Tuesday, September 30, 2014


He is Open Sim's Angel of Mesh, a Blender guru, creator, and all round good guy, Aaack Aardvark of Littlefield Grid. Tomorrow, HG Safari has an opportunity to meet this teacher and creator who feels strongly that there is no reason why open sim creations should be any less in quality or detail than anything your find in SL.
A gentle, talented and kindly Argentinian, Aaack cancelled his account in SL about three years ago, after some four or five years of presence on the grid. This elegant store is a design that he first made (but never used) in Sl way back in 2007. Second life was great, but after a few years, he had grown tired of the mentality there. It seemed wrong to him that creators have to pay upload fees.
Aaack Aardvark: We creators are the ones making Second Life Attractive. Why should we be paying to herp the business of SL? In my book that makes no sense.
He was in OSGrid for a while, and when Littlefield Grid opened as a separate entity, he was very happy to join the new grid. Each week he offers classes in Blender right on the grid at the OSC (Opensim Creators) region on Littlefield. This group seeks to unite builders all over opensim, in a bid to offer a forum and platform for excellence in all aspects of the creative process.
Aardvark's beautiful store on sim Arcadia, Littlefield grid

Aaack Aardvark: Sometimes people think that my Blender classes are just for advanced students but this is not so. I welcome questions and input from beginners too. there is no such thing as a 'stupid' question! In case you cannot make his regular Sunday classes, Aaack has transformed his classes into YouTube Tutorials, and be honest, couldn't you use a few Micro Nuggets of Wisdom? Here is a great example that deals with making templates for mesh textures.

Aaack Aardvark: Texturing is the hardest part of making meshes!
No kidding.
Littlefield stores generally operate a 'no export' policy, owing to permission and license issues, but Aaack's store on Arcadia sim is one of the very few - possibly the only one - where all the goodies are hypergridding friendly. Aaack can do this because all the scripts etc in each creation have been made by him personally.
What is the most detailed piece of mesh he has made so far? That would have to be his super duper Texture Changer (rumored to soon be a Free Gift for folks who subscribe to his YouTube Channel) which comes with intricate labels on the back side.
The biggest mesh structure he has made so far is this giant more-than-sim-size blimp, still a work in progress. I asked about the vintage dinosaur sculpty, turns out, he had made it an Activity Bed. Now that's kinkly, right? But in a good way. See this is why you should not ask too many questions.

As for his most intricate creations, that has to be his collection of clocks, ranging from a copy of a 1970's sun clock that his parents own in RL, to a beautiful Arcadia Anniversary carriage clock (now a trophy in the HG Clubhouse!), to a gorgeous pocket watch he made specially for Littlefield founder Walter Balazic's birthday.
Join us tomorrow Wednesday 1 October at 12 noon Grid time to be part of the Safari, meeting on Metropolis on Outlands sim as usual. We will be visiting Littlefield grid at around 1pm ...going to be fun!

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