Saturday, May 19, 2018

Hunting and Racing: the Penultimate Safari

               Our last trip out and about took the intrepid Safari goers to two activity sims, one golden oldie, and one so brand new that it was still being tweaked a couple hours before our arrival.   
              Kodinpump is a twist on the word 'pumpkin', for this is a Halloween Hunt build from 2015, one of a long series of fantastic ephemeral builds in SL and opensim by nani Ferguson and Ange Menges, who put it back online especially for our visit.

           Thirty prizes await the visitor. They are scattered in plain sight all over the region, some are located on the strange, dark streets and others are to be found in the strange, brightly colored underwater realm located just offshore in the bay - shown here is nani Ferguson walking her world. 
          Only the careful and tenacious prize hunter will find the place, the single point along the shoreline where you can slip beneath the endless rolling waves and find the passage down to the drowned town.

Ange Menge
         There is something of Lovecraft's Innsmouth about Kodinpump, with its grey looming buildings and bleak unwelcoming alleys and cobblestone pavements, and one can't help to feel that there is an indeterminate rottenness in these lanes. A zombie game on these streets wouldn't be amiss, you can quite easily imagine figures coming at you through the gloom.

                Despite their clearly forbidding aspect, it is spookily delightful to wander the streets, looking for more pumpkins, looking up at the perfectly atmospheric textures on the old homes. This skinny horse and cart is my favorite bit.
       If the virtual worlds of opensim had a 'smellyvision' feature, then one can't help suspecting that there would be a nauseous fishy odour among these melancholy houses. 

          But Kodinpump has a personality of its own, marked by the pumpkins with their gruff, boisterous responses to the innocent phrase 'Trick or Treat'. some insult you, some bounce you back to the landing point, some ignore you and some, of course, give great gifts, like vehicles and complete avatars.
WIzardOz Chrome dressed as 'Lizzie' one of the avatars that are prizes on Kodinpump
          Ferguson/Menges builds of a later date than this one (I'm thinking of builds like Teraphosa, or Nephtys) feature NPCs, often locked in mortal combat. Kodinpump has static figures, caught in long confidential discussions, muttering among themselves about how the game works... ...
and who knows what else.
          When you do eventually find your way to the netherworld (an obvious second step to be hazarded only after you have completely exhausted all the pumpkin-present possibilities on dry land) you will enter the amazing environment out in the bay. 
         Pro tip - you have to be standing very close to the pumpkins before saying trick or treat, otherwise they can't hear you.

         It seems like hundreds of fish and associated creatures have a pretty cool lifestyle, without ever quite losing that slightly sinister feeling that is so pervasive on land. 
        There's an undersea theater, and a band, as well as lots of elegantly dressed guppies, some very odd star fish, a militant crab, not to mention the gardens, canyons, and many more chilling areas, including some quite terrifying sea-life skeletons, an old time gothic cemetery, and more. All this, plus lots more implausible pumpkins shouting at you, sending you back to the arrival point, and, of course, occasionally giving up a gift. But the gift is really the build itself. It was a joy to bring the gang back here for one last trip, and a truly memorable visit.
eTrack on Endivatomic - our second destination
           Our second stop was way more racy! It was a combo dance and drive event, planned by Thai Low and his companion, the lovely Christine. 
Christine with the Safari's own dance machine, Aime Socrates
        eTrack is a brand new region on Endivatomic grid, and it features a fine choice of vehicles for your racing pleasure, ranging all the way up from a nice red Harley Davidson bike, to several luxury sedans, and a range of old fashioned trucks, so there is something for every taste. The vehicles are set up so that you can take a passenger with you - in some cases up to three extra people can ride. 
          This is a nice feature for those of us who are crappy drivers, but enjoy the fast and furious experience. 
         For example Lux Tergeste, famous for her dodgy driving,was far more at home dancing in the back of Thai's truck as he swept around the circuit, a palmy balmy setting that will time your speed and put you on the board, if you're that way inclined.
          For those who like to dancing and camming more than cars, then DJane Lucrezia Flores was on hand spinning the tunes and along with some pals, filling local chat with lively gestures. 
The fun is yours to make here, whether it's flying the mini helicopter as Mal did (thank goodness he was off the track!) ...
... or, like Thai did,  driving right up onto the dance floor to show off his maneuvering prowess...'s a fabulous destination, and a lovely way to end our grid trotting adventures. Next week is the final Safari which will be three hours of live music on the hgsafari region on Francgrid.          

HG Addresses
Kodinpump, when it is online, is on OSgrid and Metropolis. The region is not usually up, except by special request to the builders. If you wish to visit you should contact Ange Menges on either of those grids.



  1. I'm so sorry I missed this last hypergrid safari. I understand you'll be helping with the digital worlds community library though, and I'll be involved with that. Thank you again for all your support to this newbie on the few safaris I was able to attend. I hope to see you in world sometime soon! BethanyW (OpenSim), BethanyTheVirtualVersion (SecondLife), and Bethany Winslow (Kitely).

  2. By the way, I was chatting with Valerie today in SL, and she did want me to tell you she has not forgotten that they'll still need your help to collect hypergrid info for the library! Bethany