Thursday, March 19, 2015

Live Long and Gridjump

          This week's Safari event had plenty of competition, and that is a great thing. It's a tangible sign that OpenSim is far from a collection of empty grids. From the inauguration of the new Hypergrid sim on Francogrid, to the VWBPE Conference on Avacon to the weekly dance party on Metropolis to 3rdRockGrid's regular live music concert hosted by Zinnia Frenzy,  there was plenty to do. 
          But for the Safari, this week was Spockfari, a chance to honor and remember Leonard Nimoy, and to visit two extraordinary Star Trek builds in OpenSim, on 3rdRockGrid, and LostWorld
          URIs of each region are at the end of the post.

          First stop was on 3rdRockGrid, the home of the USS Davy Crockett, which is ... Fascinating.
Transporter room on the Davy Crockett
Selenmoira: Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome aboard the USS Davy-Crockett. If you like, we have prepared a champagne bowl over there.
Truelie.Ellen: just a sip... must stay rational
Fuschia.Nightfire: champagne!  oh cool, it gives you the whole tray. That should keep me going for half an hour or so.

Selenmoira:  The USS Davy-Crockett is a scout class frigate of the United Federation of Planets. We are in the year 2413 and the Federation has established outposts and colony in all quadrants of the galaxy. With me I have my First Officer Kirsty Tamae and our 
Chief of Science Commander Juventa.
Kirsty Tamae: Greetings everyone :)
Braxx Juventa: nods
Thirza Ember: Greetings from the Safari quadrant
Selenmoira welcomes the Safari delegation

          The tour began in Engineering, where we met Chief Engineer Dolfke Barbosa. The quality of the ship is unsurpassed - from the elegant and precise sit poses, to the crystal clear textures, to the complexity of the layout. No empty or repetitious rooms here, everything has the lived-in feel of a five star build. It took about a year to put together the construction, Selen dedicated at least 3 or 4 hours a day to it. But it's a team effort. Everyone we met showed a their profound knowledge of all things Star Trek and a cheerful wittiness. This is what really makes the ship work. 
Selenmoira: The ship is powered by two warp cores. The power output of our cores are big enough to move us with warp 9.6 and that is really fast for a ship of this small size.
snowbody Cortes: ops I pushed the red button .....
Fuschia.Nightfire uh oh
Wizard Gynoid: WARNING
Taarna.Welles: ow no! Snowbody how could you!
Selenmoira: don't panic we have secured all primary systems *smile*
Dolfke.Barbosa: **Self Destruct in 180 Seconds from now ...**
snowbody Cortes: I'm so sorry ..
Dolfke.Barbosa runs to the red button and disengages Self Destruct, just in time!
Too much Ferengi weed?
          We also got to see the Botany department... they grow some interesting plants there. Be careful what you ingest on board the Davy Crockett. 
          Often role-play groups put people off by being so serious and obsessed that they are a bit scary to outsiders who might otherwise want to participate. Not so here. It's very inviting.
          The ship has cabins, shuttlecraft, a holodeck, offline during our visit (just as well!) but, they regretted, no Klingons. So maybe that is a role you could fill...?
Selenmoira: we have 15 officers and 35 crewmen on board and some tribbles - more then useful
Neo.Cortex: i hear them, annoying little creatures
Kirsty Tamae: indeed
Selenmoira: looks like we must clean the whole ship again number one
 Muze Ackland checks her pockets
Muze Ackland: No, it's not me
Kirsty Tamae: I thought I caught them all yesterday
Braxx Juventa: =^= Science to Captain, I detect an increase of lifeforms on the ship ma'am.=^=
Fuschia.Nightfire: are they breedable tribbles?
Selenmoira: we work currently on breedable tribbles; when our guest find some, they can take them.
Truelie.Ellen: but it's hard to breed them cuz you can't tell one end from the other
Scottius.Polke: Tribbles are like potato chips, can't have just one
Selenmoira: The ship is bigger than only the engineering *grin*  If you like, I show you next the sickbay and labs. Here is our own surgery area and medical lab. The only thing we miss at the moment is a new ship doctor. As a ship for fast action we can offer aid to all kinds of medical problems long before a bigger ship can arrive. Also the Davy is able to work independent from stations and fleet for longer time. We use this ship and some of our other sims here for away missions. Starfleet owns 21 sims here.

          Dr. Scott performed some sort of alien probe in the chamber with a less than willing patient. Poor snowbody, apparently his credit card number was excised, possibly with the umbrella.

Selenmoira: Well this is the bridge, we have different stations for the command and bridge crew. The crew works in three shifts aboard. Here above we have main control stations for engineering, science, operation and so on.
 Dolfke.Barbosa: Kaptain, Tactical scanners are getting a signal from a ship at 0.5 LY, at intercept course. May I advise Red Alert, Sir ?
Selenmoira: yellow alert. Helm, bring us on interception course too
Dolfke.Barbosa: Losing power on all stations, Kaptain
Scottius.Polke: The universe stopped! "It's a trap!" oh wait, wrong movie
Fuschia.Nightfire: it wasn't me! ...perhaps i did distract Helmsman Ron after all
Dolfke.Barbosa: the USS Neil Armstong is hailing us, Sir
Braxx Juventa: scanning the Neil Armstrong
Crewman Ron Dickel: Captn the aggressor activates its shield and phaser
Nara.Nook: we need to run from one side to the other to make it look like the ship is rocking
Crewman Ron Dickel: they open fire
Selenmoira: Barbosa, red alert and open fire at will!
Fuschia.Nightfire: poor Will
          Torpedoes were fired, Fuschia continued to molest the helmsman, Wizzy looked for the Spirit Station, and we did our best to break the ship, but it was too well built for us.

          Finally we retired to Ten Forward, where they were serving Gagh and Romulan ale. 

          ...And then in no time at all we were off to our second destination, Joe Builder's Arena sim on LostWorldGrid, full of spaceships. We began with Truelie Telling singing a few of her philosophically appropriate ditties, in the fantastic TOS dance hall. It was great to have Selen and Braxx join our company. It means a lot when hosts are able to join us on our further travels.

Thirza Ember: wow nice outfit Truelie
Truelie.Ellen: thank you Thirza, today I am Dr. Spock, Mr. Spock's sister. You remember Shakespeare's sister, right?

         And then, up and out to see the rest of the build. 
Joe Builder (far left) being assimilated with the rest of us.

         To the great Borg ship, ready to assimilate 3000 people in one sitting. 

The fabulous Klingon ship, with its red menacing interior.

And then up and outside, to enjoy the panorama. 
Joe Builder, Lucy Afarensis and an Andorian look out over the Star Fleet ships.

Latecomer Wizardoz Chrome, sporting one of the famous Fest'Avi avatars, joined us for an appropriate photo op. 
Wizardoz Chrome

Don't miss out on Fest'Avi, it's firing up the warp engines for a fantastic event in May which will bring even more great free original outfits to the OpenSim community. May it live long and prosper!
USS Davy Crockett: point
Joe Builder's Star Trek:


  1. Wizzy made a comment right before the one about Tribbles being like potato chips. Something to the effect the Tribbles were almost as good as BBQ Meeroo but not quite.

  2. yes- that, is, dear anonymous, the trouble with tribbles.