Thursday, January 12, 2017

Scripts... and scripts

          Two very exciting projects in OpenSim that you will be hearing more and more about in the future!
          Ask most safari-goers, and they'll tell you they're into love, not war... but there are always exceptions, and Konk Combat is definitely exceptional. 

The King of Konk, Valerious Strongborn
          We ran over to Konk on Kitely (full HG addresses at the end of the post) to see what it was all about. There were almost 20 of us by the time all arrived, and it being Kitely, of course, everything rezzed super fast, except for the occasional person with some kinky cloud issues. 
          So what is Konk? We decided to ask the Man himself.

Valerious Strongborn: Konk has crafting, melee,magic,pvp traps and now fishing, also the combat system has lots of role play animations and nice titler leveling system and currency. You can learn more by looking at our YouTube tutorials.  Everyone here may come and touch some boards over here. TThese are the things you need. from white board at top to brown group inviter you will recive a master game hud from the white board acept the attachment to attach to you. We have pickable locks doors and traps as well
Alya VonZ: hm, keeping this lm:)
Valerious Strongborn: this system is pretty complex to figure out in a short time so i will just show you all the possibilites, is that fine ?
James Atlloud: ok
Alya Von: Sure, think needs time:)
Valerious Strongborn: See I have a meter and a nice titler. I am currently ooc - out of character, if i go ic, my text will turn blue.You can make this titler 1 line or 7. Now i will get a weapon out, so we can fight a npc :)  A staff will work..

Thirza Ember: woooooh he is getting his weapon out! /me stands well back
Sunbeam Magic: duck!!!
Sunshine Szavanna faints
Cori Parkin: oh so cool...OMG... I have to have one
Azi Az: nice moves Val
Valerious Strongborn: there are bows and arrows swords daggers etc, and magic as well
Cori Parkin: oh a bow?
Sunbeam Magic: Robin Hood beware!
Ni Lemon: wow the sounds are great ok so now i will fight a npc i am gonna use magic though P:
Alya VonZ: that's cool you can play even when others are not around
Valerious Strongborn: yes and earn exp and konk coins
Sunshine Szavanna: omg :)
PowerOf Green: hehehe sweet u gotz em
Alya VonZ: good practice:)
Thirza Ember: those darn NPCs.... they are asking for it!

Cori Parkin: do we have to be a member of the grid to join and participate?
Valerious Strongborn: no, this is tested on digiwrldz and great canadian grid, it is a grid to grid system. Here's another part of the game. You can set up traps also searchable furnishings
Valerious Strongborn: this is just a practice dummy OP: ... so now here we could place these out on our sim for players to find things, so they can search houses huts etc, they must be in character at all times to interact with anything
old dresser: Searching
old dresser: Valerious Strongborn You Received: 1 iron ingot
old dresser: Valerious Strongborn You Received: 2 cloth
snowbody Cortes: Valerious, how much time to develop all this ?
Valerious. Strongborn: 2 years easy... it was designed by me but i had to pay a great scripter friend of mine to help.. but it has been all me now for the last 6 months... so i have learned in 2 years to become a really good scripter so this has helped me do that and make a awsome game :P
Pete Camino: need a manual

Valerious Strongborn: this is traps :)
Alya VonZ: Snow, you are bleeding all over the place, Val too
Valerious Strongborn:  ouch ! i will disarm it
Konk rotating blade trap: Valerious Strongborn Unlocked konk rotating blade trap
Sunbeam Magic: Medic!!
James Atlloud: lol
Cori Parkin: well, that was dramatic
PowerOf Green: fantastic effect
Azi.Az: yes indeed
Thirza Ember: it's a weight loss device
Valerious Strongborn: well, for a few seconds heheh
Thirza.Ember: Anyone can come here and play? or grids can buy the system for themselves?
Valerious.Strongborn: yes people can come here and play or people interested in having this at there region would need to buy the setup, and remember we can travel grid to grid maintaining our inventory as well. So if I kill NPCs and earn enough to get a sword I can take that to a Digiworldz grid and use it. This is the gathering part.. for crafting. You can craft healing potions,walls that are destructable,  also weapons and other things but require rare items, so like here i can collect some stuff, if in character you will collect. There are trees that require you to chop them down,
Cotton for Crafting
 Drang Po: 5 sticks :)
Valerious Strongborn: stone you can mine for iron ore and other metals
Sunbeam Magic: cool, Fairy's love metals and shiny things ;)
Valerious Strongborn: The things you collect here can be mixed together on the crafting table to make other things.
Primitive: Valerious Strongborn You Received: 1 animal dung
collectable aloe plant: Valerious Strongborn You Received: 1 sticks
Cori Parkin: Dung fight!
Valerious Strongborn: that is very useful btw, to make fertilizer to plant your own trees 
Sunbeam Magic: Dynamo! I'm pretty good with potions too he hee
Alya VonZ: you have to do some work before you can play:)
PowerOf Green: awesome, if a grid buys it, can the resources be customized
Valerious Strongborn: well all things will be through the system or me.. so yes we can customise items you need and it is a very easy process
PowerOf Green: very excited lol
Valerious Strongborn: anyone wanting in depth detail just holler at me after the tour... Let's go fish...they will be caught and can be crafted into healing meals, used for armors and other things..  i am excited to show off the Fishing area, it is a new addition

