Thursday, February 25, 2016

Primary Safari

          Primary colors, silliness, clowns, free items, music and throwing away your worries for a little while in the company of some fun, interesting people, that's what it's all about. Cornflakes Week was a very musical event for the Safari, and as you can see *some* of us have got rhythm!
Our first stop was on TSoA 14, one of Virtual Christine's sims in Sanctuary (hg addresses at the end of this post) - the name 'The Spirit of Arcadia' gives you a clue about what these sims seek to do, they preserve some of the best free content, much of which has had a hybrid existence across opensim and SL, with particular emphasis on the work of the artist known as Arcadia Asylum, and also Lora Lemon, Aley Resident and Aley Arai.  But it's not only Aley's stuff, sim 14 is set aside for the creations of the late great Cornflakes Woodcock. This is not the only such collection on the hypergrid, but it's a good one, and everything can be copied, so you can take it away and make your own little corny corner!

          The idea of Cornflakes week is not only to celebrate one man's creations, but to have a hyperverse-wide celebration that goes beyond the kind of real-world related things people often celebrate inworld.

          This is unique to the opensim community! And the sim on Craft, our second destination, exactly captures the mood of Cornflakes. Sim Cybearland is built by Tao Quan and Licu Rau, co-founders of Craft. It is full of bright colors, and copyable content. There's a chocolate fountain, and a train that goes around the sim. And of course, plenty of dancing.
Lucy Afarensis looking the epitome of Cornflakian Celebration

The music was supplied by a radio station new to open sim but well known in SL called Sensation Millennium. It's a Italian language station with a range of upbeat music that Craft grid has taken to its heart. You can find them on Facebook here
Craftians and Sensation Millenials at the party...we may have stunned them, hard to be sure
          The DJane Chanel Rewel made a great job of welcoming us, in Italian of course which made a nice change for our usually anglocentric international group, and the music was bright, brash and upbeat, just like any festival that celebrates silliness ought to be. Claudia Cortes filmed the event for posterity also... that's going to be one impressive color swatch...
Christine, Wizardoz, Sunbeam and Truelie doing a Scottish dance. Not something you see every day.
        Christine herself even managed to pop in and it was lovely to see her, and we all admired Licu's very appropriate clothes! But as ever it as the sim that was center stage, and for those who didn't dance, the build and its ride were a pleasing pastime. 
Licu looking disinctly corny
         Regular events are held on Cybearland which stood up well to a crowd of 30+ and it's always worth checking in on Craft's social events if you're looking for some fun company, they really are the Friendly Grid.
sim oars on osgrid
      The time rushed by and soon we were heading out to our final destination. Greybeard Thinker has been an OSGrid resident since 2008 making him a revered oldbie by most of us, so it was a great pleasure to be able to visit with him on his guitar shaped sim called Oars. 

The sim is home to a Guitar museum, which not only houses his impressive collection of sculpty and mesh guitars, handmade by himself...

...but also an interesting timeline of the guitar's evolution, a bar, and a performance area.
Greybeard Thinker, doin' the tunes!
Greybeard Thinker: looks like I may need to rezz a few more seats
George Equus: Guitars look terrific   
Greybeard Thinker: ty G, no photo's, all mesh or the early ones are sculpted
Thirza Ember: take a seat guys if you can, so we can keep the sim steady
Greybeard Thinker: and welcome all to The Guitar Factory
Wizardoz.Chrome: il sentiero era una chitarra :) bellooo
Wizardoz.Chrome (it -> en): the trail was a guitar :) bellooo
Total Sorbet: g&t please bartender
Lucy.Afarensis: I'm going to levitate this martini if it kills me
Ni Lemon: Thank you for your hospitality Gray
Sunbeam.Magic: i love the shape of the building !

Thirza Ember: for those who do not know, Greybeard is in Australia and for him it is about 8 am tomorrow
Greybeard Thinker: yes, ty Thirza, it's 8:30 AM Thursday for me folks, nice sunny day too... now, any questions folks?
Thirza Ember: yessssssss ....did you make all these guitars and how long did it take
Sunbeam.Magic: yessssss ... are you married ?
Greybeard Thinker: every guitar you see here and more, I have made yes, 
Thirza Ember: he is married to the sea
Greybeard Thinker: early ones are sculpted, the newer ones mesh, all custom textures.
snowbody Cortes: cool Grey
Sunbeam.Magic: then I'll become a mermaid ;)
The future Mrs Mermaid, Sunbeam Magic, with Chopsy Bode and Total Sorbet
Ni Lemon: great museum Grey
Greybeard Thinker: ty Ni, the photo's around are RL musician friends and collegues
Ni Lemon: a sim and a building with a guitar, this is so lovely
Thirza Ember: do you make custom guitars for musicians in open sim also?
Greybeard Thinker: down the hallway on this lower floor you will see some of the history of the guitar as an instrument in it's own right, and yes Thirza, I do build custom guitars for genuine performers here... ONLY for performers
Bright stockinged Ni Lemon with George Equus and Snowbody Cortes

Greybeard Thinker: most of my own personal guitar collection is also on display in the floor above, and I have replica's of all that I play in world, so when you see me perform in world, you will see my avi using the very same guitar I am playing at the time.
WizardOz Chrome and Billy Bradshaw
Greybeard Thinker: if you want to dance just run your fave animation folks, I'm deciding which guitar to grab off the wall
Sunbeam.Magic: I walked around the museum... its amazing. i've never seen a Harp Guitar before ... so neat !
Lucy Afarensis
Greybeard played some well loved numbers, including Wonderful World, Honey (I miss you), and Georgia, songs that have both heart and melody. He strayed into Elvis and Jim Reeves country too, and just generally made us all feel good. The combination of his playing and the venue could only inspire us all, and who knows maybe get one or two more open sim residents to reveal their hidden talents?
Azi Az: very interesting place you have here Grey
Greybeard Thinker: ty Azi, I'm glad people like it and are enjoying it. I think this might make a nice drop-in and jam session place possibly

Sunbeam Magic: feeling happy to have shared this hour with you Grey ! you light my world! thank you!
Joao Frazao
    And by the magic of opensim, Greybeard's idea about turning the guitar museum into a drop-in place came true. For with us was a Joao Frazao, the celebrated 'ukelele guy' who has recently arrived from sl and has already acquired a following in the hypergrid. Following Grey's excellent set, Joao took the stream and shared with us a little of his magic... much to the delight of all. Joao will be performing at Almost Island on OSGrid at 3pm Pacific, on March 1, an event hosted by Azi Az and Danger Lytton, so don't miss it. We plan to be back at the guitar museum in coming months to hear more from Greybeard, see more of his collection as yet not on display, and who knows in the meantime, will we find that illusive animations maker who wants to create a set of guitar anims worthy of our talented friends?
Any thoughts?

HG Addresses
Christine's Cornflakes sim... 14
Cybearland ...            
The Guitar Factory ...  

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