Thursday, March 16, 2017

Safari Samples the Write Stuff

          Yesterday, we answered two questions about Opensim with one big party. Firstly, what is the most popular publication in the Hyperverse? and secondly, is opensim really 'empty'?
          The answers are 1. HG Visionz magazine, and 2, Opensim empty? No way!!

          There are quite a few competing events on Wednesday evening, European time . There's a DJ dance party at Event Plaza, OSGrid, there's the traditional-back-to-the-dawn-of-opensim party hosted by Samira Samtanko on DeReOs, there's the midweek meeting on Metropolis, and a bunch of other music and social events, you need look no further than the  Events Tab on or go to to see what's going on.  Why mention all these 'rivals' to the weekly Safari trip? Because an astounding 43 avatars gathered on 3rdlifegrid to wish HG Visionz a happy second anniversary.

          OK, true, there are a couple of NPC dance partners in that figure, but, in fact, more were desperately trying to get to EyE eMagine sim to say hello and congratulations and to hear the sweet songs of Rosy Ogrady.

          Every grid deals with massive quantities of avatars in different ways. In some grids, hair and clothes refuse to appear. In others, the dance animations won't go. On 3rdlife, instead of these two annoying features of lag, we had a much more hilarious one - chat lag, and plenty of it! Duplicated chat showing up 5 minutes late, hey, that's the kind of thing that might happen at a real life party. 
         If you don't know HGVisionz magazine, it's a monthly publication available inworld from magazine stands on grids all over the metaverse. The co-founders are Sunbeam Magic and Minetheree Anthanaios, the rest of the writing team are:
 Jessie Campbell, Reyn Softly, Serene Jewell, Virtual Christine, ZInnia Frenzy, and Chopsy Bode. These contributors are all based in different parts of the hyperverse, so each brings a unique view of what is going on from the viewpoint of the opensim user. Each month there's a Guest writer, here's the wall of fame...  

Nyom Chung and a rather bony Drang Po
  There are lots of topics covered in the magazine, the style is upbeat and relevant, humorous but also very practical, take, for example, the Secret Shopper articles, that help readers find the content they want and need! 

Sunbeam Magic: THANK you all for helping us to celebrate our 2 years writing the HG VISIONZ a positive spin on the happenings in OpenSim !!!!
Pathfinder Lester: a 2nd anniversary is a great accomplishment, so congratulations and very glad I could be here!
Rosy Ogra
Billy Bradshaw: Rosy is perfect
cookie cresci: true
rosy ogrady: awwww im so honered to be here
Sunbeam Magic: Rosy was the first featured Musician in Zinnia's column btw
James Atlloud: lit'o lag
Cherry Manga: An event without lag isn't a good event ;)
Neo Cortex: poor region seems overloaded, about 5 minutes chat lag, this may be a new record!
VisionZ Magazine: but stuck with such fine ppl is great!
Sunbeam Magic

Thirza Ember: so... question for Sunbeam and the writers... what have you planned for Year 3 ? any new sections in the magazine?
Sunbeam Magic: our newest Team Member, Chopsy Bode, her first article is about Greybeard Thinker
VisionZ Magazine: chopsy gives us some fresh blood !

 ...and then it was time to go to destination 2, Edu3d  on Craft Grid.  
Arriving on Edu3D
Salahzar Stenvaag: Welcome! Ok, I can talk for the Edu3d group; there should have been Giliola Giurgola, but she has had some problem and can't stay.
Salahzar Stenvaag: So Edu3d is a group born essentially in Craft, after some volunteer experiences in Second Life and in Edmondo. Edu3d's main purpose is to provide courses, events, and friendly environment.
Nyom Chung: what kind of courses?
Salahzar Stenvaag: We are providing "survival virtual courses"  but also some specific courses for example Blender, and also courses for teachers, i.e. how to use scripts and other thing for classes. We also do Minecraft.

Salahzar Stenvaag: Edmondo is a closed grid, it is an official activity of Italian Educational Minstry, I work for that ministry.  
Eva Kraai (it -> en): you can register only on invitation and with the real name
Licu Rau: they can go out, but due to the presence of underage students there it is not possible to go there in hypergrid
Salahzar Stenvaag: Yes it is a bit restrictive,  so we developed the idea of Edu3d, to be able to expand the educational experience to all the community. Edu3d is usually more involved with Italian speakers teachers and avatars, but it can be expanded to non Italian speakers as well.
The portal to the Little Prince
Thirza Ember: i'm so sorry Giliola is not here
Salahzar Stenvaag: yes, she is much better to explain everything since she coordinated everything, she is really a good coordinator
 xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA (it -> en): the best :)
Eva Kraai: Salahzar and Gilliola are admins of the group, xsiberiax is a teacher here... we're volunteers
Thirza Ember: whose idea was it to make an installation about the little prince? 
Salahzar Stenvaag: Piccolo Principe is an Idea from Giliola Giurgola
Salahzar, Eva and xsiberiax

Eva Kraai: I think it took about a year to build 
Ni.Lemon: looks like the book paintings
xSIBERIAx ILFREDDOPURIFICA: it was built mostly by Settima Sideshow and Ger Orsini, and was used as a theatrical representation - virtual even by elementary school children of some teachers of edu3d
Salahzar Stenvaag: which are some very gifted builder in craft :)  Do you know the Little Prince story?

Ni Lemon: I do and I love the book
Cherry Manga: that's THE BOOK
Cherry Manga: "on ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur"
Cherry Manga: If you love a flower that lives on a star, it is sweet to look at the sky at night. All the stars are a-bloom with flowers...
Tosha Tyran: :)
Lucy Afarensis: Nice

Cherry Manga:  there's no better book for children to learn with...everything ...even 3D 
Cherry Manga: (anyone wants le Petit Prince avatar please ask and I'll send, was made by Erasme Beck , now living with the stars...) 
Ni Lemon: oh please Cherry I would love to have one

           At the end of our Little Prince tour we went to the Tower of Babel with  xSIBERIAx, and learned about the many other books that have been given the Edu3d treatment, including Treasure Island.... a great reason for us to return! The group also plans to start up some language courses, in German, Spanish, French and English.

          Clearly, a place you should visit.  Whether you're an educator in search of new ideas and new allies, if you're a bibliophile, or if you just like to immerse yourself in beautiful builds, Edu3D has something for you!

HG Addresses:  
HG Visionz magazine HQ;eye emagine
Edu3D teleport hub 

Caro Fayray: i have to go to rl now:(...ty sun and all the visionz  ppl for a really great magazine...i read it cover to the time u get this ill prob be gone...have a wonderful rest of  party and ty rosy for your voice..beautiful


  1. Thank you for having HG Safari once again share in the celebration marking our 2nd year completion! Without our readers and supporters we could not be! Our team staff writers were honored by your presence! HUGS ♥