Saturday, October 8, 2011

Linda Kellie's FreeLife

This is Linda Kellie, previously known as Ayla Holt in SL and Inworldz, where she spent over 5 years making stuff - clothes, furniture, skins, buildings, sculpties, and more. She's gradually putting all her goodies on her website, to be exported, modified, re-used any way you want, as she explains in her personal note
It's an extraordinary move, and so far there's over 250MB of material available, all set out in nicely categorized sections. 
Yes, that's right - FREE, FULL PERM/MOD/TRANS.
 On your computer. Good for any grid.
Linda Kellie: Not all of my stuff is on my webpage yet, a lot's here on OSGrid, and I am still adding to it, I haven't been here long! Making things has made virtual worlds more fun for me. I loved both SL and InWorldz, I just worked really hard in SL, and then played hard in IW. I quit for awhile, and decided I needed to do something with all my inventory, backed up on my hard drive. A friend told me about the site - it was amazing to me that someone would give away files for export to any grid. I didn't know I could even back up to xml. I think you just have to get to a point where you don't care about people stealing your ideas and stuff. I love having my stuff with no rules and giving people the freedom they need. I hope Vanish doesn't think I stole his idea. I kinda did, I guess! But it just made sense to put it on a website that I wasn't using anyway, and he has made a few positive comments.
What could be better? If you like to make stuff, but
could do with a jump start in the process, you can take Linda's already super creations and modify them. Or pick up dances, food items, sculpty maps, reindeer - even whole OARs. Woot.

I met up with Linda on OSGrid, at her beautiful new sim unequivocally named Linda Kellie Designs, where she's a guest of Walter Balazicowner of  the shopping sim Littlefield and an array of other OSGrid places.
Unlike a lot of worlds, where you wander lonely as a cloud likely as not, there was actually a nice little knot of friendly, interesting people around, including  builder and mesh-diva Deana Later, SL pioneer and start-up enabler Lee Oldrich *wonders to self if he is old and rich* and, everso briefly, Susannah Avondale, shown here sporting an outfit from the Germania sim, who I ran into in the sandbox as I imported skirt, hair and odds n sods, and who gave me my first OSGrid shopping tips, and a cloud-fixing kit, for which I'm grateful.
Fellow gridhopper and frequent re-friender, Miguel Rotunno was there too. 
By the way! He has a concert in OSGrid tomorrow night... (that's Sunday 9 October, at 2pm SLT) Jored Mcbeth will be performing live Tango y Vida! and there's art by the fabulous Harbor Galaxy at The Land of Dawn. It's an other-worldly sim, full of delightful plants and with lots of romantic corners, as you can see here. 
Meanwhile, back in the land of assets, it's Linda's hope that the charming little mall will fill up with shops by other content creators, too - like Caroline's Creations which is already up and running on the sim. If you're looking for a home for your freebies in OSGrid, and would like a chic boutique in which to display them, you should get in touch with Linda soon!
Linda Kellie: There are a lot of people giving out free rent here, since there is no money system.  Everyone is so giving. I am still a strong believer in having a grid with Commerce; I think this is a totally different world, though. 
Thirza Ember: I guess it's the Third Life.
Linda Kellie: The realistic lifestyle on closed grids is cool, making money and spending money, but it's just not as much fun for me. It's kinda the hippy in me, I think! I hate to see the battles going on over what is better: it all depends on the phase in your virtual life you are in, I guess. This should be called FreeLife, something like that :) 

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