Thursday, February 23, 2017

Flakey Safari!

          Cornflakes Week, a seven day festival of silliness unique to OpenSim, began yesterday with a 3-stop party on Safari. If you missed the party, you can still go visit all 3 destinations, addresses at the end of this post.
          We started on HGSafari region on Francogrid, with a concert by Torben Asp

          His particle show and original music was a wonderfully smooth way to get us started on our - let's be honest - difficult trip around the Hyperverse.

          The latest HG plague is 'Unable to Verify Identity'. The problem, like so many of our opensim headaches, began months ago, a patchy, hit-and-miss experience that each of us assumes is 'just me'. This is where group events can really help highlight bugs - when ten people from different grids, who are trying to get to a range of destinations (in this case, people traveling from Kitely, OSGrid and more having difficulties getting to FrancoGrid, Craft and Metropolis).          But despite all that, for those who managed to make it to the show, there was plenty of color to look at, in both particle and avatar form!
Sunbeam Magic: LOVE the Particles !!!
Jessica Pixel: never enough particles
Xirana Oximoxi: yes...that's fun :) we can do more :))
Thirza Ember: i'm filming the event guys... or trying to... i hope you don't mind
Sunbeam Magic: I might need to sign waiver .... I'll ask my agent Thirza ;))
Lucy Afarensis: Let me know if I am dancing in your viewer
DJTommy Seetan: oh great now the cops will be able to find me
Daisy Coronet: I see you dancing, Lucy
Sunbeam Magic: Two blondes in California were sitting on a bench talking ... and one blonde says to the other,  "Which do you think is farther away ... Florida or the moon?"
The other blonde turns and says "Helloooooooooo, can you see Florida ...?"
snowbody Cortes: eheh
Daisy Coronet: LOL Sun
snoopy coxy (fr -> en): very good musik I love it thank you ^_^
Torben Asp: Thank you snoopy
snoopy coxy: de rein
Jessica Pixel: sounds some what  to Jean Michel Jarre
Torben Asp: that's a great compliment, Jessica, but I can't compare myself to the Master
ParcDesArts katia: applauseeeeeeeee
Praline B: Bravooooooooooo We love you Torben! ;))
snowbody Cortesg: applause !!!
Thirza Ember: there are lots of events this week, some of them are shown up on the top of the castle... look up and behind Torben, and you'll see some NPCs also
Jessica Pixel: behind all the dancers - these guys are great!
Sunbeam Magic: Q. What do you call a clock on the moon?
A. A lunartick.
Thirza Ember: just a quick heads-up... looks like metropolis grid has a few technical issues... hopefully by the time we are going there it will be fixed, but just to let you know
Sunbeam Magic: Cornflakes Woodcock would love my jokes!!! he heee
Ni Lemon: I ♥ love ♥ you tones Sun  ㋡
Sunbeam Magic: awh Ni... throws some Pixie kisses your way !
DJTommy Seetan: NO TOMMY DO NOT SAY A WORD !!!!!!!!! snowbody Cortes: George do those socks to dance !!!!
Thirza Ember: what kind of dance are you doing snow??!! Jessica Pixel: corny jokes are best
snowbody Cortes: yesssss
Ni Lemon: ☺ ☺ ☺ happy smiles here
Sunbeam Magic: ** speaking of socks** ... and since we are going to CyberBEAR land laters....What color socks do bears wear?
(They don't wear socks, they have bear feet!)
Praline B: ahahah

         Getting to Metropolis, which was mercifully back online by the top of the hour, was indeed quite a task, but maybe 80% of us made it.
           The Cornflakes-Tribute region was a bright contrast to hgsafari and the night time particles, and this made it easier to see all the dozens of treasures available on this region.

Sextus Magus and Wordfromthe Wise were on Cornflakes-Tribute to meet us,
Wordfromthe Wise: Did anybody see that Cornflakes walkes amongst us aas NPC,  and also as a ghost above us ?
Ni Lemon: I did saw it Word, that's great

PowerOf Green: is this party time now?
snowbody Cortes: always party time !
Thirza Ember: Look around, most things are copiable, so now you can get all you need to make a party next year!
PowerOf.Green: *:-.,_,Yayyyyyyy!!!_,.-:*'``'*
Sunbeam Magic: Load up Hoarders !!!
Thirza Ember: so much creativity using prims here, it is a masterclass in building
Drang Po: I wore the right avatar to this outing.... only 21 prims.... so not producing lag :)

        More dancing, riding around on various cars and flying machines, and a whole lot of camming for sure, also people zeroed in on the statues and tableaux, large and small.
        Every visit to this region seems like there is some corner or creature you haven't noticed before. It's pretty absorbing. Long may it stay online!
           Our final stop was on Craft, where we returned to Cybearland, a bright, childhood-toy themed region built by Licu Rau, Tao Quan and some more of the crafty Craftians.  Add a few original Cornflakes items, and you have a crazy corny setting for a great dance party organized by Chanel Rewell, with our DJ Step Portilo77...a lot of other people contributed also, but between trying to teleport those lost and the stranded, and to answer IMs on 2 avatars, in Facebook, G+not to mention trying to film the event, I confess, I didn't have time to canvass exactly who had done what throughout...

Step Portilo77: hope enjoying the MASHUP music ♫ Thank you all for listen ☻ stayy tuuneeeee ♫
 Now playing CornFlakes MASHUP Event -- Mix (NOW vs. THEN)
Ninaldi Caproni: ciao!
Pedro Yorcliffe: ciau a tutti
lunavonrandolf Kenin: ciaooo ♥
George Equus People poring in.. 37 now

Licu Rau: nice to see so many avatars, this is opensim
Andrew Prince63: ☀ ѕтαrт ѕнαĸιɴ тнeм pιхelѕ ☀
Cecilia Piancastelli: tem tantas pessoas hoje que maravilha
Drang Po: :)
Bananakopter fun shouts: HEY Xirana Oximoxi!! REALLY YOU THINK A BANANA CAN FLY???? looooooool ...HUMAN SILLY...
My favorite part? The  flying umbrellas organized by Siberia Ilfreddopurifica,
HG Addresses
HGSafari dance floor  hg and look behind the mountain
Cornflakes Tribute

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  1. "Laughing is the best medicine.But if you're laughing for no reason, you may need medicine." Such a great time honoring and celebrating Cornflakes way of life!!!