take tp to fishing please
Valerious Strongborn: i touch my bobber to try to catch a fish
konk fishers scoreboard:  Fish Caught by : Valerious Strongborn
Alya VonZ: nice I see the fish
Valerious Strongborn: so you can see the fish really close also
Thirza Ember: wow that's quite a rod!
Valerious Strongborn: let me give everyone my youtube channel it has all kind of videos about the system
Valerious Strongborn: oh i have something else that you will all like i think
Thirza Ember: if it's chips to go with the fish, I may be in love
 Valerious Strongborn: so you can bury chest or treasure and players have to use a shovel to dig to it... the first ever working shovel ...also konk has a questing system so region owners could lead them to a place where they would have to dig down. Players do not have to have teraforming rights, the land fixes itself... it takes a few mins... there, the ground is back alex54 Salamander: very good :-)
Valerious Strongborn: P:
James.Atlloud: unbelievable
Thirza.Ember: I dig it!
Sunshine.Szavanna: oo really
Valerious.Strongborn:  One more thing you may like - a working water bucket. Players will have to craft it to collect water. And they can use water to make potions and foods etc. With this bucket i must go down to water touch bucket to collect.. walk back out onto land and collect water
alex54 Salamander: its not so easy
Valerious Strongborn: now i have water i touch to collect
empty bucket: You collected 1 water.
Valerious.Strongborn: So thats about all..and thanks everyone so much for coming... any questions?
Thirza.Ember: Are you this handsome in RL?
Sunbeam.Magic: handsome is as handsome does
Valerious with his bucket

Valerious Strongborn: i livestreamed this to youtube as well
James Atlloud: wow
 snowbody.Cortesg: awesome Valerious , just awesome !
 Azi.Az: Thank you for having us :))))
Sunshine Szavanna: ty Valerious lots of magic here :)
Thirza.Ember Val, were you a scripter before you got into virtual world games? or is this something you have learned more recently?
Valerious Strongborn: i learned to script when i started sl like 8 years ago but i was not very good. i want to have many grids and regions running this throughout the hypergrid.Currently there are arround 7
PowerOf.Green: yea  multi grid  awesome
Sunbeam.Magic: cross over competitions would be extremely fun
Valerious.Strongborn: thats my idea lol
PowerOf Green: we crazy on my grid tho, dangerous
Thirza Ember: must say, the graphics are spectacular!
alex54 Salamander: yes
Cori Parkin: I want to grow trees
snowbody Cortes: Oh My Konk . I love this game !
Thirza Ember: is it me or Mal doing tai chi
Mal poses
Mal Burns: playing with the poses lool 
Sunbeam Magic: oh i got poses to work ;)) i fainted hehehehehe
PowerOf Green: yea mine work fine just slow
Valerious Strongborn: there is the youtube channel that will direct anyone on useing the system
Thirza Ember: so Val, how long does it take, on average, to set up a system on a new grid?
Valerious.Strongborn: well the region owner has to do some setup steps but normaly 10-15 minutes and thats all about how they wish you use the system also, like the npc's is probably the hardest thing people have problems setting up. i have 5 star reviews for my customer support lol, i will help set up most the time.
Cori Parkin: this would be nice for 3rdlife i know a few people on 3rd that would utilize it
PowerOf Green: def on Dynamic Worldz - then we could do raids!
Mal Burns: would make great AO on its own lol
Sunbeam Magic: I asked earlier about pricing too ?
Valerious Strongborn: for 10 bucks you get the basic setup that allows all your combat.. titler master hud etc
Thirza.Ember: damn 10 bucks? that's a great price.
Valerious.Strongborn: this is for a region or 16 regions
PowerOf Green: awesome
Thirza Ember that's a great price Val
Cori Parkin: OK, this is doable. Going to think about it
Mal Burns: thats where - via Kitely market?
PowerOf Green: sold - see yall in battle hehehehe
Valerious Strongborn: i want anyone interested to look at the youtube vids.. make sure it is what you need and what you expect
PowerOf Green: omg can u imagine, I'm already a game creator, this rocks. Thirza Ember: my thighs are going to hurt in the morning
Alya VonZ: good work out
Cori Parkin: my thighs are going to hurt just watching you Thirza
Valerious Strongborn: the fishing is just new to the system and a lot more to come. We are also working on a Starwars themed system Danger Lytton: wow my sword works good with this
Valerious Strongborn: remember everyone, this is a temp attach hud, so you need to remove it before leaving are it will be stuck on you until relog
Sunbeam Magic: kk Valerious, we're having some fun now though ... even temporary!
Valerious Strongborn: thanks all for coming and like a say come back any time and play fish craft whatever lol
Cori Parkin: Great Great Great Tour
Valerious Strongborn our host
Cori Parkin: Thank You Valerious for your time I WILL BE BACK!
xSIBERIAx.ILFREDDOPURIFICA:thanks you so much :) is a great work and you are great :)
Wizardoz Chrome: Many thanks for all :) :) see youuuu
snowbody Cortes: thank you Valerious for having us here , you did a great job !!!

