Monday, March 16, 2015

Pick and Choose

It's time for you to give back!
Please help us with a new project, Safari Suggestions. The idea is to give every hypergridder the chance to name five memorable places in open sim, and share their thoughts and Landmarks with others. This is not a popularity contest, but more a chance for you to let us know a bit more about you and your tastes.
You can suggest your own sim, or not, there's no rule against self promotion. Don't feel you have to put the five most 'important' places, or limit yourself to Safari destinations. Maybe you like art, or education sims, perhaps let people know about some good free shopping regions, or tell them about community or music events. It's up to you.
It's harder than it sounds! Can't remember the name of a place we saw while on Safari? 
Looking back through this blog may jog your memory, or the Safari Archive inside the clubhouse may also help.
Once you've chosen five places, what next? 

Visit each one and take a new LM, and a 256x256 snapshot (Snapshots are free in opensim, in case you didn't know.) In the Snapshot Window, select the 256x256 size, and then make sure you check the Keep Aspect ratio box to get a nice square picture.
Why this size? It helps reduce lag once we begin to get a lot of suggestion boxes.
Make a notecard and list your five choices, with a comment about why you like each place.
So now you have one notecard, five photos, and five Landmarks. What next?
Visit a clubhouse
Francogrid clubhouse - go inside!
on Francogrid, at
or on OSGrid at Plaza
(we will be adding more Safari Suggestion areas at other clubhouses in due course)
Teravus Plaza
Inside, you will find the 'Safari Suggestion' area.
Safari Suggestions on francogrid
Take a copy of the scripted, full perm cube.
Rez your copy of the cube. You will notice it's called Picks by [your name here] - delete [your name here, and put, duh, your name! in the Contents, there is a script, if you click on it and hit reset, your name will now appear in the floating text above the cube.
Safari Suggestions, upstairs in the OSGrid Clubhouse
Make sure the snapshots you took are full permissions. Put your five photos on 5 sides of the cube. Put the Notecard and the LMs inside the cube, double check they are all full permissions.
Place the cube on one of the shelves.
Now anyone visiting the clubhouse has yet another way to explore the metaverse, and to feel part of the community of travelers.

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