Monday, April 30, 2018

An Illuminated Safari

           This week we went to see the TanGLe grid Expo of Fashion with emphasis on the new Ruth mesh avatar, then over to Sanctuary Grid to tour the Ivory City complex,created by Tosha Tyran to celebrate the life of Lumiere Noir, of Ivory Tower of Learning fame. 
            HG Addresses, as always, at the end of the post.
Rusty and the TanGLe gang keep us entertained as we cam the Expo
           First up, a chance to see TanGLe grid's latest Expo, this time, fashion for the new Ruth Mesh avie, made by Shin Ingen to provide a totally home grown mesh avie for OSGrid, with, you know, moving hands and all those interesting attachment points. A good place to learn more about this interesting opensource piece of goodness is on G+ at the Ruth and Roth 2.0 Mesh Project.
        The great Rusty Schiavo was on hand to keep the party popping with his oldies, and many local Tangle residents joined us including Ballistic Pixel, Perfectoracle Sciavo,  Jodie Croft, Sarah Popstar, and Graceann Noel, making it a real party. 
Dancing to DJ Rusty's tunes on TanGLe grid
Thirza Ember: These regular expo events are such a great idea, a wonderful way for the HG community to come together for all the various themed events, from Christmas to Steampunk to Fashion and more. I know you have about six events a year, how long has it been going on, Isambard?
IsambardKingdom Brunel: Since june 2014
Thirza Ember:  wow that's great, congrats to you, and to Leslie, Gary and Tmac for all their hard work in keeping TanGLe at the heart of the hypergrid.
       The goods on show, including quite a few free items, include skins, nails, and clothes. So far, it's ladies first, but eventually there should be a Roth (or will that be Rufus?) avie for the guys. One of the nicest pieces was the Ada Radius avie...
Ada Radius Ruth avatar
... it's a smart modern look for the gal about town, and having NPC models really reminds you how far we've come from the old fashioned poster-bound shop experience of yesteryear.
Alya.VonZ: Jeez this project looks amazing Ruth mesh Avatar ...looks all very good, will certainly further research Ruth and all what comes with it... it would be nice if faces are adaptable just like the bodies and *old fashioned Avies*:)
Rusty Sciavo: an amazing display of fashion designers that show incredible promise      

          All too soon it was time for us to head out, and we were all very thankful for Rusty's musical memories.
Rusty Sciavo: My pleasure. Anytime you all want oldies radio in your grid come hit me up. We make appearances. we have a Facebook page for everyone. Free to join and follow... Oldies Radio - Houston
              And then, we were off to Sanctuary Grid for the annual Lumiere Noir event, this is our third year of celebrating the creativity and general awesomeness of this opensim and SL celebrity, who sadly died way too soon.
The four sim Ivory City region, on Sanctuary
           Spread across four regions, with about thirty satellite pavilions, as well as the central towers, the Ivory City is Opensim's Taj Mahal. It is a work of pure love and admiration, a poem to prims and to Tosha's partner, the great Lumiere Noir, in RL Vince Frost. 
Flidais watches the show, enriched by particles and some lovely artwork

                A brilliant nine minute show by Jessie Campbell introduces the visitor to Lumiere aka Vince, and with NPCs, particles, words and of course prims, we learn about his life and works, including his various choices, when it came to avatar - from alien monkey, to glowing mesh man, to the character Spy, perhaps his most distinctive - now a free gift made available especially for the event.
          NPC Vince gives you the rundown, as to the purpose of the build, with some help from his friends the Prim-ates... if you visit the region, you can touch a utton and start the show any time, 24/7, which makes it even more special...
NPCs of Lumiere and Tosha explain the purpose and aim of Ivory City

