Thursday, October 23, 2014

Beach Safari

And if you said, "This life ain't good enough"
I would give my world to lift you up
I could change my life to better suit your mood...
Santana, Smooth

Ahoy mateys, this week Safari went from the sublime beachfront of Strannik Zipper's Pirates Atoll into the apocalypto landscape as The Mayans Knew It, according to Wordfromthe Wise, and finally washed up in the spookiest of Party Islands on Kai and Seya Devin's Insula Aeternum. (URIs at the end of the post.) Ask anyone who was there, this was the most people with the most hair to survive right though to the final hour of Safari so far. And that's not a phrase you hear very often.
Strannik Zipper is a real pirate and his grid is a gem.
There's loads to do, from dancing on the beach to dancing in the Irish pub, to taking a water taxi or taking a dip in the lagoon, or visiting the lovely Pirate Museum on a brigantine. There are some informative pictures outlining the history of pirating, and a chance to walk the plank and meet the mermaid. Jessica Pixel, shown here, wisely chose to stay on board. I'm not sure her springs would react well in salt water.
About sixteen of us made the jump from Metropolis which, considering the drama and lag that had plagued us all in the first few minutes of the meet, was very impressive.
by Fuschia 'I gots no lag' Nightfire

We were joined for the first time by ChapTer Kronfeld here is a snamp of him dancing, courtesy of Fuschia, who had no lag at all - so if you want someone to blame for your hg woes this week, blame her! She must have sucked all the good karma out of the entire body of united safaristas. That's my scientific conclusion. Anyway, the Atoll will be the venue for the closing party of this years OSCC which is a very good reason for you to be there. Not to mention Strannik's Betty bot, whose wit and charm so captivated Pathfinder, he friended her.
From Tortuga to Mexico in a single bound, and from beach to a wild landscape of fear and doom. What did the Mayans know? were they really wrong? I'll be honest with you, I don't think any of us found out, although plenty of us tried to negotiate the mysterious mixture of pyramid and jungle, giant bones and bizarre statues.

 Wordfromthe Wise has delved into the depths of his witty and fantastic imagination to create a region that completely swallows up visitors. Only the very brave survive here.
Alizarin Goldflake: dont touch the poison plant!
Serene.Jewell <-- Big fan of weird stuff.
Fuschia Nightfire: i like it, but it's made my eyes go funny
Alizarin Goldflake: right, it put a hud on you. You have to find it and detach it
Fuschia Nightfire: yeah, then it told me how to take it off
Fuschia Nightfire: but i think i will leave it on
Pathfinder.Lester: I'm tripping now
Pathfinder.Lester touched the plant
Wordfromthe Wise: the HG safari is a gòód stress test for regions ..
Neo Cortex: i could almost move
Neo Cortex: seems this region is a little busy handling us all
Wordfromthe Wise: it is one sim but 30+ on the server itself

 ~ the mayans say :: -The placement of a donkey's eyes in its head enables it to see all four feet at all times.
~ the mayans say :: -Three Mile Island is only 2 1/2 miles long.
 ~ the mayans say ::  Searching ancients records for your Avatar name Mal.Burns
Wordfromthe Wise: hell lag, never experienced this,not even when we had the fireworxxs show
strannik.zipper: that is what the Mayan's were saying in the calendar - after 2012 there will be lots of lag
Nara.Nook: It's just the strange new world of 20 or so avatars trying to visit a sim at once
Jessica.Pixel: UH OH
Fairy Constantine: hehehe, now I am stuck -  is pretty wow out here:)  love the sky
Remember, Fuschia Nightfire was experiencing NO LAG during all this. how wrong that is, I leave to you to decide. It helped to tp to one of the adjoining sims, and walk back in, but finally our time was up and we headed to our Final Destination which was a sneak preview of the party island on Insula Aeternum.

They are having a big party week to celebrate Halloween this weekend. Even if like me you're not a big fan of that particular festival, you will love what Seya and Kai Devin have done.

Thirza Ember: guys, Spike arranged this special visit at the last moment
 Wizardoz Chrome: hi to all :)
Pathfinder.Lester: thank you Spike!
Unadecal.Arado: really spooky
snowbody Cortes: hi wizzina
Pathfinder.Lester: Spike, this place is super spooky!
snowbody Cortes: hey Tina !
Spike.Sol: yes, but Seya and Kai, the builder are in Bed. tomorrow is the night a 4 oclock to end 
Spike.Sol: both created the Sim in 2 weeks, I think
strannik.zipper: I need to eat some pumpkin seeds now!
Neo Cortex: Great place to visit, for sure!
Wordfromthe Wise: yes really amazing here
Nara.Nook: I love the light effects
Thirza Ember: hehe well we didn't crash the sim, 16 avies I am glad
Neo Cortex: ...not yet, Thirza ^^

Alizarin Goldflake: thank you strannik and word and spike
Siobhan.Muir: Great time
Thirza Ember: .Anyone got a crowbar cuz that is the only way you're going to get nara off this sim
Jessica.Pixel: all right i'm here :3 i keep alt+tabbing to RL to do stuff lol
Nara.Nook: just got an interesting pic of that look

Thirza Ember: this is my halloween look
Nara.Nook: can I post the live gif?
Thirza Ember: gosh i hope so -  idk Mal has a reputation to lose. He is the only one
Nara.Nook: I hope that hope so was for me, I posted on FB
Thirza Ember: omg safari goes viral
Nara.Nook: it might...that was hot
Mal.Burns: what reputation? np
Wordfromthe Wise: i have t leave now as well , checking the server logs what happened and watching "Person of interest" .. it was nice having you folks .. and this place is also amazing ..
From the spooky green bridge to the mysterious forest and the pumpkins, it's one of the most gorgeous horror spots you'll find in OpenSim.  The dancing wan't bad either. And all I can say in my defense is, I was very drunk at the time.
URIs:  Strannik Zipper's Pirate's Atoll is at atoll
            Wordfromthe Wise's Mayan world on Metropolis is at knew it
            Seya and Kai Devin's Spooky party build is at

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