Thursday, September 18, 2014

Safari Animals

W. Gynoid in "Hippo dreams"
        It was a beast of a Safari this time, and not just because it was 'bring your your own sheep' week. 
 F. Nightfire as "SaveMe Ewe"
          Outlands was awash (make that ahandwash only - do not dry clean) with  pure new wool, much of it in particle form. FYI if you are in need of a good sheep particle, one is available at the clubhouse on Outlands sim, Metropolis. No questions asked.
Bopeep Caught on Safaricam
        To describe the Safaristas as a loose group is to put it mildly. People come and go over the three hours, and if you're thinking - 'three hours, how can you possibly fill so much time with just a couple of Open Sim destinations - there's nothing out there but empty regions' then boy, you know nothing about Open Sim. The time flies by in an intense whirlwind of tp's, rezzing, jokes, welcoming speeches, missing skirts, IMs saying 'Lost!', freebies, more jokes, art, tales of love and loss, hair, special effects, and more jokes. We cater for a worldwide membership from as far afield as Alaska, Poland, or South America.
Outlands dock. Vegas rule applies here.

        We only plan to go to three places each week, but it is a hilarious odyssey that nothing in SL can compare to. Because grid jumping can be difficult, there is a warm human element to our adventure, as we go back and look for each other, try to help newcomers and in the process make new friends, getting to know one another on a level you never experience at some SL vernissage or music concert where you almost don't dare IM someone you don't know.  Drama queens, creepy types and lotharios don't have the stamina to keep up with us, which makes them the moss and us, I guess, the rolling stones. Or in some cases quite possibly the rolling stoned. Naming no names.
Dolma's Dolphins

           First stop, Dolma Dollinger's grid, DWGrid (HG Addresses or URIs at the end of the post) which is a classic example of how different the experience of gridjumpnig is when you have an interested party in your party, if you see what I mean. You might jump to DW and just think it is 9 sims with not much more than some palm trees and a little oriental architecture, but that is just the arrival point. Dolma has a whole bunch of other regions, is experimenting and building all the time. Like so many in open sim, her virtual life flows between SL and other virtual worlds, and it shows in the sophistication of her style.
          Experimenting with bigger regions is part of the fun, too, but her attention to detail is also a hallmark, and she has a collection of really lovely buildings, some by Arcadia Asylum, some by others, that show off the quality available in making fantasies come true in the open worlds.
sim Water on DWGrid
        There was loads to see, way more than we could handle with all our safari chaos, the attachment patch did not seem to be working for us on Dolma's grid, so it was more than newbies that were going astray. Chanteuse Truelie Telling joined us for her first Safari and mocked my lack of feet. She has no idea, does she. It would have been great to stay longer, and we will definitely be returning to play in Dolma's backyard soon, either all together or by ourselves.
Rezzin' on DWGrid. Hair and feet optional for many.
Miso Susanowa: Today was a bad start for the Safari, Dolma. I will come back to explore.
Dolma Dollinger: Well you haven't seen all but that's OK. I am amazed my connection holds 15 people so well. 
          We were due at Art Blue's place for a special performance, so we had to go, and Dolma tagged along, one has to wonder if she knew what she was getting involved in. I don't think any of us did.
PatriciaAnne externalizes the group impression of the event
          So, I won't lie to you, it is a bit of a blur. First there was the waiting area, which was in the zoo.
James.AtLLOUD zOMG we are in a giant hand!
        OK yes, first we were on a giant hand, and then we were in a zoo. A marshaling point. When Landmarks don't work, and the map doesn't work, we send tp's and that often does the trick. It is hypergrid mountaineering and the cord that holds us together is our Friend list. 
Wizard Gynoid: there's miso and Thirza
Organum Hiatus: HUGGZs its Miso
Fuschia Nightfire: going to try to get my sheep back later
Nara Malone: he can't have mine...scoots them closer
harry jon: i see a dragon
Alle Zeb: WB Miso
Truelie Telling: now you see him now you don't
Miso Susanowa: ty Alle
PatriciaAnne Daviau: yay I can see Miso again!
harry jon: first time i see so many people in one place in metropolis grid
Nara Malone: Thirza :)
Jessica.Pixel haha, so this is a people zoo, keeps the people in and the animals out?
harry jon: it's nice
Organum Hiatus: waves to Miso. Look so many arrive...fine day!
Art Blue shouts: bitte alle zum großen käfig kommen
Miso Susanowa: I can finally see your av, Jessica!
Art Blue shouts: come to the big cage!
Alle Zeb needs a translator
Truelie Telling: there's 26 here!
Organum Hiatus: GOOD
           That's five bucks I owe Wizzy who said all along that Art was German.
 Art Blue shouts: take a seat: PatriciaAnne is flight attendant, Qnav What and I ... so the first seat is taken
Art shouting
Wizard Gynoid: Stewardess! I would like a drink over here!
Thirza Ember: i need a bottle
Tina Bey (es -> en): they already took all the wine!
PatriciaAnne Daviau shouts: come join me!!  grab a chair!!
Fuschia Nightfire: glad to get my head out of Thirza's skirts
Alle Zeb: lol
Art Blue shouts: now take a seat hurry!
Miso Susanowa: good thing there were no sheep farts...
Fuschia Nightfire: yeah lucky. 
Wizard Gynoid: Good thing i have no fart gestures
Qnav What shouts: Just 7 seats left, I would hurry up to see everything fine ;)
Alle Zeb saw a tiger fly by and a pig after it
Wizard Gynoid: pigs and tigers don't fly, silly.
Thirza Ember: not together anyway 
Alle Zeb cough I saw it I did
Wizard Gynoid waits for lift-off

