Friday, March 31, 2023

Deadheads on Neverworld

Scott Beauchamp, Pacific Standard Magazine

He was only 53 years old when he died in 1994, but Jerry Garcia packed a great deal into those decades -  133 songs,  four children, 30 years with an iconic band, a place in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, that whole Haight-Ashbury thing, and of course the missing finger. Before the Grateful Dead was formed, Garcia studied art, and though it necessarily took second place to his music career, he created well over 2000 pieces.

Paintings, sketches and doodly drawings are all part of the rich pattern of Garcia's artistic journey, brought inworld for this event - completing the circle between internet and deadheads, digital and analog, pencil, paints and pc.
Govega Sachertorte
This week a special RL/VW crossover event happened on Neverworld Grid, organized by Govega Sachertorte. You don't have to be a big fan to the music of the GD to appreciate what it means for events to double up their realities, and slip the bounds of geographical being there... it's just a case of relax and enjoy.
The event in question was held yesterday afternoon, and it was a concert by the tribute band Rainbow Full of Sound in collaboration with the Diving Museum at Islamorada, Florida.
Inworld, the var region on Neverworld Grid is a splendid oceanside representing the Florida Keys, complete with yachts, bridges, beach houses of all kinds, and a little hippie psychedelia going on in the waves...
not to mention the elephant in the room...
... and the hippie bar. 
There is also a selection of appropriately swirly clothes and other freaky freebies for your delight.
The region is a blend of builder's skills, including Govega, Alba Wyrril, and Nexus Storm (got to love those oh so appropriate mushrooms on the painting trail!  It's a tribute to the harmonious atmosphere of this grid that the deign looks like it comes from a single creative vision. 
The region is a perfect match for the music and the vibe but it goes further than that, with many contemporary dwellings you can rent for free, and of course opportunities to sail, ride and drive all over these virtual Keys anytime.
Nexus Storm
Nexus Storm:  I enjoy the chance to help design a multi venue experience, letting people feel the environment take part in an event and really feel immersion that is normally associated with real world events.
Roffellos Kisses livestreamed the event on his FB page, for those who were having difficulties seeing the screen, and offering yet another way to be part of the global experience... mindbending. Looking forward to many more events to come!

HG Address: Keys

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  1. It was a great experience. I had assumed for decades that I would not like J Garcia's work but I was wrong. I like being proved wrong in such a pleasant way. Not only the music, but the surroundings reminded of those days. I managed to scoff lots of tie dyes and other memorabilia (FREE - as always in Neverworld). I look forward to another event such as this...all the good people in a great place.