Thursday, June 4, 2015

Safari Watches Witches and Work in Progress

          There were two official destinations this week, but the hard-core Safaristas ended up on a third, and there was a lot more tail by the end of the adventure than we started out with. Addresses at the end of the post.
          First, off to Kitely, to get an idea about their regular WIP (pronounced whip) event, where builders and inventors can show off their latest Work In Progress.
Here's the movie of the event! 
 Serene.Jewell: So welcome to the Hypergrid Safari! So it's simple - you stand, you rez something and you talk about it.  It is one hour long only! Everyone will get 5 minutes today, I call the time when your time is up. We don't have many presenters so you will be able to jump in at the end. Nara Nook [aka Malone] is First!

Nara.Nook: I'm using Aine Caoimhe's PMAC system to make the cafe in the Greyville Writer's colony more interactive.

          Nara explained how the cat keeps writers company, and can be easily modded with poses and animations. It looks complete, but is a work in progress because she is still looking for animal animations, rather than the human ones she is currently using (although they looked great to us). The audience loved it.
Dabici.Straulino: Garfield Malone
Ricardo Sorciere: great work
Frans.Charming applauds
111shawn.resident: Got a dog?
Serene.Jewell: she does have a bunny and a cow. We're going to have to get some animals from Ferd maybe.
Ruby ODegee
          Ruby ODegee  is working on a 16 sim story build called Brantley No. 3 Shaft on Kitely, and showed us a little piece of her work.
Serene.Jewell: July 4 weekend she is having an openhouse! Her build is steampunk URU Myst mystery, she is creating objects for herself because she can't find them anywhere; it requires lots of Jules Verne type accessories. If you make steampunky items that you are willing to share on Kitely, do contact her, she's particularly looking for clothing.
        Ruby rezzed a mesh object that will be, when it's done, a sort of prototype typewriter, and will be all golden and punky, with a letter inside it - the object will be found all over the build, as a way to transmit the next piece of the story to explorers. 
Neo demonstrates his prototype.
          Neo Cortex also shared a prototype for a mesh thong. he is a talented pixel jeweler, so this was a natural evolution in his creative process... Huge fun, this event, a little bit stressful for HG visitors because Voice often fails for us, and those who are deaf or not native English speakers struggle with it, but all around very interesting. When can you be part of WIP on Cookie II sim, on Kitely? Join the G+ group for updates, photos, and networking!
Serene.Jewell: We do this every 1st and 3rd Friday and 2nd and 4th Sunday!
'Sit in progress'

After our visit on Kitely, we were off to OSGrid and the sims of Clairwil Oh and Emme Zelnik. It's witching hour here, pretty much all the time, with sims named 'Strega' and Strigoi' and Debauchery. 

          There is just so much to see (they have about a dozen sims) that it would be hopeless to try to do it all on one visit, but the girls have prepared a notecard with a mini 'Rough Guide' to their land. You can find it in the LM box at the HG Safari Clubhouse on Teravus Plaza.
Map of Clair and Emme's zone on OSGrid

Clairwil Oh: I was building in Sl and taking photos there, did some writing, and then illustrated with SL images. then....I got excited about the idea of a shared, open sim, and so came to osgrid, and of course, over time, I started adding sims and regions. A good friend of mine, Emme Zelnik, started building here. She built an island region with many humorous, sly English tricks in scripting. then Starlord from SL came over and starting building like a gansta lol and then Scottius brought us The Docks from SL. My areas are mostly "goth" areas, dark and moody.
Clairwil Oh so glamorously goth
Dabici.Straulino: very effective rendering of mood
Thirza Ember: so we all want to know - are you this dark and moody in RL?
Clairwil Oh: laughing...Scottius knows all my secrets. (winks) it's a dark world, let us all cry. there's a cemetery over on the side if you need to really mourn all day and night. And let me say for the record that this is, like many open sim areas, often empty but I would love it if more used it as a hang out area.
        So feel free to drop in over there!
Thirza Ember: I watched The Addams Family last night in prep for today
Clairwil Oh: I LOVE them, they are my ideal: rich, eccentric, and always lucky.
           The idea is to walk all over the build, and take photos for a bogus 'prize' offered in Facebook by some disreputable tour organizers. As we headed out across the many sims, it was hard to take in the countless lovely corners that these builders have invented with style and delicacy. 

          Gorgeous textures and perfect terraforming come together to make that wonderful 'outide' sensation open sim is so good at. But there's plenty of interest in the interiors too - inside the mansion on Strigoi you'll find a piano, here's Fuschia weeping onto the keys.

          On Strega, the glorious oceanbound castle and divine columns and pergolas enchanted us, and eventually we found our way to the Kraken, which is such fun!
                But by then, it was getting late, and many safaristas had been lost or logged off. And when it's late, it's time for dancing. Turns out, one of the best places for that is... Mobius! I spy a fuchsia tail... not surprising. This Sonic-themed grid is an upcoming Safari destination later this summer, and as you can see a happening place at any time. WOOT

HG Safari Clubhouse on osgrid (It's next to the waterfall, Southwest corner!) Plaza

Kitely Work In Progress (held weekly  on the Cookie II sandbox sim) II

Clairwil and Emme's witchy sims    and

Mobius Grid dancing plant zone


  1. In the latest firestorm goto preferences>voice settings>refresh if voice does not work when you HG or TP also I guess. I used it often when HG'ing to the Seanchai voice stories.

  2. In the latest firestorm goto preferences>voice settings>refresh if voice does not work when you HG or TP also I guess. I used it often when HG'ing to the Seanchai voice stories.

  3. Voice is another example of HG voodoo. I use Singularity almost always and also I find that going to Preferences and toggling Voice makes it come on, after about 90 seconds, as Miney describes in Firestorm. But at the WIP event, Neo Cortex (using FS) had terrible sound distortion, like they all had their mics too high, while for me (and it seems the rest of those who could hear) the Voice volume levels were fine. It all adds to the fun.