Friday, September 5, 2014

Safari Out Loud

A cloudy start in Metropolis this week, things did not look too promising, to be honest with you, and not just Apmel's funky Metrosexual hairdo. We are still meeting on Outlands sim in Metopolis, and no, nobody has fixed that elephant yet, but this time tomorrow, you will find a few freebies and a list of clothing, shoes and hair landmarks, not as fancy as the one Wizardoz Chrome has made in OSGrid, but a start, anyway. 
Outlands : I don't advise sitting on the barrels
It is a strange sensation to hear voices in Open Sim. One gets so used to having a smart mouth without actually opening it, that this week, when Safari went to the Seanchai Library in Kitely, it was a delightful shakeup of our usual routine.
Apmel and I ponder what could possibly have happened to Mal Burn's signature top hat.
  The Seanchai Library in SL has been delighting audiences (and helping real life good causes) for many years, and now they have branched out to Kitely, it means they have a vast number of prims for a fraction of the price. 
Seanchai Portals at the welcome area
That translates into more creative environments, places of wonder and inspiration for you to explore with twelve storytelling venues and eight themed worlds, you could spend days here. And before you start biting your keyboard and shouting 'Yeah, but where is the hg address" they are all at the end of the post, with the assumption that you have some inkling of how to gridjump.
For Safari, Seanchai (Irish for 'storyteller') meant Caledonia Skytower and Shandon Loring taking time out of their daytime to read for us two great stories that left us quivering with fear and clinging to our neighbors (or in my case crashing at the very end... I blame Apmel). The story reading corner is appropriately sized for such a large gathering but you really have to go check out their Fallingwater build, why not pop over there this weekend for their regular scheduled readings at 9 am SLT Saturday and Sunday.
 There is so much to see I am not sure everyone got to visit Fallingwater this time but we'll be back - who can resist these talented actors who have participated in on a whole raft of quality productions that bridge the gap between virtual worlds, including such classics as The African Queen and The Dickens Project. You can catch up with them on their website, and find them on FB, Google+ etc.  where upcoming performances are announced.
The beautiful Caledonia Skytower, during her reading of Frank Stockton's The Lady or the Tiger?
They have so many great ideas for using virtual spaces to put on plays and readings, this is a huge resource for anyone who loves literature and hypergridding, so be sure to join their group at the main welcome area, so you will get all their updates, and don't forget if you're in SL, you can also join StoryFest and perhaps be an even more active part of the fun. Voice is not for everyone, but it adds a delicious level of intimacy and animation to the virtual experience and we plan to come back again soon to hear some more of their stories, so please join us if you can.
Love the red plane on TanGle Grid!
Few things are more excruciating in a virtual world than when your viewer freezes just as you hear someone ask you a question in front of a large group of people, but at least the inevitable crash is a merciful release... and with crashing on the menu, it seemed appropriate that our second destination was the Air and Space show at TanGle Grid. Their Wlecome sim is one of my favorites, it is easy to use, bright and busy, but not so full of info you are overloaded and can't figure out where to go.  Just follow the arrows!
Peter Veliz and the team made us very welcome, although once again it seems a good number of safarians could not see the fantastic vehicles on the sim, while the neighboring fun fair rezzed perfectly for them. It is your classic HG Voodoo, a huge shame though because the vintage and futuristic vehicular variety on show was amazing. For a long time the only thing I could see was Miso Susanowa wearing her new Meeroo HG Hairguard (too late, Philip. I believe it is already Patent Pending)
But then Boom! All the ships came into view. 
I went up to see the Star Trek models, shame my dire computer situation *breaks down and weeps before the shattered hull of her alienware laptop* could not really do the place justice.
We bethought ourselves to go over and check out the Ghost Castle Installation that Fuschia has put up on PM Grid. Usually by the time we get to our third destination we are quite thin on the ground, but this week more seemed to have survived the many missteps that makes up jumping. One such misstep, losing your clothes, seems to be easily fixable, according to the Nook's very own Nara Malone who advises - put all the things you are wearing into your inventory's Suitcase, so that grids with HG restrictions will not bork your lovely look (huh- must remember to do that, also not try to grid jump when my viewer is set to High Graphics.)
This may be illegal.
For quite a few of us, it took loads of jump attempts and the use of sneaky back ways to get over to PMGrid; Pathfinder managed to get there before any of us. We found him riding around on an animal that looked distinctly HG traumatized, and when the grid finally spat us all out, we headed back to Metropolis, landing up in Art Blue's zoo on sim Futurelab. It is nice to close each chaotic safari this way, the hard core safarians drifts back to our grid of origin and we all end up sitting around being silly. For the second time in a week I have been a party to lap-sitting mishaps, and since I have been plagiarized twice this week also, Karma says it's OK to steal this photo from Phacebook. 

It belongs to  Apmel who made it right to the end of the Safari this time, a personal best for him, I think his magic hair must be the secret behind his new-found stickability. Lucy came and went, but what kept Nara with us down to the wire? Writerly genius, of course! Fuschia has Pink Power, while Wiz and Miso swear by Meeroo meat, which has become the number one snack for all Safaris, for its high fiber and levels of vitamins H and G.  I am not sure what Patricia Anne's superpower is... yet. Art has some bizarrely oversized animals in his collection, I leave it to others to decide what that means. Maybe Siobhan and Nara can write a story about it. 

So once you log into your grid of choice, here are the hg addresses of the places we went to. Put the address in the Search box in your Map, hit Search, wait, and then jump.

Seanchai Library Library
TanGle Grid and then follow the big arrow to Expo Isle (the Air and Space Expo is nearly over, so hurry!) 
Fuschia's Ghost Castle on PM Grid
Art Blue's zoo and more


  1. Lovely Post, Thirza. We are so glad that you all had as good a time visiting as we did hosting you. A couple of clarifications, as Seanchai Library has become complex enough that even we have to carry small, hand-drawn diagrams around with us to remember it.

    ~ We don't produce plays, and while several Seanchai Staff are also actors, what we do is more in the line of animated storytelling than acting. It is a fine distinction which DOES seem to matter to some people it would seem. (you can tell we've dealt with this before *grins*)

    ~ "The African Queen" was produced by Avatar Repertory Theater in SL, which is not part of Seanchai Library, though our Caledonia is a company member.

    ~ StoryFest Events in SL is an outreach program of ours, not an announcement group. If you want to get SL announcements, drop by our library and join one of our subscriber groups. or send a notecard to Shandon Loring of Caledonia Skytower

    We look forward to welcoming you back soon, and keep a weather eye out for announcements regarding our Grand Opening, October 3rd and 4th!

    ~ Slainte'

  2. Wonderful summary as usual, Thirza! Thank you for keeping a great historical record of all these adventures.