          Our next stop was at the new HQ for the virtual world musical CRASH written by Truelie Telling, with Emil Jannings starring in it - plus lots more people, they hope, as the project gets organized and underway. 
Eryn Galen's romantic set.

           Eryn Galen has built a set for the production - it's lovely, even though I'm told it's not the final draft, for they expect the Musical to develop change and expand. As a first idea, it's spectacular, especially because the whole set morphs according to the scene of the play - partly set in a Welcome Center, partly in a romantic Castle, with the touch of a button. 
Sandbox Neovo, with the round workshop building.

          There are seats for a sort of Greek chorus or gossippers, and, naturally there's a dragon in the plot, as well as lots of songs. 

          Since many of us had difficulties jumping to the sandbox on Metropolis, we moved our meet to the Maritime Club Belfast, on OSGrid, a familiar music venue. But if you use the HG Address at the end of the post you can visit the Crash workshop any time, space kindly donated by Neovo Geesink
          Not everyone could get Voice to work at the Maritime, but it was fun to have everyone there, even if they just came by to say hi in Local Chat.
Maritime Club Belfast, on osgrid
           Emil Jannings and Truelie did a read-through of the first part of the Musical, to give everyone an idea of what it's about - the story of a woman taking her first steps in virtual worlds. There were many familiar tropes we could all relate to - being bothered by strangers offering 'help', being instructed to read notecards that of course nobody actually reads, having inappropriate clothing, and so on. 
Emil Jannings
           Metro resident and actor Em Jannings, who does some great voices, really brought his parts to life, and Truelie animated the whole thing with songs.
Alya VonZ: only two reading, pretty much went great taking turns, with more people it will be difficult
Thirza Ember: do you want to tell us how you think people can get involved? what can they do?
Truelie Telling: All the information is on the Notecard

Truelie Telling
CLICK 4 CRASH! INFO owned by Truelie.Telling gave you 'CLICK 4 CRASH! INFO'
PowerOf Green: me got notecard
          You can get your notecard with all details at the workshop on Sandbox Neovo, Metropolis. Right now, they are looking to build up a company of technical help and acting talent. A good way to start is by joining the G+ community for CRASH!  
         Truelie's rules are quite simple and include things like - if you're helping on the building and technical side, please do not use materials that you don't have permission to freely share. When it comes to dresses, there's also lag to take into account...
Emil Jannings: low impact textures
            Another good rule on Truelie's notecard is, only join in if you're having fun. The musical shouldn't be a chore for those involved. 
Ni Lemon: we are all here to have a good time! I think I already am in your G+ group True
Truelie Telling: there will also be inworld groups too, eventually. This is a long term project. I expect it to take a year. To put that into context, the musical Hamilton, which is one of the most successful musicals on Broadway right now, took 8 years to develop. And there will be lots more specific information as time goes by. For example, costumes can really only be designed and made after we have gotten our cast together. And we will be looking for multiple people to play each role, since we want to be able to perform the musical in different time zones, so we will need people available at different hours of the day.
Alya VonZ: think it is gonna be a lot of fun
George Equus: Was just about to type the same  :)
PowerOf Green: same, that its lot of fun
Emil Jannings: hooray for opensim
PowerOf Green: yes  whole thing... horray for whole HG! #1fam

HG Addresses  
Konk  combat       combat and roleplay
Crash! workshop   neovo
Maritime Club       club belfast

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