Vince Frost: As a Real Life teacher and Master Artist I was called to teach here as well
Vince Frost: The building blocks of these worlds is the Primitive, or prim
Vince Frost: There are many amazing secrets most people don't know about prims....
Vince Frost: All of this and more.... even texturing prims....
Vince Frost: you can learn here in Ivory City....from basics to very advanced,,,,
Vince Frost: Every building you see here is simple prims...that I and Tosha crafted..
Vince Frost: Look at this shapely and elegant structure...all done with simple prims.
Vince Frost: Ivory City, as my previous Ivory Tower are Self-Guided, Self-Paced, Comprehensive Building Tutorials.
Jessie Campbell, Queen of the NPCs
          Jessie Campbell is best known for her Flaire Burlesque on Nara's Nook Grid, where she has been producing intricate shows for something like two years now. Her emphasis is on sexy, intricate dance routines, and one of her best shows (and there are several sophisticated and beautiful performances available on demand on the Flaire_Burlesque region on Nara's Nook) is all about the American Burlesque dancer Josephine  Baker. 
The Lumiere Noir show on Ivory City. And yes of course, people touched everything
          The Lumiere Noir show is a beautifully crafted combination of humor, information, and tribute. Never mawkish, it succeeds in illuminating an extraordinary life and encourages us all to take another look at the fine art of prim twisting - something that, if you think of it, is at the heart of the SL and opensim experience. The special feel that dropping a prim, then shaping it according to your will, all the while  living within the environment can never be matched by 'going afk' into Blender or similar programs. The sense of immediacy, of agency and imagination that prims give virtual worlds is unparallelled, and we can all learn more about this extraordinary resource.
Alya VonZ: I remember I went to the ivory tower in sl, to learn about building only imdagine the 
Tosha Tyran: Lumiere was one of the first 300 avatars to join SL and was a pioneer in the science of prim building! Lumi and I were friends and partners for many years, starting in SL and then here in OS.Since his sudden passing, I have tried to carry on, managing Ivory City and caring for his prims....
Vince Frost: Please visit all of the lessons at your own pace..., I know you will learn a thing or two!

Tosha Tyran: you can go from one to the other little buildings and follow the lessons, each lesson has a notecard, or various. It took Lumi a year or two to plan it and start the building, and I finished the buildings and put the lessons in about 6 months.  I ate at the pc, I slept at the pc, i didn't do anything else...everything is made for OS, from scratch.
Thirza Ember: I love how each building is unique
Tosha Tyran::) yes, that was the plan, 

Thirza Ember: my favorite is the fish one.
Tosha Tyran: that is the only one of the little buildings Lumi made...the plan was that he would make the large towers and for the little lady the huts, hahaha...but then the plans got changed darn suddenly :(
Phred 420: well its obviously done by a very good teacher... a great teacher, and artist!
Tosha leads the way to the Grad Stair pavilion

Thirza Ember: tosha, is there one part of the Tutorial that is specially memorable for you?
Tosha Tyran: uff, that is difficult to say, Thirza, maybe my favorite still are those grand stairs of his
Eva Kraai (it -> en): beautiful show!
Tosha Tyran: these are the stairs I love so much :) great tecnic.

 Eva Kraai (it -> en): all in prims?
Tosha Tyran: yes
Eva Kraai  (it -> en): fantastic
Thirza Ember: once you have learned how to make that, you may consider yourself a master of prims
Tosha Tyran: yes, maybe, though the more I learned the more I also learned how little I know compared with Lumi

Cherry Manga: I must go and rest....many thanks for letting this place be, probably the most beautiful and creative way to educate to building....Lumiere would be proud of you Tosha and all the efforts made here. Safaritas, I wish you a good night

HG Addresses

Tangle Expo    then look for the portal to Expo Isle

Lumiere Noir show and Tutorials city 4


  1. Thirza, a phantastic post. You really captured the spirit of that "night on town", of the Ivory City as a whole and of Lumi and his pleasure in - no, his passion for - teaching!

  2. Was not only fun to work with Tosha on this...but also my honor..because as so many others...I too learned first in SL and then in OS...about the mystery and art of twisting prims.

    Thanks to all..and I hope the show will stand the test of time.