HG Safari Calendar 2016

This page provides more detailed information about the HG Safari calendar 2016 
You can buy the paper version at lulu.com 
or pick up the free inworld version 
at the HG Safari Clubhouse on Teravus Plaza, OSGrid 
hg.osgrid.org:80:teravus plaza

HG Safari is a group that encourages and organizes travel around independent virtual worlds similar to Second Life. These worlds are based on OpenSimulator technology. If you are not familiar with virtual worlds, you may wish to do some research about Second Life before reading further.

This year, our calendar features 12 places you can virtually visit, and 12 members of our group. Here is some further information about each person and location.

Harthelie Deux at the HG Safari Clubhouse, Teravus Plaza, OSGrid
hg.osgrid.org:80:teravus plaza

     Harthelie Deux is a 3D content creator and builder, one of the core members of the Francophone grid, Ignis Fatuus.

     HG Safari Clubhouse is the regular meeting place for our Wednesday trips around the hyperverse. People new to open sim are welcome to join us and discover the hundreds of independent grids full of art, design, science, education and social events.

Cherry Manga at Ghost Castle, PMGrid
pmgrid.org:8002:san 12

     Cherry Manga is a 3D artist well known in Second Life as well as on FrancoGrid. She is one of the founders of the annual Fest'Avi event held in June on FrancoGrid, which showcases new and unusual avatars.

      Ghost Castle is an installation based on Corfe Castle, Dorset, UK by artist and short film maker Fuschia Nightfire, aka British mural artist Nina Camplin. The installation is located on region San12, generously donated by Bob Wellman, owner of PMGrid.


Wizardoz Chrome at Emerald Plaza, Mobius Grid

     Wizardoz Chrome is a photographer and machinimatographer specializing in recording and re-imagining the art of both Second Life and worlds of OpenSim. 

     Emerald Plaza is the default arrival point for Serra Royale's Mobius Grid, themed around Sonic the Hedgehog and other game figures such as The Legend of Zelda.


Sunbeam Magic at the blamgates of Pathlandia

     Sunbeam Magic edits and writes for the magazine Visionz, a monthly publication featuring information and opinions about open sim worlds. 

     A 'Blamgate' is a portal that allows you to travel to another region, typically used to travel to other grids. Pathlandia is the home grid of John 'Pathfinder' Lester, virtual world guru and founder of the Hypergrid Adventurer's Club or HGAC. Read more about his activities at http://becunningandfulloftricks.com/

Nara Malone at the Alexandria Library, VIBE: Repository of Knowledge

     Nara Malone is an author, owner and organizer of Nara's Nook Grid, which specializes in helping writers use 3D environments to illustrate, amplify and encourage their story writing. Her most recent project is called Hypergrid Stories and it brings together writers and artists across a vast immersive environment where the reader-visitor becomes part of the story. 

     The Alexandria Library project, curated by Joseph Graham, is a collection of e-books on many subjects, together with some attractive meeting spaces that can be enjoyed in this magical region of peace and tranquility. The Repository is part of Virtual Islands for better Education (VIBE) founded by  Stephen Xootfly aka Professor Stephen Gasior of Ball State University

Isolde Caron on Futurelab sim, Metropolis Grid

     Isolde Caron is an outstanding explorer of Virtual Worlds, and writes for Visionz magazine. 

     Futurelab is one of a series of regions belonging to Ervare Faroretre, aka Art Blue, and features regular art events, usually on a monumental scale, as well as practical projects and opportunities for Art's students to learn about sim maintenance, scripting and code. It is on the predominantly German-speaking non profit grid, Metropolis


Jessica Pixel on Ivory Tower, Sanctuary
sanctuary.homelinux.org:8012:Ivory Tower 1

     Jessica Pixel is a builder, blogger, broadcaster, and explorer of virtual worlds, you can find her on  pixel planet grid and on her website http://liftedpixel.net/

     The sims that form Ivory Tower are dedicated to the memory of Lumiere Noir, famed educator of Second Life. The buildings and the tutorials here present are a re-working of Lumiere's original material, first developed in Second Life and later on Craft grid as well as here on Sanctuary. This incarnation of Ivory Tower is the work of Tosha Tyran, Lumiere's longtime partner, a talented 3D builder in her own right.

Fuschia Nightfire at Blueprint City on Shapeshifter sim, NGrid

     Fuschia Nightfire aka Nina Camplin is known in virtual worlds for her 2 and 3D art, as well as her many popular and award winning machinimas. In the physical world, she has created many phenomenal murals, including this one for Valspar paint.

     Shapeshifter region, which includes Blueprint City, is the creation of Alpha Auer, aka Elif Ayiter, Professor in the Faculty for Arts and Social Sciences at Sabanci University, Turkey. NGrid, or New Genres Grid, features work by a number of artists, and is associated with the keinbau movement.

PatriciaAnne Daviau at the Museo del Metaverso on Craft Grid

     PatriciaAnne Daviau is best known in Second life as a committee member for the Linden Endowment for the Arts

     The Museo del Metaverso is an art gallery owned and run by Roxelo Babenco, attracting artists of all kinds from both Second Life and OpenSim worlds. The current structure was designed by Elif Ayiter, aka Alpha Auer. The Museum is on the predominantly Italian-language grid Craft World, owned and run by Licu Rau.

Truelie Telling at the Maritime Club, OSGrid
hg.osgrid.org:80:Maritime Club Belfast

     Singer songwriter, Truelie Telling, gives regular online concerts on many grids both in OpenSim and in second Life. In the real world, the talented Ellen Olhsson resides in Nashville Tennessee.

     The Maritime Club is a tribute to the Belfast venue of the same name which saw the early days of many notable groups, including Van Morrison. This region on OSGrid, created by Belfast native Stiofain MacTomais, celebrates many of the city's landmarks, and seeks to preserve their memory in the face of dramatic changes in the city's fabric over recent decades.

Spike Sol at levillage, FrancoGrid

     Spike Sol is the  creator of the Weltraumbahnhof. Thanks to Spike's research and public spirit, this highly useful 'station' presents the virtual-world traveler with a wide range of portals, organized into themes, through which they can discover many fascinating grids and regions.

     Le Village is the location of FrancoGrid's weekly community meeting point, where residents discuss upcoming events, planned builds, and any problems they may have encountered. The central shop and the ladder themed meeting area are designed by Cherry Manga.

Thirza Ember at MBTV, Great Canadian Grid
login.greatcanadiangrid.ca:8002:metaworld broadcasting

     Thirza Ember made this calendar.

     Mal Burns and Tara Yeats have been presenting a live talk show about virtual worlds for the past 8 years. More recently, this has come to include segments discussing OpenSim worlds, and include as a co-host Maria Korolov of Hypergrid Business. To watch the show, which is broadcast live on Saturdays at 3pm Pacific Time, you can go to  http://mbtv.live.nu and to see archived shows, click here.

Lucy Afarensis at Guinguette, Ignis Fatuus Grid

     Lucy Afarensis is a photographer and artist. You can see her some of original artwork at her region, Lucy's Gallery, on OSGrid.

     Guinguette is an outdoors drinking establishment, styled after the 19th century French tradition. It features period music and various dancing options. The region is just one of the 45 jewels created by the team on Max Hill's Ignis Fatuus  Grid.

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