Thursday, January 18, 2018

Safari Buys the Farm

          Metropolis and Tangle were our two destination grids this week, and two wonderful regions... the common thread, beautiful building, and farming! HG Addresses at the end of the post as usual.
          First up a trip to see Satyr Aeon, sometimes known as Satyr Gator. This lovely man is behind one of the hypergrid's most valuable tools, - a web directory you have already bookmarked I'm sure.
          Satyr has a number of regions on Metropolis, including Opensimworld, Priape, and Roman. You can get Satyr's Farming system available in box form on Opensimworld, and there is a farm on Priape, but for this week's trip, he set up a farm on sim Roman, in order to avoid some lag issues.  

         Apologies to anyone who ended up slightly lost, when our destination changed from Priape to Roman I did alter the Safari Notecard and LMs, but HGSafari sim on Francogrid hiccupped, and reverted to the original notecard... safari happens. A special shout out to the beautiful Bink Draconia, who suggested this trip a few weeks ago - what a great idea.
Bink Draconia

         Anyway, we pretty much all got there at the end. Roman is one of the most beautiful regions you'll ever visit, it is worth a trip simply for the architecture.
         Satyr is a gentleman genius; just before the group arrived, he swept me up onto his stallion and we went to take a look at his his plantation...
.... not long after, the gang showed up on the region! there is so much to do here, I can't list it all, suffice it to say, if you've enjoyed farming in SL, you'll love it here too, with the added bonus - no cost!
Satyr Aeon: you make slop in the kitchen, using other farm products like plants and even meat from other animals, only carnivores need slop, the other animals feed on this grass thing, the animals live about 30 days,  except the dogs, they live 90 because people love them more.
Lucy Afarensis: poor things
Satyr Aeon: well such is life, but they can mate and reproduce, so you can have their children hehe.
Phred making wine
         You can grow crops, raise and breed animals, prepare wine and olive oil, gather honey and enen make dishes like apple pie.   Our visit was an opportunity not only for season farm-owners like Loru Destiny to say thank you, but also to ask a bunch of questions.
Frank Gresham making olive oil
Loru Destiny: do the bees need certain flowers?
Satyr Aeon: no, the bees are easy, you just wait until the honey is ready, they don't need any work.The animals must be within 10 meters from their feeders, or else they will go hungry
Husky: Woof, I'm hungry and thirsty!
SF Water Tower: Error! Water bucket not found nearby! You must bring a water bucket near me!
Husky: Woof, I'm hungry and thirsty!
Husky whispers: Yummy yummy food
Husky whispers: Aaah! Refreshing!
Ni Lemon: the Husky is full of water and food, lucky one
Satyr Aeon: so , the kitchen can be used to make more than Slop, actually there is a notecard inside it so you can make your own recipes, and the same goes for the distiller and the juicer.
Bink Draconia: distiller is fun ... if you add the drinks to the bar you can fill glasses with them - and get drunk after a while ;))
George Equus woff  I am hungry!  Going for that Apple Pie
Thirza Ember: Satyr, tell us when did you have the idea to make the farm and how long did it take you to create everything?
Satyr Aeon: oh . it was a friends' idea. he liked G&S in second life so i made something  similar, although i don't use G&S myself so i just got creative, it took about 2 months to build the stuff.
Ni Lemon: so many things to play with this is fantastic
Satyr Aeon: and there are 2 ways to sell your stuff. if you have money in the grid, you can use the cart behind me, here you all have $5000 fake money, you can sell stuff to the cart and also buy  stuff, and then there is also the OSW truck over there. you earn points when you sell stuff and these points show up in your opensimworld profile.
 Thirza Ember: what was the most difficult or challenging part of the Farm to make, Satyr?
Satyr Aeon: i guess the animals were difficult. i had to change the way they worked many times
        With so much to do on the farm, not to mention going around the gorgeous buildings of sim Roman, it was hard to get the gang to leave at the end of our 90 minute visit. Sim Roman is glorious, entertaining, engrossing, and welcoming - just a complete delight.
The dance floor on Wonderland

Our second destination awaited - Leslie Kling, the co owner of TanGLe grid was spinning discs on sim Wonderland at the mystical Haven build. The region is by Elbereth Elentari, who wasn't able to join us but left a great notecard for visitors (more about that below)

        Turns out the lovely Elbereth Elentari, a self confessed Tolkein fangirl, is also a fan of Satyr's farm system!

          It's an absolute paradise for anyone who enjoys elegant, elven fantasy builds.
Leslie Kling: welcome all
Rusty Sciavo: The Chrystal Palace Oldies Club will be opening here in TaNGLE Grid soon. We also have bring a buddy sunday in the coffee shop. 12 noon grid time.
Juliette.SurrealDreaming: oooh that sounds interesting
Lucy Afarensis: There is some really great landscapes here
    Themed around a free interpretation of the Silmarillion, this gorgeous woodland world is full of delicate architecture and lovely books. 

          It's the home of  Elves, Faerie(Seelie), Unseelie, Humans, Dragons, Merfolk, Gypsy and Hobbits     
         Elbereth had provided a notecard (also available on the landing point of the sim) that tells how together with her friend Nyza Stillwater, she has been an avid roleplayer fo some years. The Notecard (also available at te HG Safari Clubhouse) explains the itinerary and suggests 5 questions to answer.Forest and stone are the prime materials... 
... in this tranquil, mysterious, ancient land. Eventually, thanks to a cat on an island, you will find your way to a special area called Sheewyld, where some deliciously monstrous figures haunt the landscape!
       If you're brave enough to face up to the many beasts, you will be rewarded with a beautiful gift, from a beautiful and gifted builder, Elbereth Elentari!

HG Addresses
(visit region for the free farm in a box)
Elbereth's region     

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting Mystical Haven and I hope that more people will know now just how awesome Satyr's Farm kit is! <3