Thursday, March 2, 2017

OMG Safari

      This is the first half of this week's Safari which was split into two 90 minute destinations. First up, OMG... HG Address at the end of the post, as usual.

snik snoodle: welcome all to OMG!  it's short for One More Grid.  We have sailing at the docks where you can rezz a boat and go for a sail, rain and i thought we could either split the group into two, one group sail one explore and then say swap over in 30 mins or so. Do feel free to dance while you wait, if you wish or feel free to ask rain or I anything - should you have any questions.
Thirza Ember: Why did you decide to make your own grid rather than join a larger grid?

snik snoodle:  I happen to like the independence of having our own server .  Rain and I are co-owner/admins.  
Jessie Campbell: I have a question, how come my mesh panties give me wedgies?
Our DJ for the event, Fearghus 
snik snoodle: oh goodness jess, your still wearing panties?
Jessie Campbell: still I like that smooth mesh down there
Sunbeam Magic: new ones or used ?
snik snoodle: freshly laundered, of course!
Selby Evans: OMG is a great name.
leman.resident : realize that some folks here have no cloth
Thirza Ember: our clothes will arrive later
leman resident: no worries girls..I cover my eyes
PowerOf Green: waiting for my hair
Thirza Ember: Wizardoz has a good solution for the naked problem...

Toby Drummon: now i know why its called OMG
Selby Evans: Thirza -- We think nothing of moving from one place to another without going through the space between.  In the old world that is a quantum power
snowbody Cortes: OMG how many avatars here 
MagicFlower Kindness: 24 avatars
Fearghus HyperGridTraveler: this is indeed quite a group for safari or not Thirza?
Selby Evans: If the Safari group gets much bigger, we will have to do split safaris
Toby and George
           Some of us went to the Dock to enjoy either sailing or just chilling, like Toby and George. Rain was on hand to help anyone wanting to go for a boat ride. 
Ni Lemon: I don't see the boat
Rain Stormfront: :(
Rain Stormfront: it's in front of you to me...
Rain Stormfront
Ni.Lemon: needs time to be on my viewer I guess
Rain Stormfront: I wondered if there wouldn't be a hg lag issue.... Can you see the boats Selby?
Selby Evans: I see boats --I take pictures

Sunbeam Magic: *:-.,_,Yayyyyyyy!!!_,.-:*'``'* i MADE it completely around whole island ;))
 so fun - the boats worked excellent for me !
Fearghus.HyperGridTraveler: the boats are a blast right sunbeam?
Sunbeam Magic: •:._.:•OMG•:._.:• they are...: no pun intended
Fearghus HyperGridTraveler: thats the real reason rain and snik chose that name.......everybody keeps giving them free publicity everywhere
Selby Evans: For memorable name, chose something close to what is already familiar

           Some of us went to the House of Merci and to see some architecture by the nimble-footed snik... I could barely keep up with her!
Shopping by cam at the House of Merci
Thirza Ember: you like to build houses best? have you got a favorite thing to build?
snik snoodle: i actually like shoes most :) but i've not made any for a while hope to again soon though - mesh clothes are a bit tricky, what with all the rigging and suchlike, and the new mesh avvies are pretty much impossible to rig for , unless you have a dev kit
Ni Lemon  I adore the short skirt you did

        But mostly we were just hanging out on the Welcome region.
Sunbeam Magic: oh smart chickees lol LIGHTBULB goes off!!
Rain Stormfront: haha our chickens with big ideas
snik snoodle: brb i think i need some moon shine :))
Rain Stormfront: for anyone who wants it, there's a wine bottle and glass near one of the stumps you can copy

snowbody Cortes: super place here !!
Sunbeam Magic:  This is such a relaxing grid ... you've done good! I think you have Sat party each week Rain ?
Rain Stormfront:we're shooting for once a month at the moment, though impromptu parties happen often :)
Fearghus HyperGridTraveler: even greedy parties...: btw if anybody has the greedy game made by frank and has issues with it resetting during a game...there is a fix for that, just incase anybody wants it...I rezzed the fixed greedy table behind me
Art Blue: i dont have the greedy game, but would like to get it
Arielle Delamerlibre: I like the pimped version with the big chairs I found at linda kellies region, I put some sit anims in the chairs
Lucy Afarensis: what is a greedy ?
Fearghus HyperGridTraveler: it is a dice game
Arielle Delamerlibre: so who will make a greedy event for beginners
Fearghus HyperGridTraveler: and when the poker table is finished, a poker event
Rain Stormfront: That would be so fun Fear
TG Lucan: I went to a grid with games,: not sure if they are available to take away
Thirza Ember: the Great GiMiSa... king of games
Sunbeam Magic: you work up to 10K points by rolling the dice, you can take 3 of a kind or 1 or 5's
Thirza Ember: curious how you can roll a dice in virtual
Rain Stormfront: by touch thirza
James Atlloud  (foreground) observes the revelers
Fearghus HyperGridTraveler: remember the greedy table also needs an osDynamicTexture function enabled. I'm guessing currently the grid is too busy for the table to work......
snik.snoodle: should work, might just be the HG safari effect though fear :) OMG Welcome is using 1.2 gig or ram currently :) and 8.1% of cpu... and it didnt explode!
Sunbeam Magic: we haven't broken a grid in a long time lol

Sunshine Szavanna: The day we drank moonshine in the rain
                                And raised our glasses to the wind
                                The day that we dreamed we could be free
                                Riding the wings of liberty
                                So here's one more for our friends
                                And here's one for our children
                                Feeling the cold rain on our fingertips
                                And moonshine on our lips 
Thirza Ember: there are so many events in opensim these days, kind of funny that, when you speak to people in SL, so many of them think that opensim is empty, and has no social life. 
TG.Lucan: There are plenty of empty things on SL, and not just region :)
Fearghus HyperGridTraveler: sl has been dying for years.....and might for years sti
George Equus: contemplating making a board  to wear as Sandwich Man in SL  with landmark to the embassy...Until a Linden spot it and eject me  lol
Sunbeam.Magic: That's a grand idea George
George Equus: if there only was a way to make a rabbit hole leading from SL to Opensim...
Sunshine Szavanna: sounds like a title for a movie - Rabbit hole to SL
Thirza Ember: hehe fear... Seems to me that SL is not dying so much as it's different to here... like a different country - if SL is like the Old Country, then opensim is the New Frontier
Rain Stormfront: To the new frontier! *clink

HG Address

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