Director shouts: Welcome dear Audience. I skip the personal welcome babble that all politicians do when the most important guests are addressed in person at the beginning. We would sit here for hours if I would greet all of high rank and of noble born caste in person. So I say: we are all artists, some don’t know they are, some will even deny they are, but all of the 21 sitting here will be noticed in time. That they have been the first passing the barrier and stayed alive...
          And after that it was a blur of lights, and a volcano, and some monks, and Faust, and stuff like that. 
ChapTer Kronfeld looks like he is enjoying this a little bit too much
          Luckily Art is going to do a second show on Sunday September 28th, so you can see for yourself! Look for Ervare Farroretre or Art Blue in Facebook and Google+ to get the details of the event. And the Retrospective (2008-11) of Bryn Oh's art "A Room for Ferrisquito" is visitable anytime on sim Rift Horizon, Metropolis Grid. 
Bryn: "Is it over?"     With Faust, it's never over.

         Just as we were recovering from a sim kick,  Bryn Oh arrived and confessed to having given Art the 'Annoying Light' particle we had all been admiring earlier. It occurred to me that visiting your own retrospective out in open sim must be a surreal experience, but then I looked at Bryn's avie. She can handle surreal.
          It was getting late, and we still had Cataplexia Number's ArtSpeak cafe to visit! 
Cataplexia Numbers

          Cat's is one of the few commercial regions in open sim, so a bit of a rarity. It gets confusing because the Kitely folk want you to call their regions 'worlds' where for open sim, a 'world' is an independent grid, with its own asset server, owner, possibly currency, and idiosyncatic ToS. To call a region, however large, a 'world' is like me talking about my town as if it were a country. Let's hope they stop doing that, because it is irritating.         
          This is the third branch of Cat's business, she does all kinds of romantic things like wedding cakes, ice cream, as well as furniture, shoes, textures and more. We borrowed the Wedding Poseballs for a group shot. Although with our hands together like that, it might work for a Slave marketplace too. just sayin'. 
Miso is a sticklady

Cataplexia.Numbers: Hi Thirza GTSY.
Wizard Gynoid: yes, Thirza's last name is Gutsy
Cataplexia.Numbers: you have to be to venture into all these places in a bo peep dress.
Fuschia Nightfire: I don't know what is braver, to be Bo Peep or to be SaveMe Oh. We swap next time Thirza. 
Wizard Gynoid: Fuschia you should put SMOH in a freebie box at the Clubhouse
Fuschia Nightfire: yes i will do that,  i think everyone should be given the chance to be SMO
Serene Jewell: Greetings Safarians
         Our numbers were down, but still not bad, six or seven of us, thinking back to the first weeks where we were usually only 3 before we had reached our final destination, if we reached it at all. But then some friends showed up late, like Minethere Always and Serene Jewell in rare human form.
Thirza Ember: what a gorgeous shop
Cataplexia.Numbers: all 4 sims are the store
Fuschia Nightfire: how many grids are you on now Cat?
Cataplexia.Numbers: stores on 3 grids, SL and InWorldz
Fuschia Nightfire: oh i didn't know you had stores on SL!
Cataplexia.Numbers: just Marketplace now -  about 500 items between Mike and I. As I mentioned, this is one of the more rare commercial sims, but also theres a gallery and cafe here, both called ArtSpeak, and there will be everything from Live music to open mic readings of poetrey and stories, DJs etc. Art throughout the cafe, and above it a full art gallery. You can grab food from the food court to enjoy at the cafe. I i still have scripting to do on a lot of the food,that's why most is not for sale yet. There is The Cat's Meow (fashion and shoes) and Textures by Numbers that has not only textures but full perm mesh for builders, sculpt and mesh kits etc. 
          I wondered how she rates Kitely for sales. It is early days, of course.
 Cataplexia.Numbers: I think sales wise, its not too promising....will be better as i get more on [Kitely] marketplace but I LOVE being here and being able to hypergrid is awesome.
PatriciaAnne Daviau: agreed...
Minethere Always: hg is wootnessified
Tina Bey: todo cuesta dinero aqui, verdad? (es -> en): everything costs money here, right?
Cataplexia.Numbers: yes Tina though I will give you your favorite piece of art.
Tina Bey: ahh el helado es gratis? (es -> en): is ahh ice cream free?
Cataplexia.Numbers: yes
Minethere Always: oooo
Cataplexia.Numbers: click on it for a menu
Minethere Always: rocky road??
          Isn't it every week for the Safari animals?

Dolma Dollinger's Grid:
Art Blue's region: Horizon
Cataplexia's Alternative Metaverse : Metaverse

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