Ember: The Murray River is huge, more than 2500 km long, it is Australia's longest single river. It begins in the Australian Alps and winds its way out to the sea not far from Adelaide , so it has lots of environments, from the beaches to the wetlands, and she has tried to include it all on her region.

Sunbeam.Magic: oh another Australia place great !!

           There is a huge amount to see here, and Genavieve has set up a really good teleport to get you around....
.... although if you have time, the roads are pretty good too! I think the South Camp is my favorite.
Thirza Ember: it's lovely isn't it, very different to Europe, or America, at least to me. You can just tell someone from another continent made this.

Cendres Magic: are there arborigene paints on the cave?
Thirza Ember: Oh I don't know. There are waterfalls, and a riverboat, 
there are wetlands and lots of beach areas, and even a farm inland. I did some reading about the Murray River on this website,  just to get an idea about the place, and it's fascinating! For those of us who probably will never get to Australia in rl, it's very cool indeed. 

          But what does an expert Australian like Uriah think about the realism?
Uriah Heep: she has been able to recreate some of our outback really well
Uriah Heep: its amazing - the gum trees etc... feels like i am there. :)

HG Addresses
Neverworld Grid

u4ria Grid  
(not open 24/7, try going there in the afternoon hours SLT)

Genavieve Paige's 
Murray River region... home lands

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  1. I so love this sentence: "In these troubling times, I always find some comfort in being with Australians living, as they do, where Tomorrow has already safely arrived." Great post!!!