Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jokay Unconferential

Yeah. It's a stretch. Today's HGAC meeting on Pathlandia was less about exploring and more about setting up for Jokaydia's Unconference, on from May 29 to June 26.
So what's this festival of unconferenciness all about?
Jokay Wollongong: The events can all be seen on our conference calendar.  We hope by letting the community generate the topics and activities, it will be more interesting than a scheduled conference, even if it makes for some chaos sometimes. It also always leads to interesting discussions. One of the challenges for this group is to get the different groups together a little more.We seem to have two almost separate communities sometimes; the daytime Aus people kinda miss you guys...
Pathfinder Lester: I love it when other folks put things on Google Calendars, because I can then easily add them to my own calendar. It makes it easy for me to figure out timezone stuff, since GCal just converts everything to my own local time zone.

And all I have is a paper "Cats of All Nations" calendar that Crap Mariner gave me for my birthday. *sob*
Azzura Supplee, Eraldo Carlucci, Aaron Duffy, and the others TP'd to Swapmeet. It's an entire sim on Jokaydia set aside for freebies and, well, swapping and meeting. My shoes chose not to come along. I hate it when that happens.
Thirza Ember: Ina should bring all her stuff here, now her Second Life is coming to an end. Except it's not as simple as all that.
Jokay Wollongong: we have some of her stuff in the shop on Pixel sim from OSavatars.. i hope she gets some support in getting at least some of her stuff out. I suggested she go see Firesabre  who is probably dying to get good content into his new grid anyway.
Pathfinder put down a dinosaur, a cannon, and a taxi. Aaron pulled out a truck, sans textures, which weren't his to give. Jokay was delighted.
Jokay Wollongong: Oh no stress, that will be a fun challenge for some of the kids at Lorica sim, they are just learning about textures at the moment! They're in Year 8, so 13-15. We have several class groups from Tasmania around that age. They are too cute! It's going to be fun to watch the collection of stuff grow here... hooray new loot.. lolz
Pathfinder pulled out another of his treasures.
Thirza Ember: erm nice dolly, Path...
Pathfinder Lester: dolly?
Jokay Wollongong: hehe.. she's an improvement on poor forlorn bot girl.. lolz
Pathfinder Lester: you mean my fairy friend? I have a veeeery tiny version of her on Pathlandia, caught in a spiderweb, fighting a spider! She's in a little Easter egg hidden on the island.
Yeah, a likely story. I think he uses her for illicit purposes. You know, like going in the Car Pool lane.
Jokay Wollongong: We have a project team here called PLANE. They are part of the NSW Education Department in Australia. They are doing a big project to develop online teacher professional development. By the way, the PLANE group were very scared of your killer bunnies, Pathfinder! They did however adopt the hamster, and there's a huge version of him down on one of the PLANE team sims. At the moment they are learning here at Jgrid,  and are creating their first sims, with learning pathways for teachers. They are presenting their work next Friday night, Australian time, and looking for virtual worlds Residents to come and give them feedback on their projects so far, This project is broader than just virtual worlds; it's professional development for teachers in general,  so they are creating a suite of tools which includes virtual world components.
Aaron Duffy: Sounds similar to our project. We are developing teacher PD to get teachers using cyber-enabled technology to teach science.
If you want to see PLANE  in action, then come to Jokaydia on Friday, and share your impressions and experience with them. For full details, of course, hit the Jokaydia grid website. And go and grab yourself some freebies, too. Yay!


  1. Just to be clear, the fairy involved in the "spider attack" scene on Pathlandia is a professionally trained stunt performer. No fairies are harmed in the scene, and I have all the relevant permits on file in my office. Thank you.

  2. oh, we're super clear about that fairy.

  3. Hi Thirza -- lovely to see you at today's HGAC (as opposed to last week's which I missed) and kudos on a great blog. Graham.

  4. thanks for reading, and I hope to see you soon!

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